Review of the Brass Monkey Style RDA from RS Vapour


This Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser was sent to me for the purpose of this review by the kind team at RS Vapour, from there wide range of Rebuildable Atomiser.


The Brass Monkey arrived package win a cardboard presentation box. With no label or logo on, just a vapor pattern running across the top of the box.

As you remove the lid you find in side two RDA Chambers, one polished stainless Steel, and one Polished Brass. The stainless steel one has the rest of the RDA fitted inside.

Along with the Two chambers you also get a small Philips head screw driver, two spare white o-rings and some coil wire, make up a very complete kit, and great value for money.

Features & Specs

Technical Specifications:

Model : Brass Monkey Style
Type : Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser
Body Material : stainless Steel (Brass second Chamber)
Tank Material : n/a
Terminals  : 1 positive dual hole centre post , 2 Negative Posts
Terminal connection : Philips screws
Coil Configuration : Single | Dual | Quad
Air Holes : Dual triple air holes
Air Flow Control : Twist Airflow Control
Tank Capacity :  N/A
Connection : 510 threaded
Width : 22.8mm
Height :  28.3mm (excluding drip tip)
Weight : 43g

As with all of my reviews I will start by breaking the Brass Monkey RDA down into its component parts, and looking at each piece in detail.

510 Connection

The the Brass monkey features a standard stainless steel 510 connection. Fitted to the bottom of the deck, from what I can see is none adjustable. And fitted and worked fine on all of my mods.

This 510 connection sits in the middle of the 22.8mm base which has a flat lip running around the the outer edge which the chamber sits snugly up to when in place.

The build Deck

Moving up from the flat lip at the base of the deck you have two o-rings, which are used to hold the chamber in place, these o-rings are the perfect size as they hold the chamber perfectly in place, with no wobble or leakage.

The build deck is surrounded by a good sized lip (approx 4mm) which acts as a low level juice well, which you can tuck your wicks into, which will also holds a good few drops of juice, without leakage when when you lift the chamber.

The deck consists of two negative posts with good size (approx 2mm) holes through them. With a small Philips screw used to hold the coil tails in place.

Surrounded by a plastic insulation ring the positive centre post comes up from the 510 connection. And the has a connection block fitted to the top. Which has two positive terminals, allowing you to fit the coils independently without sharing the holes.

Adjustable Air-flow Chamber.

The Brass Monkey comes with two chambers, the first chamber has is made from stainless steel, and has a removable top cap, which is screwed into place. The adjustable air-flow chamber, has 3 air holes machined into each side.

This chamber has a recessed section running around the outside, which allows the airflow ring to be fitted.

Air-Flow Ring.

The airflow ring is well machined out of a nice thickness stainless steel, which has two slots machined into either side, which can be used to adjust the air-flow, when set in place, by rotating the ring and opening or closing off the 6 air holes.

Top Cap.

The top cap is well machines out of stainless steel. With a threaded lip, which is used to screw down onto the chamber.

Once the airflow ring is fitted, it is held tightly in place, by screwing down the top cap.

The top cap has a flat internal profile which provides a nice reduced chamber.

The outside of the top cap is beveled inwards, with some nice detailing around the putter edge.

Brass Chamber.

The second chamber that comes with the Brass Monkey, is well machined out of one piece of solid brass.  And has two set air holes, one on each side, just above the Brass Monkey logo.

The top of the chamber is stepped inwards towards the 510 drip tip hole.


The Brass Monkey, for a clone, is very well machined, and fits together so well, both of the chambers fit tightly onto the deck, without being over tight, and can be easily removed for dripping.

I love the overall look of the RDA, it's compact size, with the reduced chamber. And it just looks great onto of any of my Mods.

The only fault I can find on the quality, is some of the stainless steel has a slight pitting in it, but it is only on the instead of the deck and chamber. Apart from that a real can't fault the quality or the build,

The Brass Monkey Build.

This RDA really is the simplest deck to build on, and allows to put together some great coil sets, due to the fact that you can make each coil and set it in place, making sure you are happy with it before you move onto the next.

I started the build by wrapping 0.28 gauge kanthol around the middle sized build post on the RBA coiling Jig. Wrapping the wire 5 times. Whilst leaving the coil in place post you can simple lay the post across the deck, feeding the coil tails through the terminal holes.

You can the repeat for the second Coil. Snip of the excess tails of the wire, then pulse the coils, as soon as you release the switch, you can press the coil together with tweezers. Until the both glow, from the inside out. At the same time.

Once you are happy with the coils, you can start to wick them, for this build I used organic cotton wool balls, rolled between you finger and thumb. And feed through each coil. Then you can trim them to lenght, and the I like the fluff each end of the wool up. To give it just more surface area.

You can the start to carefully tuck the wick tails down into the drip well at the base of the deck. Once neatly tucked in you can the simple push down the chamber into place, lining up the two sets of air holes, directly in front of each coil.

Then you can start to drip the juice onto each coil, allowing it to completely soak in.

The you can fit the airflow ring, setting your desired amount of airflow, and screw the top cap in place to set it.

And you are ready to vape.


The Brass Monkey has build a complete pleasure to build on, and an absolute pleasure to vape. It performs faultlessly.

Partly due to the fact that you can set the coils so well on it, in the first place. And secondly the fact that it is just so well put together,  the reduced size chamber produces loads of rich flavour on every juice I have tried on it. And with with the adjustable air-flow you can fine tune your vaping experience.

With the airflow ring wide open, you can produce clouds of vapor, with loads of air flowing directly over the coils.

I found that the air holes are set high enough off the deck, to not allow any juice to drip out, and had absolutely to leakage. Even when carrying it around in my pocket.

The chambers really are a perfect fit. Allowing you to pull it off with ease, whilst holding it securely in place.

Really is a pleasure to use.


I can't recommend this RDA enough, it really is the perfect little dripper. Perfect for anyone wanting to start put on there rebuildable journey. As it really does have one of the simplest decks to build on. But also it will appeal to the more advanced builder, due the fact that you can put more advanced quad builds onto the deck. And for £14.95 it is an absolute bargin, especially as it comes with both chambers and the spares kit.
Go on get over the RS Vapours website and treat yourself, you won't be disappointed.


Features & Spec: 10 / 10
Aesthetics : 10 / 10
Build Quality : 9 / 10
Ease of Build: 10 / 10
Performance : 10 / 10

Overall : 9.5 /10


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Available on line for £14.95 >>> Click Here <<<