Review of Craft Clouds Sacre Bleu from Vivdvapes

Tony at Vivdvapes kindly sent me out a selection of the Craft Vapes Max VG ejuices free of charge for the purpose of this review.

Craft Clouds is the new dripping range from Craft vapes, they have taken 3 of their best sellers and made them in max vg so all you drippers can now enjoy the same great tasting juices with thick dense clouds.

Sacre Bleu is described on the Vivdvapes website as follows: 
A lovely flavoured custard, with  tart sweet blueberries complimented with a creamy vanilla custard afternote leaving you wanting more.- now in max vg.

Ejuice Specification
PG/VG Ratios : 20/80
Nicotine Strenghts :  3mg
Bottle Size : 30ml
Place Of Manufacture : USA

Price from : £15.60
Available from :

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : El Cabron RDA - Comp Vape
Wick & Coil : Single Twisted Coil @ 1.34ohms
Device : Snow Wolf @ 50watts.

This ejuice gives off the sweetest custard aroma, with a soothing blueberry muffin style aroma.

On Vaping Sacre Bleu.
As you start to draw in the thick sweet Vapor, I instantly get the taste of Warm, freshly baked blueberry muffins, a really moorish, inviting flavour. This flavour infusion, continues to travel up the tongue, bleeding blueberry flavour as it goes.  

It's only as the Vapor starts to reach the back of your tongue does it start to release the amazing creamy custard flavour, a really sweet ultra creamy warm custard base.
The zero nicotine sample bottle that I was sent, delivered a limited throat hit, which wasn't a issue, as this blend, as the name States is all about Vapor production, and this 80%VG mix produced tonnes of thick dense Vapor, even of the smallest toot.

As you start to exhale, the two main flavours come together in perfect harmony, producing a smile inducing, sweet blue custard, well balanced, and very moorish.

This is one of my favourite craft flavours, the combination of the sweet blueberry muffin, infused with thick creamy warm custard, just makes a great all day Vape, that you never seem to tire off, this Max VG blend is a real cloud chaser dream.

The scare Bleu flavour is also available in 50/50 standard blend in a range of nicotine strengths.

MVR Score
Flavour : 9/10
Throat Hit : 7/10
Vapor Production : 10/10
Aroma : 10/10
Overal : 9/10

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