Review of the V-Spark from Sparks Ecigs

This Variable Voltage Starter kit was supplied to me directly from the team at Sparks eCigs for the purpose of this evaluation and review, from their range of ecig starter kits that they sell.

The V-Spark is the most advanced starter kit from the range, combining a good power range, and features. and is ideal upgrade to try out variable voltage vaping.


As with all the Sparks starter packs, it comes in a clear plastic presentation box. 

On the rear of the box you can find the list of the contents, along with the saftey notices about charging your device with the correct Sparks charger. and for no longer than 4 hours.

There is also a teaser advert for the Sparks eJuice range.

The Kit contains : 
1 x V-SPARK Variable Voltage Mod with internal 1300mah battery
1 x Evod BVC Atomizer
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User manual

The kit is described on the Sparks Website as follows: 

"Sparks V-SPARK Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Mod
Variable voltage device, offering the user a slim and sleek device, yet with a range of 3.0v to 6.0v to satisfy the most discerning of vapers."

Features & Specs.

The Sparks V-Spark kits comes with every thing that you will need to take your next step in your vaping journey, moving onto Variable Voltage vaping. and has plenty of feature to guide you on your way.

The Battery/Mod
The V-Spark comes with more of a Mod device rather than just a battery, due to it features and functions.

The internal battery within the mod has a power rating of 1300mAh, which will allow you to Vape at a higher voltage for longer.

the Mod is 16mm wide, and has some kind of easy grip rubberised coating, and feel solid in the hand.

On the top of the device you have your standard 510 / eGo Cone threading which is surrounded by a chrome beveled edge.

I would have liked to have a had some kind of beauty ring included in the kit, as you did with the Sparks Vortex Starter Pack, which would allow you to use it with a wider choice of tanks, as it would create a flat top to the mod.

As you move down the device, you get to the control head. where you have a small (+) and (-) buttons. a curved black LED  screen, and a clear plastic Fire/function button.

Control Functions
On/Off = Press and Hold (-) button for 5 seconds

Check Resistance of Coil = Press the fire button 3/4 times

Battery Charge Check = Press & Hold the (+) for 3 Seconds

You can then adjust the voltage of your device from 3.0V to 6.0V in point 1 increments, by pressing either the (+) or (-), there is no auto scroll, so you just need to keep pressing to move it up or down. when it gets to the top or bottom limit, it will then round robin back to the start again.

The Fire button on the device is clear plastic, and lights up blue when the device is firing.

There is a 14 second cut off on the fire button, so after 14 seconds of continuous firing it will stop. which is a great saftey feature on any ecig.

The battery base has a chrome base plate with one large vent hole in the middle, surrounded by 6 smaller holes.

Again from a safety point of view, with the higher powered battery it is nice to see, a good amount of vent holes, should there ever be an issue with the battery,  

The V-Spark kit comes with an Evod BVC 1.8ml Atomizer, with a pre-installed removable atomizer head which has a 1.6ohm coil fitted.

The Atomizer can be broken down into its component parts, for cleaning,filling and replacing the head.

Atomizer Base & Coil
The base of the Atomizer is stainless steel, and is the section that you head attaches to, and then attaches, which then makes connection with the battery through the 510/Cone threading.

The Atomizer comes with one pre-installed 1.6ohm Coil head.

The coil heads simple screw down onto the base section, and held in place by the rubber o-rings at the top of the threading.

Tank & Drip Tip
The Tank section is part coated in the the same material the the battery is covered with,  with two window slots cut into the side, to allow you to check your juice levels in the tank.

The tank will hold 1.8ml of juice when full. when changing between juice flavours this tank can easily be washed out in warm water.

The Atomizer nicely come with a removable 510 drip tip.

the beauty of it being removable is that you can swap it out to change the look of your device, plus you can remove the drip tip to allow you to stand the tank on end when you are filling.

To fill the tank simply pour the juice into the tank between the outer wall and the center chimey section.

You can then fill the tank to just below the top of the chimey section. dont panic if you do over fill it, it will only come out the over end, and can be simply shaken out, with a little flick.

Once full you can insert the base section and coil, and stand the tank back up, allowing the juice to fully soak into the wicks.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

The Atomizer and Mod are nicely styled together with the matching rubberised coating, and fit together perfectly, with the top of the mod tappering inwards to meet the stainless steel base section of the atomizer.

Which is then niceley topped off with the stainless steel drip tip.

The device does have a quality feel to it, although i dont think the base of the one i had was perfectly flat, as when i put it down on the desk it did seem to wobble for a little, not fall over, just a little wobble, I htink one of the machined venting holes may have effected the flatness of the base. but not really an issue at all, just something that i noticed on the one I was sent.

Performance and Real World Experience

The V-Spark seem to performs realty well. It would have been nice to see adjustable airflow, as i did find the draw quite tight, and i think it would have been a nice addition, to this step up kit.

At 6 Volts, it seemed to produce a good amount of vapor, for the 1.6ohm coil, and vaped really well.

Conclusion and Recommendation.

I think if you have been using the basic ecig kits, and you are looking for a step up to variable power, with out having to spend to much, then you wont go far wrong with the V-Spark, apart from the lack of some kind of Beauty, to allow you to fit a great range of tanks, it vapes well, looks good, and feels nice and solid in you hand. i have had no leakage of flooding issues. So yes, I think i would recommend the V-Spark, amd i already have to a couple of new Vapors.

Supplied By :
Price : £27.99