Review of Zombie Squash Shaven Haven Ejuice

The team over at Zombie Squash got in touch to see if I wanted to review there new range of liquids, and sent out the range free of charge.

About Zombie Squash.
All Zombiesquash e-liquids are developed using only the best ingredients.
The birth of a zombiesquash e-liquid to the day of its bottling is all conceived in the UK within a clean room.  All Zombiesquash e-liquid is complete with batch numbers and expiry dates.  To maintain and insure that Zombiesquash only sends out the highest quality e-liquid a sample liquid from every batch is always stored.
Its not just the fact that zombiesquash e-liquids are carefully crafted to create a better vape experience but we believe its the people behind Zombiesquash that make it so unique.
Zombiesquash has been born from a love of vaping coupled with the fact that we wanted to create a funky and energetic brand.
Shaven Haven is described on the Zombie Squash website as follows : "The name says it all! This is a sugar coated strawberry dream! if that's not enough look out for a bang tidy custard finale!"

Juice Specification
PG/VG Ratios :  40%PG / 60%VG
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 0,3 & 6
Bottle Size : 10ml
Place Of Manufacture : UK
Price : £4.00 (offer 4 bottles £12)
Cost per ml : 0.40

My Vaping Set up
 : Wotofo Ice3 RDA
Wick & Coil : Dual 26awg kendo cotton. @ 0.31ohm
Device : Cubiod @ 50w

On vaping Shaven Haven
The first thing you notice with this juice, is how ultra creamy it is, and silky smooth, it literally glides in over your tongue as you inhale.  The strawberry infusion virtually melts in the month, as it travels up your tongue, with a flavour profile I would compare to a luxurious creamy strawberry moose. 

This devilishly creamy month melt of flavour, is intensified towards the rear of the tongue, with an additional sprinkle of extra sugar, which as with real strawberries, seems to draw out the juice & sweetness.  This extra sweetness seems to seamlessly bleed back into the underlying creamy custard base, creating an inseparable blend of flavours, just before it hits the back of the throat, where the flavour holds, delivering a silky smooth throat hit, very I keeping with the overall Vape experience.

On exhale, this seamless blend of flavours continues, as the wave of summer inspired flavours effortlessly glides back out over the tongue, with just the slight addition of sharpness, which a very gentle tang as it exits over the tip of the tongue.

I was mega impressed with this juice, and absolutely loved the blend of flavours, if this is the standard that the team at Zombie Squash work to, then we are all in for a treat. Just wish it came in bigger bottles. 

MVR Score
Flavour : 10/10
Throat Hit : 9/10
Vapor Production : 8/10
Aroma : 9/10
Overal :  10/10

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