Review of Golden Elixir Ejuice from Doozy Vape Co.

The Guys over at Doozy Vape contacted me a few months ago about their forthcoming range of eLiquids. And asked if I would be interested in reviewing them when they are launched. And kindly sent out the full range of liquids for review.
About Doozy Co.
Doozy Vape Co is a family run company based in Yorkshire. They joined the vaping community over four years ago and have never looked back since. Their liquids are produced and bottled in the UK complying with all industry protocols.
The vaping world has evolved year on year and we are now at a stage where expectations have never been higher. They have dedicated a lot of hard work and passion in producing a range of liquids for us to enjoy. At DVC they strive to achieve the best results using the best ingredients without compromising safety of our customers.
No artificial colouring, No Acetoin Isoproy, No Diacetyl,  No Lipid Containing Oils, and all liquids are TPD compliant 

Golden Elixir is described on the Doozy Vape Co. Website as follows:
A smooth tobacco perfectly combined with caramel toffee and a hint of vanilla. This Golden mixture will leave you mesmerized. On the inhale you get warm melted toffee, enshrouded in a smooth tasting tobacco, with the vanilla making it all, that little bit special. The exhale begins with the tobacco notes quickly turning into velvety plumes of caramel yumminess.
You will never feel the desire to be freed from this spellbinding potion

Juice Specification
PG/VG Ratios :  10ml (50%/50%), 30ml (High VG)
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 0,3,6 & 12mg
Bottle Size : 10ml & 30ml
Place Of Manufacture : Yorkshire, UK
Price : (10ml) £4.99, (30ml) £14.99

My Vaping Set up
 : Bellus RTA
Wick & Coil : Dual 24awg coils, kendo cotton.
Device : Tesla 100w

This juice has a really inviting sweet aroma, with a lovely caramel back note. Sitting on top of a light tobacco aroma.

On Vaping Golden Elixir
This is the first of the Doozy Vape juices I have tried out, and even after reading the description was really drawn in,  the combination of flavours described is a tricky one to get right, so interested to try out this blend.

As you first inhale, it delivers a silky smooth indulgent caramel sweetness, that plays on the tip of tongue. This high quality caramel blend, moves seemlessly from tip of your tongue, and glides up the tongue. As it travels, the flavour begins to develop, releasing quite an lite aromatic tobacco base note, that instantly adds a real depth of flavour. The lite tobacco infusion, holds the caramel addition well, bringing out the sweet high notes of the tobacco as it travels.

At the back throat, it delivers a satisfying throat, a true to life tobacco hit. 

Just at the point that the vapor turns, after a slight pause and as you begin to exhale, you get a warming, almost musty, if that's the right word, expanding tobacco flavour, very realistic, and reminiscent of the days of analogue smoking. Cleverly taking the sweet spot from the tobacco, enhanced by the addition of the warming caramel. Finishing the exhale with an extremely moorish well balanced sweet aftertaste.

The high VG blend, manages to combine great flavour with a great amount of thick white vapor. Impressive.

The Doozy Vape Co, have managed to produce an extremely clean, sharp tobacco based Vape, with the perfect level of sweetness. Creating a Vape that will appeal to the tobacco chasers, as well as the sweet toothed vapors amongst us, looking for a great flavourful all day Vape.

MVR Score
Flavour : 8/10
Throat Hit : 8/10
Vapor Production : 9/10
Aroma : 8/10
Overal :  8/10

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