Review of the Cloupor T5 Mod from HogVaping


This Mod was sent to me for review by Barb at Hog Vaping, when they began to stock this exciting New Mod, as soon as the T5 arrived in the country Barb kindly sent one out for me to review.
It is described on the HOGVAPING website as follows:

“The Cloupor T5 50W Mod has a stunning state of the art design and looks like no other mod on the market today. The technology behind this mod has been extensively researched by Cloupor before it’s release and will offer more than anything we have experienced before”.

And is available to purchase from HOGVAPING for only £80 inc. FREE First Class signed for Delivery.


The Cloupor T5 arrived in a realy nice presentation box, with a lite wood grain effect on the top and bottom sections of the cardboard box, the a black inner box section housing the Mod.

On the front of the box you have the Cloupor T5 logo. On the reverse of the box you have nicely laid out product highlight icons. Listing OLED, 18650,0.2 – 3.6ohms, 6061 Aluminium,  2 – 9.3v, Updated, Reverse Protection.

The premium packaging is well thought out, and definatly sets the tone for this premium product.
As you open the box, the lid is lined with a protect layer of foam, which keeps all its contents securely in place.

The contents of the box are all recessed in hard foam.

The Kit includes:
1 x Cloupor T5 Mod
1 x Retractable USB charging Cable.
1 x Small Philips head screw driver.
1 x Small Black Plastic box containing spare screws.
1 x Instruction Booklet.
1 x Plastic Cloupor Card detailing the “Surprize”

The only thing the kit does not include is an 18650 battery,  which HOGVAPING Recommend  the following 18650 batteries: Sony VTC4, Panasonic CGR, AW IMR.

Features and Spec

Name :  T5
Manufacturer: Cloupor
Main Material : 6061 ALUMINIUM
Atomiser Connection: Adjustable 510 pin
Key Feature: variable Wattage 7 – 50 Watts, Error Messages
Battery Size: 18650
Battery Contacts : Solid brass connections
Firing Mechanism : Microprocessor / electric Switch
Locking Mechanism: Electronic
Built in Safety :Sort Circuit Protection, Temp Control, Reverse Battery Protection.
Mod Width  : Oval Major Axis – 43.06mm, Oval Minor Axis – 38.23mm
Mod Height : 111mm
Weight (without battery): 183g

As with all of my device reviews is will start with the mod stripped down into its component parts.


Bottom Cap.

The bottom cap of the device is made of 6061 aluminium, with a cut out for the USB charging lead. Plus two good size battery vent holes, should you have any issues with the battery. This bottom cap is held in place with 3 small back Philips screws.

Once you remove the 3 screws, the bottom cap can easily be removed.

The bottom cap, has mounted into it the bottom Brass battery connection, with a bar the runs across, to make connection with the body of the mod, once the 3rd screw is put in place.

This inside body of the body seems to be capped off with plastic. With a cut out for the battery to fit into and the USB socket. All very well put together.  You can also see the brass contact that the bottom cap connects with.

The Battery slides into the battery hole with the flat end of the battery facing out. And I must say, it if a perfect fit, and holds the battery in place with zero battery rattle.

At the end of the battery tube is a sprung loaded brass contact, which ensure when the cap in in place every thing is held in tight.


T5 Mod Body

The body of the Mod is built out of 6061 Aluminium, which is also used in the construction aircrafts due to its weight, strength and resistant to corrosion.  On the front of the T5 Body there is a curved smoked dark plastic screen which runs the full length of the device,  this plastic screen tapers in towards the middle, and starts to rap around the sides. its shape extenuates the slight tapered design of the T5.

The Screen fits flush into the T5 body, creating one flowing shape.

The bottom of the Mod, is nicely tapered in towards the bottom cap. As does the top of the body, which continues upwards to form a small lip around the top.

Set into the front of the lower part of the screen are two good sizes buttons.

Menu / Control buttons

The two control/menu buttons are made out of plastic, and are flush mounted into the screen section, with the profile of the buttons following the lines of the screen perfectly. Due to the fact that they are plastic set in plastic, you do get a slight amount of sideways movement from them, which can create a small rattle.

But a slight amount of button rattle, is been picky. Both of the buttons have a nice positive click to them.

Set behind the smoked plastic part of the body about three quarters of the way up, is located the OLED device screen, which I found ultra crisp,  the display jumps into life once you turn the device on, with a Matrix style display of '0' and '1' falling to reveal the T5 logo,

The brief Logo is then replaced with the information screen.

