Review of Lemon Lush from The Demon Vapor

James at Demon Vaper contacted me a few months ago regarding his up coming Ejuice launch, to see if I would be interested in review them as soon as they where launched, and as agreed a he kindly sent out the juices Free of charge for the purpose of these reviews.

About Demon Vaper
All the e-liquids are created and mixed by James here in the UK; He sources the finest flavours from around the world to craft the juices so that only the best liquid is achieved.

 He has studied each flavouring and different combinations to create a truly unique taste that has something special compared to others on the market, He prides himself on his e-liquid and happy to put his stamp on his latest creation 'Lemon Lush' which is a vanilla sponge cake with a sweet lemon cream filling all topped with fresh lemon drizzle icing on top.

Each flavour in the demon vaper range has been created from authentic recipes which are mixed with the finest concentrates to ensure a perfect flavoursome vape each time. He does not use machines or create large batches so as each bottle gets the TLC it deserves.

For a limited time only each 30ml of either 'Lemon Lush' and 'Strawberries & Cream' is only £11.99 and 100ml bottles are only £25!

Lemon Lush is described on the Demon Vaper website as follows:

"Some lemon vapes can be either overpowering with a sharp citrus bite or be very dull with just a hint of lemon to them. The 'Lemon Lush' I have created is based on an authentic vanilla sponge cake with a lemon cream filling followed by a glazed lemon icing on top, it really is a case of 'what you see is what you get' and if what you want is a delicious sweet lemon cake taste then this is the one for you."

Juice Specification
PG/VG Ratios :  30%PG/70%VG 
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 3mg
Bottle Size : 30ml
Place Of Manufacture : UK
Price : £11.99

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : Wotofo Serpent Mini
Wick & Coil : Coilmaster Single Clapton 26awg kendo cotton. @ 0.19ohm

Device : Cubiod @ 65w

On vaping Lemon Lush
Lush by name. Lush by nature....from the moment I cracked open this bottle, and took in the sweet lemony aroma, I have been completely addicted to this heavenly Ejuice.

As you inhale, initially, the rush of sweet lemony tartness, flash bangs your tastebuds into life, bringing a seeming hyphened sense of taste, which then instantly soaks up the following cloud of flavour, which seems to begin under the sides of your tongue, and then curl upwards, breaking like a wave across the tongue.

I would best describe the flavour as, Lemon Meringue pie, as the Vapor passes over the back of your tongue, the oh so sweet lemon curd creates an almost sherbet type tingle, from its well balanced tartness, just before it hits the back of your throat, with a satisfyingly solid sweet throat throat hit.

As you exhale, the sweetness seems to intensify, as you get a virtual  sugar rush of flavour, as you break through the perfectly peaked meringue topping, zig zagging out over your tongue, interlaced with bursts of lemon tartness. Exiting with a slight biscuit edge on the tip of your tongue.

This perfectly blended Ejuice, leaves a long lasting picture of flavour melting across your tongue. On vaping this Ejuice you can virtually taste the hours of passion that has been put into perfecting the flavour profiles. Some flavours are created, and others such as Lemon Lush are born, absolutely stunning.

MVR Score
Flavour : 10/10
Throat Hit : 10/10
Vapor Production : 10/10
Aroma : 10/10
Overal :  10/10

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