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The team at Yepecig contacted me, and asked me to review one of their Mods, and kindly sent out the Hells Gate 75w Mini.

About Yepecig
Shenzhen Moander Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of e cigarette, we aim to produce high quality, healthy e cigarette products to our customers. Our brands will combine innovation, quality, service and high end and environment together, promote Yepecig to all over the world, especially United states, United Kingdom, Italy, France. We have own system from developing, designing to producing best quality ecigs, finally through the assessment of quality. We believe every ecigs will bring our customers unlimited confidence and super feeling. Our brand Yep becoming more and more popular in Europe and America market. It will becomingpbrand of world level because of high speed growing up.

The Hells Gate Mini 75w arrived in a clear plastic box, with a short cardboard sleeve wrapped around the box to hold it shut.

Once you slide off the sleeve you can remove the clear plastic lid, and remove the mod from the box.

Printed on the back of the box you can find the full spec of the Hells Gate.

In the box, underneath the foam tray is located the user manual, which was very detailed in full colour.

Model Name : Hell's Gate 75w Mini
Manufacturer: Moander
Main Material : Stainless Steal body
Type : VW / TC
Atomiser Connection: 510Sprung loaded
Display : 2inch colorful TFT screen
Battery: 2400mah, 1*20650 build-in battery, rechargeable
Charging : USB
Battery Cover : NA
Output Wattage:  5w to 75w
Temperature Range: 200 -600f
Atomizer resistance: 0.05ohm-1ohm(TC) / 0.05ohm-3ohm(VW)
Size : 25*42*79mm

The Hells Gate Mini comes with the following built in protection.
Time out protection: The mod will stop firing after 10s of continual vaping.
Low Voltage Protection: when the device voltage drops below 3.3v the screen will display LOW POWER, and will flash 5 times, then it will power off.
Low Resistance Protection: When the resistance of the Atomizer is beloiw 0.05ohms it will display Low Resistance
Short Circuit Protection: If the device detects a short circuit, it will display 'Atomizer Short'
High Resistance Protection: When the resistance of the atomizer is above 3ohms the screen will display "Resistance Too Big"

The Hell's Gate 75w Mini is available in a choice of colours.

The Body.
The Hell's Gate Mini body has been machined out of stainless steel,  with a brushed finish to it, seamlessly wrapping around the device.

The front and back of the device are made out of black plastic, with tappered edges leading up to the stainless steel.

As you turn the device over, there are 7 small venting holes, sitting below the internal battery.

Buttons & USB
Located on the right hand side of the device, is the matching stainless steel round fire button, which has been flush mounted with the body, if at all it is slightly recessed. It has a really nice positive click to it. 

Just below the fire button, set towards the bottom of the side, are the unmarked control switches, each one slightly raised at each end, allowing them to sit just proud of the body. They remind me of the type of rocker switch, you have on a mobile phone to control the volume. As with the fire switch, these to have a nice positive click to them. All three are of the buttons are very well set, with little to no button rattle.

The Hell's Gate features a Mirco USB socket located below the control switches, which allows you to charge the inbuilt battery. When charging the two tiny LEDs above the socket illuminate red, to indicate it is charging. To fully charge the device takes about 5hrs. And when fully charged the LED lights will blink to indicate the battery is full.

510 Connection.
The Hells Gate features a brass sprung loaded 510 connection, set into the top of the device, slightly off set to the right, which allows your 22/23mm atomisers to sit nicely without over hanging the curved top of the body.

The screen situated on the front of the device, behind a clear plastic section of the body plate. Is a 2inch TFT display. 

The display is laid out in the form of a speedometer, located in the centre of the display, with the needle pointing to the selected  wattage / Temperature. When in Wattage mode the speedo has a blue background.

With the volts, Amps and watts displayed in the middle.

When you switch to Temp mode, the speedo changes to green, and the tempature is displayed in the middle, in place of the volt and amps.

At the top of the screen, in both settings it displays the resistance of the Atomizer on the left, and the remaining battery charge on the right. And puff counter in the middle.

Just below the speedo and set in the foreground you have a grey bar, with three icon on.
- padlock : used to lock the device
- Cog : the enter into the menu mode.
- ? : to enter into the help screen.

Pressing the fire button 5 times turns the device on and off.
Pressing the fire button 3 times, enters into the function mode, and highlights the Cog Icon at the bottom.

Whilst the icon is selected you can alternate between the icons , using the function + & - . and then pressing the fire button to select.

Lock - when the padlock is selected. It asks you if you wish to lock the device buttons. Yes or No, and also tells you to unlock Press + & -.

Help - selection the ? Will display the technical data and specification of the device, and then allow you to scroll through 5 additional pages detailing the on screen messages that the device can display, and what they mean.

Settings (cog) - selecting the cog icon, takes you through to the settings menu.

Which allows you to continue to coil settings, reset the puff counter or exit back to the main screen.

In work settings, you can select the coil type that you have installed.

Choosing between power mode for Kanthal, or temp mode for Ni200 or Ti, which you can then choose to run in centigrade or Fahrenheit. Simply press the fire button will select.

Should you select the wrong work mode for the coil, after a couple of seconds of vaping, the device will stop firing and display "Atomizer not compatible" 

Atheistic's and Build Quality

The Hell's Gate, is a very solid little mod,mind has a really premium feel to it. And fits perfectly in the hand,

 I think the edge of the plastic, where is bevels off, could have been finished a bit better, as the edges on my one where quite sharpe. With the 2in TFT display the Hell's Gate mini, is defiantly eye catching, and from right angle has more the look of phone than a mod.

Performance & Real World Experiences

I have been using the device for a couple of weeks now, and I must say I have been quite impressed with this little pocket rocket. For a small mod it certainly has a kick to it. As soon as you press that fire button, you get instant coil action. It seems to ramp up the power slightly for the first split second, to get the coils hotter quickly. I can test it, but that defiantly work it feels like, when you are vaping on it, you get an instant deliver of power.

I regard to the screen and the menus, I found them really easy to navigate, although I do think I would have preferred to not have the speedo, and just had more information displayed clearer on the one screen, considering the screen is so big, the information that you refer to, such as the resistance, battery power and wattage/temp, seem really really small. And not as clear as I would have liked. May be in the settings it should allow you to choose the type of display layout you want.

Battery - the internal battery lasted really well, and I could go all day and evening on one charge, with out having to get down to the lower section of the Barrett display, where I did find that the performance seemed to dip as the battery charge ran down.

The device does seem to get quite hot when you have been using it, and due to it design seems to take quite a while to cool down, not sure if that is due to the chip set or the battery layout.

Great little mod, that performs as well as it looks. A real pocket rocket, with plenty of features.

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