Review of Smog Craft Pale Rider High VG Ejuice

The team at Smogcraft kindly sent out their complete range of high VG dripper juice free of charge for the purpose of these reviews.

About Smog Craft.
Based in Derbyshire in the UK The Smog Craft team are extremely passionate about their liquids and pride themselves on providing the very best quality craft vapour money can buy. Through extensive research and testing they have produced some of the most unique and best tasting juices available. Their master flavourist painstakingly blends each of their liquids time and time again at test stage until he is satisfied that only the very best make it into our final production process.
Their liquids were specifically designed for today's drippers and 'cloud chasing' vapours coming in at a massive 90% VG. 

Pale Rider is described on the Smog Craft website as follows:
"An ever present favourite at Smog Craft. Pale Rider introduces Five different layers of cream expertly combined with our own hand craft experience."

Juice Specification 
PG/VG Ratios :  10%PG / 90%VG
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) :0,3 & 6mg 
Bottle Size : 15ml & 30ml 
Place Of Manufacture : Derby, UK 
Price £7.49
My Vaping Set up Atomiser : El Cabron
Wick & Coil : single Clapton 24g/30g @ 0.51ohm
Device : Snow Wolf set to 50watts

The Smog Craft juice comes in a 15ml rectangular glass mattblack frosted bottle, with a matching glass dropper childproof Saftey cap. With a plain light grey label on the front with the silhouette of of a cowboy sitting above the juice name 'Pale Rider'
On the reverse of the bottle you have the information label, with all the relevant Saftey information, and raised warning triangle.

This Ejuice has an amazing aroma, sweet warming, and oh so creamy, all sitting on top of a custardy base. There also seems to be a slight hint of spice in the background, possibly nutmeg.

On vaping Pale Rider.
This Ejuice redefines the word creamy, and really takes it to another level. As you take your first inhale, it instantly brings a smile to your face. It seems to begin, with quite a lite buttery creaminess, that seems to coat your taste buds, and stays with you throughout your inhale, acting as a base note, or layer for the rest of the flavour to develop on.

As the vapour travels further up your tongue, the intensity seems to grow,  and you begin to get a warming silky smooth custard gliding in up your tongue, seamlessly  melting into the buttery creamy base note.
As it leaves your tongue, and hits the back of your throat, it delivers a smooth full flavoured throat hit. With just enough kick to deliver a satisfying throat hit.

On exhale, you seem to leave the majority of custard infusion lingering at the back of your throat, allowing the buttery swirl of creaminess to flow out over your tongue, bringing with it a natural sweetness, and what I still believe to be a very slight sprinkling of nutmeg.

This juice not only holds a stack of creamy goodness, but also produces an obscene amount of vapor, floating off the single Clapton coil in my Dripper.

I find I quite hard to describe a juice that tastes this good,  the flavour levels that this 90% VG juice produces is outstanding. A magically infusion of buttery creaminess and silky smooth custard. A great Vape to drip and relax with.

MVR Score
Flavour : 10/10
Throat Hit : 10/10 
Vapor Production : 10/10 
Aroma : 10/10 
Overal :  10/10
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