Review of the Vaptio SOAR T120 from kindly sent out this mod free of charge for the purpose of the review, from their wide range of mods and other Vaping equipment. The Soar T120 is available to purchase direct from for £65.72

The Soar T120 arrived packaged in a prism shaped package, with the mod sat neatly behind a thin plastic window,  the other two sides have glossy photos of the mod, from different angles.

Once you remove the clear plastic wrapper, you can then simple slide the inner package out. The outer sleeve, then unrolls  revealing the instructions printed on the inside.

The mod can then be simply pulled out from the packaging.

The box only contains the mod, no other kit is included.

The kit doesn't include any batteries, so you will need to purchase two suitable 18650 batteries, which can be purchased from the website. Bang good also kindly sent out two of their recommended 18650 batteries from their range. Which available to purchase from the Banggood website for £5.24 for the pair.

Features & Specs
Model Name : Soar T120
Manufacturer: Vaptio
Main Material : SUS 304 / Aluminum Alloy
Type : Variable Wattage / Temperature Control Mod 
Atomiser Connection: sprung loaded brass 510
Display : OLED 
Charging : N/A
Battery Cover : Turn Screw
Output voltage :  2 - 9.5 v
Output Wattage:  7 - 120w
Temperature Range: 100 - 300 centigrade 200 - 600 Fahrenheit
Ohms Range:  0.02 ohmsto 4.0 ohms
Battery Size:  2 x 18650 (flat top)
Battery Contacts : brass
Weight : 263g
Size : h: 11.4cm X w: 4.8cm X d: 2.7cm

The Soar T120 comes with the following built it safety.

Reverse Battery protection : will protect your device should you install the batteries the wrong way round.

Over Heat Warning : Should the chip set become to hot whilst Vaping the device will display "OVER HEAT"

Short Circuit Proctection : when you press fire, the device will display "SHORT CIRCUIT" and prevent the device from firing.

Over Vaping Protection : if the fire button is pressed for more than 10 seconds, the over vape protection will kick in and shut off the device.

Low Voltage Protection : when the battery level drops to 6.4v or below, to device will shut off, to protect the battery cells.

The Soar T120 Body
The Soar has a very well machined body, produced out of one piece of SUS 304 / Aluminum Alloy, which has then been powder coated in a matt black finish.

The back of the device is curved, with rounded edges, that seamlessly wrap around the device, to join up with the mirror front face.

On the right hand side of the device you have the small chrome edged fire button, that has a gloss black inlay.

The fire button, has a nice click feel to it, with a nice positive press.

On the opposite edge, are located the (+) and (-) buttons, with a matching chrome edging, with black gloss insert, slightly smaller in size than the fire button.

The front of the device has a plastic mirrored finish than runs from the top to the bottom of the device and seamlessly joins the aluminium body casing.

Battery compartment 
The base of the device has the full width battery door, which features a stainless steel slotted thumb screw, which when turned allows access to the twin battery compartment. 

The battery compartment base plate has a brass sprung battery connector.

On the inner lip of the battery compartment, you can find the (+) (-) symbols to indicate the orientation of the batteries.

Once the batteries have been inserted the base plate can be secured back in place, and with a simple turn of the screw, with either a coin or thumb, there is zero battery rattle.

510 Connection
The device body is topped off with a flush fitted smoked chrome top plate, with a recessed 510 threaded connection.

The 510 connection has a brass centre pin and stainless steel thread, but is not sprung loaded.

Screen and functions
The T120 features a 1.3" OLED screen, that sits behind the top part of the smoked finished front plate.

The screen displays the following information, all on one screen.

As soon as you remove and connect a new Atomiser, the device will ask you if you have fitted a new atomiser, pressing (+) for Yes and (-) for No. Once you press the fire button the device after a couple seconds, will sense the coil type, and switch to either wattage or tempature. 

You can then adjust the temp or wattage by pressing the (+) or (-) buttons.

You can also manually switch between wattage and Temp by pressing both the Fire and (+) at the same time.

When in temp mode you can also switch between centigrade and Fahrenheit, by pressing and hold the fire button and the (-) buttons at the same time.  

Atheistic's and Build Quality
The Soar T120 mod is one of the most stylish mods I have reviewed,  it has a real artist design quality to it, and has the feel of a high end phone, rather than a mod. It has been very well machined and constructed , and has a really solid feel to it. And a high quality finish. 

From an Atheistic's point of view, the only thing that I think lets the mod down is the fact that they have printed all the labelling on the back of the device. 

It would have been better if they had just printed the device name, and printed the rest on the bottom 

Performance & Real World Experiences.
I have been using the Soar T120 on and off over the last few weeks, and it has performed well, but there are a few things that have really bugged me, the mod seems to have designed for a left handed vapor. (Nothing against left handed vapours)

When I hold the mod in my right hand, to have the fire button under my trigger finger, you have to have flat screen side, facing into the palm of your hand, which just doesn't feel right, if you then turn the device around, you have to use it pressing the fire button with you thumb. Which again just didn't feel right.

I also didn't like the fact that they have put the (+) and (-) buttons on the opposite side to the fire button, as I seem to interfere with the grip when you are holding it, by pressing into your hand. They would have been better to place all the buttons on one side of the device.
I was disappointed that a device of this s price didn't have a sprung loaded 510 connection,  as I did find that some of my RDA did sit quite proud from the device.

Apart from the above mentioned floors, I found the device Vaped really well, with plenty of power as required, although there did seemed to be a bit of a lag, when it was sensing an new atomiser, which did worry me slightly that I would blast out my nickel coils (which I didn't)

The mod does have quite a height to it, which makes it quite a pocket full, when out and about, and also affects how stable the mod is on the desk.

As with the Snow Wolf this mod is a bit of a fingerprint magnet, but nothing a quick clean won't fix.

This mod is a real thing of beauty, with its design curves and mirrored surfaces. And performs and vapes really well, with plenty of power. But as a right handed vapor, I found its button layout very frustrating.  It just kept bugging me every time I picked it up. I really wanted to fall in love with it, but I just couldn't get comfy using it.