Herbal Tides Heaven Knows Amara Concentrate.


Having completely caught the DIY bug, and craving a fresh clean vape, to blast on between, richer desert blends, I decided to make up a quick batch of Heaven Knows Amara, from the Ice range of Concentrates.  So yesterday when I got home from work I cleared a space on the table , loaded up the online Herbal Tides Ejuice Mixing Calculator, to work out my simple one mix blend, and set to work mixing, well I say mixing, what I mean is, I simply poured the required amounts of the ingredients into the Measuring cyclinder, and there you have it 50ml of high grade Amara Ejuice.

My Mix.
Nicotine Base  in PG (7.2%) : 2.08ml [£0.58]
PG : 12.92ml  [£0.85]
VG : 25ml [£1.66]
Heaven Knows Amara Concentrate @ 20% : 10ml  [£3.49]

This produced 50ml of 3mg of finished eJuice for a total price of £6.58

Amara is described on the Herbal Tides website as 

"Heisenberg style - blackcurrant, menthol, blueberries and aniseed "

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : Wotofo Serpent RDTA
Wick & Coil : Single Coil  @ 0.37ohm
Device : Sigelei Spectrum

On Vaping Amara 
As you inhale, you get a deeply intense distinctive mentholated blast of cooling Flavour rushing in over your tongue,  with a real undercover currant hiding in the background.  You find your self, drawing in the vapour, until the Menthol intensity reaches it high point, and it's at that point at the pinnacle of the inhale, as the cooling sensation, after a slight pause, begins to melt away that you get the sweet trailing wave of mixed berries rushing into the void left by the intense Menthol.

The  intensely sweet black and blue currant blend continues throughout the exhale, drenching your taste buds in flavour. The sweet infusion of flavour is sharpened by the slight addition of Aniseed, which lovingly lingers on the tongue after ever exhale, seemlessly joining the fruit flavours together.

Conclusion & Recomendation.
Really impressed with this one, I have tried a few 
Heisenberg style juices and this is defiantly one of the best, so what are you waiting for, get mixing.