This screen clearly displays all of you devices Information on one screen, without have to scroll through to get the information.

The OLED screen displays.
- Remaining charge left in the battery.
- Current wattage that the device is set to.
- Resistance of the attached device Coils.
- voltage that is being drawn when fired.
- Temp of the CPU inside the device.
- Puff Counter.

The screen will also display any error Messages that my occur.
Check Atomizer, 
Low Power,
Too hot,
Too low 

All of the error messages are displayed clearly and in plain English, rather than a code or number.

Fire Button
The fire button which is made of black plastic, sits just to the right of the the top of the screen, and unlike the menu buttons, sits slightly proud.  It has a really nice positive feel to it, with a nice click sound when pressed.

This button is used to fire the device aswell as turning the device on and off, by clicking it five times. Aswell as been used in conjunction with the menu buttons to activate other features, which it will cover in the function section.

Pressing the upper menu button, increases the wattage.
Pressing the lower menu button, decreases the wattage.
Holding the Fire Button + the lower menu button - switches between stealth mode, where the display is turned off. And Normal mode.
Holding down both of the menu buttons, locks/unlocks the wattage up/down features.

510 Connection.

The Cloupor T5 features an adjustable 510 connection, made out of brass.
The adjustment is made by screwing or unscrewing the brass screw.  This adjustment allows you to flush mount any of your Drippers or tanks.

The 510 connection is set in the plastic textured top cap section. Which is surrounded by the raise lip of the body.


I love the look and feel of the T5, it just feels solid in the hand, and the textured powder coated device body feels solid in the hand.
The first thing you notice when you unbox the T5 is it's size, defiantly the widest mod I have used.  But having used it constantly for the last month, I must say it just fits so well in your hand, it has such a comfortable form to the body. And the width gives it great stability when standing it up.  And even due to its size it does not feel over weighty In the hand.

You can just tell that this mod has been carefully thought out and designed. It's shape and feel, takes on more an art form than a device, and defiantly feels as if it has a hand crafted shape. Which is tactical to hold. I do find myself turning it in my hand as I hold it between vapes.

Compared to my other mods, it's not the tallest, but defiantly the widest.


It even put to 134 body width to shame.

The T5 will defiantly handle some of the largest RDA's on the market,  and even with the oversized CS - Wolverine fitted, it still seems to have growing room.


I have been using this Mod, every day for the last 6 weeks, as my go to mod. And I must say I have been very impressed, and it hasn't really missed a beat.
It has just been a pleasure to use.

Unlike some other reviews, I don't have any means of testing the power out put from the device, so I can only gauge the device from my own real life usage.

This is the first high powered device I have used, and when I say high powered I mean 50watts. I found my self starting low at 12 watts, and working my way up, until I found a wattage that fitted the coils that where fitted, and even more importantly the desired amount of heat and flavour. And found as an every day vape, I used it at between 15w and 20w depending on the juice.

But the beauty of this device is that you can simply dial it up or down as the mood takes you.

I found the features of the T5 mega simple to use, and I liked the fact that the display and error messages where written in plain English, rather than error codes or lights.

I much prefer the layout of the T5 with in function/menu buttons, to allow you the move up and down the wattage, rather than one button that you have to press multiple times to work through the menu.

I found the display great to read indoors, but a little dim for outdoor use, and it would have been nice to have been able to turn up the brightness of the display.

Battery life - on my usage, which is mid to heavy, depending if I am at work, and set at 15waats, I found that the battery lasted from 7am to 9pm.

The battery life does demotic ally reduces as I turned the watts up, and at 50 watts, you can drain a fully charged 18650 in about a hour and a half.

One of the niggles I found with the T5 was the charging, and the fact that the USB charging slot is located on the bottom, so you have to lay it on its side to charge, and remove the dripper to prevent any leakage. Not sure why they couldn't put the USB sock on the side.

I did also find myself adjusting the 510 pin every 3 or 4 days, as it lost contact with my RDA, and came up with the


I would defiantly recommend the T5 from HogVaping, for anyone looking for a device that they can use as a every day mod, and have the flexibility of being able to ramp it up to 50watts for powering you mega builds. Plus the ability to fit even the widest RDA or tank with ease.

This mod is great value for money, and not to be missed.

Build: 10/10
Features : 9/10
Finish: 10/10
Threading: 9/10
Switch: 10/10
Aesthetics: 10/10
Performance : 10/10
Overall: 9.5/10

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