OBS Engine Sub & Sub Mini from Heaven Gifts


The team over at Heaven Gifts very kindly sent out the OBS Engine Sub & Sub Mini, free of charge for the purpose of this review.
Following on from the success of the OBS Engine RTA, OBS have launched the OBS Engine SUB  & Sub Mini Atomizer featuring the same great design top side filling, airflow circulation system, easy to clean structure, but have replaced the RTA section with a 17mm organic cotton coil. With a 3.5ml or 5.3ml e-juice capacity, the classic atomizer will provide characteristic great flavor and vapor production that we have come to associate with the OBS Brand.

It comes with
  • 1 x Engine SUB or Mini
  • 1 x Spare glass
  • 2 x OCC coil

OBS Engine Sub Mini Specification
Size: 23 x 54.5 mm
Capacity: 3.5ml
Material: 304 stainless steel + Glass
Coil: 0.3ohm OCC (40-100W)

OBS Engine Sub Specification
Size: 25 x 54.5 mm
Capacity: 5.3ml
Material: 304 stainless steel + Glass
Coil: 0.3ohm OCC (40-100W)

Both the OBS Engine Sub and Sub Mini come in a choice of either black or Stainless Steel.

The OBS Engine Sub, shares it looks with the OrIginal OBS Engine RTA, that has become a real design classic.


The OBS Engine Sub, breaks down into six component parts, to allow for maintenance and cleaning.


Base Section
The base section is machined out of SS, and features a non-adjustable 510 centre pin. Due to the air flow being absent from the base, it means the actual base section, has quite a low profile. With nice notches machined into the outer edge, to give a nice amount of grip.


Inside the base, you have dual threading, the outer thread that screws onto the base of the tank section, and the inner threading for the coil to thread onto.


All the threading, is buttery smooth, and absolutely faultless.

OBS Vertical Coil
The OBS Engine Sub & Mini comes pre-installed with the OBS coil, and they have included a spare one in the kit.

The included OBS coil, 17mm wide and is rated for betweened 40w to 100w. And is filled with top quality organic cotton, and large vertical Notch coil, with a huge surface area. And a resistance of 0.3ohms.


They feature four large vertical juice ports, that allow for maximum juice wicking, down to the last little drop in your tank, due the the positioning of them.

The coil threads down tightly onto the base,


Tank Section
The inner tank section, gives stability to the tank, and allows the base and chimney section to thread onto, sandwiching the glass tank in place.
The four large cut out windows allow ample vision of the coil, and the juice level.

Glass Tank.
The glass tank measuring 16mm x 25mm on the Sub, and 16mm x 23mm on Mini,

They also include a spare glass tank, in with each kit,
And fits down snugly over the inner tank section, remembering to install the o-rings.

Top section & Chimney.
The Amazingly engineered top section, manages to include the juice Fill holes and Top Air flow, and intergrated inner chimbey.
The chimney section features some nice lite engraving, proudly displaying the Engine logo.
Inside the inner chamber, the chimney section, pertrudes down to meet up with the top section of the coil opening, where you draw you the vapor.

Juice Fill.
The Juice Fill system on the OBS Engine Sub, is brilliant, and works perfectly every time, pulling up to reveal to large 11mm x 5mm Juice  fill hole, with juice the right a stiff resistance, to keep it closed, when not in use.
Cleverly when you pull up the juice Fill sleeve it automatically shuts off the airflow, in one smooth action.

The OBS has 3 adjustable 10mm x 3mm airflow slots, which can be adjusted by rotating the very tightly fitting airflow control ring.
When wide open , it allows for massive airflow, through down to the Coils, without any chance of juice leakage, due to its top mount positioning.

Drip Tip,
The top section has a standard 510 drip Tip connection, allowing you to fit your choice of drip tips, but to be honest I think it defiantly looks at its best, with the pre-supplied Delrin Drip Tip. Which has a top profile of 12mm opening out to 16mm at the base, giving and ultra comfy feeling when in the month. Successfullly keeping your lips away from the stainless steel body Section.
When reassembled the tank section threads down over the coil, screwing down tightly onto the base section.


Vaping on the OBS Engine Sub & and every day use.
I really enjoyed the original OBS Engine RTA, it was one of my favourites tanks of 2016. And I must say OBS have absolutely nailed it again with their new Sub range of tanks. 
The Vapor production you get out of this sub tank is outstanding, and the flavour as with the RTA is full and precise.
The supplied Notch Coils do take a bit of power behind them before they start to perform on the flavour front. I found the sweet spot to be around 65w
The airflow is a real joy, I tended to have it about half open, which allowed you to fine tune the flavour.
Leaking - there is none, not a drop of juice leaves this tank, unless like me you forget to close the fill hole, after filling, just before you put it in your pocket.
As with the original, due to the air circulation and top airflow, the base section does tend to get quite hot after prolonged periods of Vaping.

- Great Design & manufacturing.
- Top fill juice system
- Top airflow system.
- Generous tank size.
- great flavour and Vapour production,

- Can run slightly Hot

Conclusions & Recommendations.
A great little Sub Ohm Tank, is a variety of sizes, Standard, Mini & Nano, in a choice of colours. With the OBS Engine now being opened up to none coil builders with this great Sub Ohm Range, I also understand that OBS are producing other variations of the OBS coil, introducing Claptons, and Twisted.

So if you fancy getting you hands on the New OBS Engine Sub tank, then head over to Heaven Gifts, where you can pick the OBS Engine Sub or Sub Mini for $30. Don't forget to use Discount code AMVRDISCOUNT for 15% off none discounted items.