Review of the Kuro Koiler Coil Winding Tool

These amazing little tools where sent direct to me by there creature Jon Kuroyama at Kuro Concepts, he has developed these revolutionary coil winding tools, and now manufactures them in the USA. They are being  retailed through a number of retailers across the world, with Beyond Vape dealing with the distribution and marketing. leaving Jon time to carry on manufacturing. 

The Kuro Koilers are described on the Beyond Vape website as follows:

The CW Coil Winder is the most revolutionary, ultra functionary micro-coiler that will create tight, uniform coils in just seconds. Build from 20-28 Gauge round kanthal wire with just a twist of your finger.

They arrived direct from Kuro Concepts, in a simple clear plastic bag. with the Kuro Concepts logo on the front.

On opening the resealable bag, you can remove the three Kuro Koilers, and the instructions that Jon included.

The Instructions give a detailed description of what size coils each of the coiler will wrap, and simple to follow step by step instructions of of how to wrap a coil.

Which, when followed i found produce the perfect coil every time.

Jon kindly sent out all three of the Koilers that he produces, CW-20, CW-25 and the CW-30


  • Revolutionary Patent Pending Micro Coiling Technology 
  • Lightweight and portable--perfect for traveling and on the go!
  • Unique styling with three colors, each representing a different coil size
  • CW-20 which makes 2.0mm coils.
  • CW-25 which makes 2.6mm coils
  • CW-30 which makes 3.0mm coils
  • Made In The USA
Kuro Koiler Body
The koilers are manufactures out on Aluminum,  and have removable coiling shafts.

The main body of the Koiler has two holes machined into it.
The hole near to the top of it,  is were you feed the wire through to start the wrap.

Wire feed Hole

The hole further down the body, has another grub screw located inside it, which is used to hold the shaft in place, and can be loosened off to remove the coiling shaft.

Grub Screw to hold shaft in place

The Coiling Cap
 The aluminum coiling caps, have a removable grub screw, which can be swapped between the two holes, which are clearly marked 1 and 2 on the side of the Coiling cap.

  • 28-26 Gauge wire. you need to use hole number 1
  • 24-22 Gauge wire, you need to use hole number 2

This sets the grub Screw head the correct distance from the shaft to wind the perfect coil, without overlapping the wire.


I have review a coil winding jig before, and am constantly on the look out for new vaping gadgets to assist me with my coiling. You may or not be aware but i have had ongoing issues with my eyesight for a number years. and building coils was one of the things that put me off getting into rebuildables, but as you can see from my blog, it did stop me completely, more slowed me down. I have always found it hard, even on a jig, to wrap tight coils, if you are anything like me you watch these videos, and then look back at the coil we have just wrapped and wonder were you went wrong.

That was why i was so interested when i saw they Koiler. and was even more excited when Jon offer to send some out.
Literally with in two minutes of getting them out of the bag, i was producing tight neat coils, amazing. it really is so simple - every time.

Wrapping the Coils on the Kuro Koiler.
First you cut your length of Kanthal, for the purpose of this review i was using 28 Gauge wire. Ensure that the winding grub screw is in the correct  hole.
Then feed the length of wire through the hole closest to the top of the Koiler.

This hole is angled, so the wire just slides in with ease.

One you have pulled enough wire through, depending on how many wraps you are looking to do. you then start to wrap the wire around the back of the shaft. just about a quarter of a turn.

Then you simply slide on the top cap, and turn the cap in a clockwise motion, applying, just a slight downward pressure.  whilst gripping the tail of the coil against the body of the Koiler, counting the turns as you go, I use the number markers on the cap, to now, when i have done a full turn.

As you can see from the photo, it wraps each coil perfectly tight and even, with no gaps, or over lapping.

Once you have reached your desired number of wraps, you can slide the top cap off, exposing you wrapped coil.

Once the cap is removed, you can then push the wire back up through the feed hole, and slide the wrapped coil up the shaft.

Once the coil is removed off the shaft, i found it handy, to slide it back down the shaft once i had flipped it over, to complete the wrap on the curly end.

by pushing the top cap, back down onto the coil, whilst pulling the coil tails round into place.

You can then loosen off the grub screw that hold the shaft in place, to allow you to remove the shaft and coil complete, to use in building on your build deck, 

Or simple slide the coil off the shaft and you are ready to set it on your build.

It really is that simple, even for a man with poor eye sight,  it takes a few seconds

i would defiantly recommend the Kuro Koiler, for anyone out there, who like me finds it hard to see tiny little coils, or for anyone who struggle with there hands, and find coils hard wind.

Or any vapor that wants to make perfect tight coils every time, in a matter of seconds.

For the more advanced builders, you can also wrap double coils,as well as twisted kathal.

A great addition to your vapors tool kit.