Review of Choclate Cake eJuice by Stella Blue Vapours

This ejuice was sent by the kind team at Stella Blue Vapors in the USA, from there great range of Bakery Flavoured ejuices.

Stella Blue Vapor is a family owned and operated business located in Missouri, They sell only the highest quality vapor e juices.  All of the vapor juices are handmade by us, in the Heartland of the U.S.A

Stella Blue have described this ejuice on there website as follows

Chocolate Cake, Deeply rich chocolate cakey goodness

Along with a detailed description of what there ejuices contain.

Ejuice Specification

PG / VG Ratio : 45pg/55vg
Nicotine Strenghts :  2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16.18,24
Plastic Bottle Size : 15,30 & 50ml
Glass Bottle Size :  15 & 30ml
Place Of Manufacture : Missouri, USA
Addition Info : you can add a caffeine shot to your juice
Price : $9.00

My Vaping Set up

Atomiser : Brass Monkey - RS Vapours
Wick & Coil : Single Coil, 7 wraps, 0.9 ohms
Device : Cloupor T8 @ 20watts - HogVaping
Battery :2x Fully charged - Panasonic 18650

This ejuice came really well packaged in the the classic 15ml plastic bottle, with the steela blue child proof safety cap. The label has the Stella Blue logo of the front, and down the sides you have the nicotine and caffeine strengths.

As you unscrew the cap, you are instantly greeted with the most pleasing aroma of freshly cut chocolate cake, trust me, this ejuice smells good.

On vaping Stella Blue's Chocolate Cake ejuice

After dripping a few drops of this dark brown ejuice onto the fresh cotton wick, it seems to instantly get absorbed, staining the cotton wicks are rich chocolatey brown.

As you start to draw in the thick vapor coming from your sizzling coils, the aroma you could smell when you unscrewed the cap, is instantly replicated across your taste buds, a really rich flavour of moist chocolate cake, with a sweet spot at the tip of your tongue.

Cleverly you don't seem to get the full cake sensation until the vapor rests at the back of your tongue and throat, after you have taken a nice long draw.

As the vapor turns on the tongue as you start to exhale, the flavour seems to some how develop and intensify, and as you exhale you get the full flavour of moist warm chocolate cake. A very true to life flavour.

The chocolate infusion has a nice level of bitterness, which seem to add to the overall mix of flavour.

At the end of each inhale you are gifted with a really solid bakery style throat hit, which seems to deliver plenty of volume. And makes for a really satisfying vape.

I'm not sure if it's the depth of my draw, due to its moorish warming flavour, but this ejuice seems to through out clouds of thick vapor, that soon fills the room with a lush chocolate cake aroma.


When I first opened this juice, I was unsure if it would float my boat, due to its level of sweetness that I first tasted, but I must say, after vaping it all evening, it is good, really good, and just so moorish, each time you draw it in,  and hold the vapor on the tongue, to intensify the flavour, before you exhale to deliver the full chocolate cake sensation.

It just seem to bring a smile to face after every toot. The first true sin free choclate cake. Yum yum.

Not sure if I will like it as much with my coffee in the morning, so will have to let you all know. But I guess it's never to early for Chocolate Cake.

MVR Score

Flavour : 10 out of 10
Throat Hit : 8 out of 10
Vapor Production : 9 out of 10
Aroma : 10 out of 10

Overall : 9 out of 10 

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