Review of Diamond Mist Prebuilt Coils from Vape Distribution


The guys over at Vape Distribution kindly sent out a selefction of Diamond Mist PreBuilt Coils free of charge for the purpose of this review.

About Diamond Mist
Established in 2012 when a group of likeminded entrepreneurs pinpointed a gap in the market that the UK smoking ban had created, Diamond Mist innovative research and development teams regularly produce new e-liquid and e-cigarette products for it's customers. They are an OEM e-liquids wholesaler, reselling e-cigarettes and e-liquids to point-of-sale. The Diamond Mist website is regularly updated when new products are launched. 

The packs of PreBuilt coils arrived neatly packaged in the own indervidual packs. 


Each pack has a circle cut out on the front, allowing access to the front label of each coil pack, giving all the relevant information relating to the coils enclosed, on the reverse of each pack, there is a photo of each coil type.

Vape Distribution sent out seven different styles of coils to try out.


Twisted. Running at 0.5ohms constructed from a Kernel 28ga A1 Kanthal, Wrapped 28ga A1 Kanthal. 


Quad Twisted running at 0.25ohms - constructed from a kernel of two strands of 28ga, wrapped and twisted with two seasons rands of 28ga.


Clapton - running at 0.35ohm, constructed out of a centre kernel of 24ga A1 Kanthal, tightly wrapped with 30ga A1 Kanthal.

Titanium twisted running out at 0.26ohms, constructed out of two strands of 28ga titanium tightly twisted together.


Hive - running out at 0.25ohms, the chunckiest of the prebuilt coils, constructed out of 4 strands of 26ga A1 Kanthal woven tightly together.


Clapton - running out at 0.4ohms, constructed out of a 24ga A1 Kanthal Kernal, tightly wrapped by 32ga A1 Kanthal


Quad Twisted running out at 0.25ohms, constructed out of four strands of 28g A1 Kanthal

Conclusion & Recomendations.
A great selection of perfectly wrapped coils, that will turn any vapor into a master builder, producing great flavour, and impressive amounts of vapor. My favourite coil combo that I have been vaping on is the I a pair of the 0.4ohm Claptons, running at 65w. Pure vaping pleasure.

These 10 piece packs of coils will be retailing for between £5 to £6, making each coil around 50p each which is great value, for such well made coil.