Review of the Wotofo Sapor RTA

The team wover at Wotofo kindly sent over the latest addition the there growing RTA range, the all new RDA inspired Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, The Sapor RTA.

About Wotofo
Shenzhen Wotofo Technology Co., Limited, established in 2009, is a professional electronic cigarette manufacturer from China. With strong passion, rich resources and advanced equipments, we strive to bring a better experience for our customers. We take great pride in the ecigs products we sell, and you will be happy with your purchase.

The Sapor RTA arrived packaged in a compact cardboard presentation box, 


With the black and red graphics running around the box, with a white band wrapping around the base, with SAPOR RTA written on top.

Once you have removed the plastic wrap,  the outer sleeve, easily slides off the reveal the tank, sat securely in the foam padding.

The tank and spare glass tank simply lift out allowing access to the rest of the kit.


The well stocked kit includes

1x Sapor RTA Tank
1x Janpan cotton
1x Multifunction Wrench
2x Prebuild Twisted Coils
1x Spare Parts
1x User Manual
1x Gift Box with anti-fake label
1x Extra glass tube
1x Scratch Card

The Sapor RTA is available in both 22mm or 25mm, for the purpose of this review, we will be looking at the 22mm RTA.

Model : Sapor RTA
Manufacturer: Wotofo
Type : RTA Top Air Flow
Body Material : Stainless Steel
Tank Material : Glass
Tank Capacity : 2ml
Air Flow : Dual Top Airflow
Air Flow Control : Yes
Juice Control : Yes
Coil Capacity : Dual 
Deck style : Velocity Style
Connection : Gold Plated Contact Pin
Width : 22 mm
Height : 39mm (excluding Drip Tip)
Price : $36.99

As with all of the My Vaping Reviews, we will start by breaking down the RTA into its component parts, which we can look at in detail, before we put it back together, and put a build on it and see how it vapes


Top Cap & Drip Tip.
The stainless steel drip tip, has stated Anti -heating qualities,  which I think has a delrin type material inside, with a stainless steel outer casing. 


The wide drip tip measures 15mm edge to edge, so has a great feeling in the month. With a internal bore of around 8mm, with allows for great airflow.

The 510 Drip tip fits very snugly into the top cap,  the top cap has a stepped design, 18mm top lip, sitting on top of the 22mm cap.


The well machined, smoothly threaded underside of the top cap, threads down onto the top of the tank section.

Tank Top Section.
The tank top section of the Sapor includes not only the fill ports, but also the dual air -flow channels, which has been inspired by the Sapor RDA which also featured top down air flow.


The dual kidney shaped fill ports sit either side of the chimney, with a good sized threaded lip running around the outer edge, to prevent any leakage when filling.


With the airflow control ring removed, you can see the large air-flow slots that run down through the top section, exiting out around the inner chimney section, directing the air flow directly down on the build deck and chamber. The top section of the inner chamber, has an o-ring and threading running around it.

The Air flow control ring, is held in place by two well set o-rings, which give the control ring a nice amount of resistence, whilst turning it, to adjust the airflow.


The airflow control ring, can easily be a emoted for cleaning,


There is a notch section on the inner edge of the ring, which needs to be lined up when installing it. Which also acts as a stopper which prevents further rotation.


Inner Chamber.
The Sapor chamber, features a unique inner air-flow directer top section. Which directs the airflow directly down onto the coils.


Recessed below the inner threaded, the chamber then runs down to the bottom lip, which creates the seal at the base of the tank. With some nice Sapor Detailing running across the face of the chamber.

Just above the base lip, are four 5mm juice holes, which are fully adjustable, and through rotating the base section can be completely shut off, for filling.


The tank section can the be built back up by simply placing the tank down onto the base of the tank, and then carefully threading the top of the chamber down, and screwing on the top cap.

510 Connection & Build Deck,
The Sapor features a none adjustable 510 connection, with a gold plated centre pin.


The base section, features some cross cuts, which not only adds a design note, but also adds a nice amount of grip, when threading in the base, and adjusting juice control.

Above the outer lip, is a small o-ring sitting just below the threading that attaches directly into the chamber.

The Sapor features a two post Velocity style deck, with side mounted grub nuts.

The posts holes meaure approx 4mm, and take a good sized coil with ease. Located in the four corners of the deck are the half moon wick ports, which have a removable locking ring, which is used to assist in locating the wicking, and to hold it in place.

The locking ring simple unscrews off, to allow easy access to the wicking ports.

The large wicking ports allow for well fluffed cotton, to be placed directly behind hind the juice flow holes.

The build deck easily screws into the base of the chamber, and the precise threading lines up the cotton, perfectly behind the juice holes.

The four 5mm juice flow holes are fully adjustable, by simply slowly rotating the base, allow you to completely close off, when filling,

Or open up wide when vaping, 

Aesthetics & Build Quality

The RDA has a real classic look and feel to it, with clear design ques coming from the Sapor RTA, with its top airflow design. As with all the Wotofo products i have reviewed, you realy cant fault the build quality, a vrey solid little tank, all precisely machined with smooth threading. 

The wide bore drip tip, finishes off the look, and feels very comfortable when vaping. 

 I did find the 2ml tank a little small on the 22mm tank, and the juice does go down pritty quick, and you find your self refilling it alot.

Real World Performance
The Sapor is really easy to build on with its velocity style deck, and the wicking ring, seemed to great job of holding the cotton in place with out compacting it down.

The real stand out feature on this tank is the top air flow, which produces, a smooth free flowing draw. I would say that this tank due to the airflow set up produces a much cooler vape, than on a simliar tank with air coming up under the coils. 

The top airflow did in no way seem to affect the fully, which was great, and very consistent.

Alos with the ait flow slots being up high, i had zero issues with an leakage, during normal every day usage.

When wicked correctly, and with the juice flow holes fully open, i had zero issue with wicking, the only time i had dry hits, was when i forgot to open the holes back up, and i did find that i closed them off by mistake, when adjusting the airflow. 

The only real con i can find on the tank is the amount of juice it holds, i found myself continually filling it up,of cause, if you want a bigger tank, then go for the 25mm.

A great little tank, clever design, easy to build, if a little on the compact size for my liking. 

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