Mish Mash GLASIG from The Flavour Factory


Today we will be having a look a Strangly named GLASIG from the range of Mish Mash liquids, that the team at The Flavour Factory very kindly sent out free of charge for the purpose of this review.

About The Flavour Factory.
At The Flavour Factory, our expert team of e-liquid technicians love nothing more than conjuring up fresh ideas for delicious vape juices. That’s what we’re known for after all – flavour! No other e liquid provider puts as much effort into crafting such an incredibly wide range of e liquid flavours, perfectly blended to tingle your taste buds. There are plenty for you to choose from, over 70 wonderfully authentic  flavours and counting. If you’ve got a flavour in mind that you think would make an excellent vape, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

GLASIG is described on The Flavour Factory website as follows.

Mish Mash – Eliquid flavour combinations created to excite your palette - A strong flavourful combination containing summer fruits with a hint of aniseed.

Juice Specification
PG/VG Ratios :  30/70
Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 0,3 & 6mg
Bottle Size : 30ml Glass Dripper Bottle
Place Of Manufacture : UK
Price : £14.99

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : Limitless RDTA Plus
Wick & Coil : Coilmaster Clapton 26awg kendo cotton. @ 0.31ohm
Device : Limitless Lux Mod

On Vaping GLASIG.
Definitely an interesting combination of flavours to put together, not two that I would have necessarily tried to blend. 

As you inhale your taste buds can't help but be overpowered by the aniseed, as the intense flavour rushes in over your tongue, for the first few Vapes, I don't seem to pick up any other flavour apart from the aniseed,  after a while as you palette seems to adjust to the level of intensity, and as it begins to normalise, you begin to get slight mixed candy  fruit notes coming through, that as they develop they seem to slightly soften the harshness of the Aniseed.

As with methol, Aniseed can deliver quite a solid throat hit on the longer draws.

The exhale seems to be a lot calmer, as the aniseed intensity seems to settle, allowing more of the mixed candy fruits to come through. Creating a type of Fruit Black Jack flavour.

This is quite a intense Vape on the flavour scale, I found the Aniseed a little to overpower to Vape all day, as I end up with a numb tongue. All you Black Jack fans will love it, but not quite up my street.

MVR Score
Flavour : 6
Throat Hit : 7/1010
Vapor Production : 7/10
Aroma : 7/10
Overal :  6/10

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