Review of Peppermint Candy eJuice by Lickwid

This ejuice juice was sent to me by the kind team at Lickwid, for the purpose of this review.

It s described on the Lickwid website as follows:

Sweet, sugary peppermint goodness. A clean and fresh flavour carried by plumes of thick vapour, a long with a full description of the ingredients and the PG / VG ratios.

Ejuice Specification
PG / VG Ratio : 60% PG 40%VG
Nicotine Strenghts :  6,12,18 and 24mg
Bottle Size : 10ml
Place Of Manufature : UK
Price : from £1-25 (special offer)

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : Brass Monkey RDA Clone - RS Vapours
Wick & Coil : Dual Coil, 6 wraps, 0.28 gauge, Cotton 0.4ohms
Device : Cloupor T5 @ 15w- HogVaping
Battery :Fully charged - Panasonic 18650

This juice came in a soft sqeeze plastic bottle, with a white childproof safety cap. The label wrapped around the bottle, displays the Lickwid logo at the top, and clearly labeled with the Flavour and strength on the front, with the safety information wrapping around the side of the label.

As you open the bottle you are greeted with an intense aroma of fresh peppermint.

On Vaping Lickwid Peppermint Candy.

As you first draw in the vapor, you taste buds are greeted with a fresh blast of menthol on the inhale, which defiantly sets them tingling.

As the menthol sensation starts subsides on the tongue you are left with a sweet candy cane taste of you tongue.

This sweet Candy cane flavour, is re-invigorated on the exhale as the sweetness blasts though your nose.

The Peppermint Candy Cane flavour creates a really nice, moorish and refreshing vape.

Delivering light menthol throat hit, with a nice little sweet kick aftertaste. Leaves you wanting more.

This ejuice seemed to deliver loads of fresh smelling vapor clouds on the exhale, especially when dripped on my set up.

I must admit I do have a bit of a passion for mint vapes, but in the past have found some a bit sickly, but Lickwid seem to have got the balance between sweetness, menthol and minty goodness spot on.

It didn't take me long to blast through the whole 10ml of juice.

The menthol and candy cane work together really well, complimenting each other's flavours.

And the Candy Cane aftertaste, replicates the flavour you get from those Striped canes perfectly.

It Leaves your month feeling refreshed and ready to vape.

Great all day vape. And amazing value for a 10ml bottle.

Strength : 18 mg
Flavour : 9 out of 10
Throat Hit : 6 out of 10
Vapor Production : 7 out of 10
Overall : 8 out of 10

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