Vaper Expo UK 2017


About Vaper Expo Uk
"The Vaper Expo May 2017 – the Big Weekend - will be the fourth edition of the show based at the NEC Birmingham. The first show was held in 2015 and within just two years the show has quadrupled in terms of size, number of exhibitors and visitor attendance, They have been working on creating a show that works for all our exhibitors, trade visitors and consumers, combining the right mix of professionalism, entertainment, retail and B2B. 

The Vaper Expo UK is now recognised as the largest and most important vaping event in Europe and is considered to be the must-attend expo for UK and International manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. They are proud to introduce and unite leading key players in the industry, to act as the platform for launching new products and services, and serve as the central European hub for the vaping industry."

On the Day
Over the past few years I seemed to have missed out on quite a few Vaping road trips, due to health issues and the events clashing with the countless operations I have had to have over the last few years, so I was determined to get the the Vaper Expo UK, which was being held at the NEC BIRMINGHAM, which is only 30 minutes away from Rugby.

On arriving at the venue at about 9am, you find yourself following the crowds of Vapours , walking there way down the hill to the exhibition hall, it was like been part of a human train, with massive plumbs of vapour shooting up into the air like a steam train, gather speed.  Leaving the sweat smell of vapour holding in the air, so many flavours, and we hadn't even got the expo.


After the events on Monday in Manchester, there was defiantly a heightened level f security, with bag searches on the door, and a visual presence of security , and even full armed police patrolling around the venue.

After going through the main Entrance hall, we made are way through to ticket gates, who allowed access to holding area, were you started to get sense and zibe of the event,  the thing I love about Vaping, and the community , is the full spectrum of people that attend these events, 18 to 80, men, women, Newby Vapours to hard core Cloud chasers. And amazing mix of people.  All there to have a good time and celebrate there collective passion for all thing Vaping.




As you entered the holding area, you where handed VaperExpo goody bag, containing lots of promo marital and ejuice samples, and an impressive VaperExpo Magazine, which will make a good read.

At 10am the bag pipes started to play and the count down began, 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 and VaperExpo UK 2017 was officially open to the public, and the crowds of excited Vapours made there way down the red carpet.


The first you you notice when you get through the entrance tunnel, is how massive this event is, it defiantly stands to the claim largest Expo in U.K.

I had arranged to finally meet up with Peter from 'Vaping Pogonophile' who I have known for a while on Twitter. Initially the plan was to try and spend the day together around the event, but since my last operation in September, I find that I struggle with large amounts of walking, and tend to walk a bit, rest a bit. And felt I may slow him down, so after a brief chat, we agreed to try and meet up later. I must say Peter is so passionate about Vaping and the community, and is one of the nicest people you'll meet, and is defiantly one to watch in the vape blogging world. 

My first stop was to meet up with Alfonso over at Heaven Gifts  who again I have known for about a year over Twitter, and was keen to a name to face, catch up and have a look at some of the latest Vaping tech that Heaven Gifts are bringing to market from some of the worlds leading manufactures.


After my initial pit stop with Alfonso it was time to get stuck in to searching out some of the best venders at the Expo.

Walking around, I could get over how many top brand venders there were at the Expo, it truly was the who's who of the Vaping world, from small single line juice venders up to the big name brands from across the world.

The other thing that struck me was how thick the air was, at some points it truely was like walking through fog, sweat smelling fog.

As you walked down through the stalls, you found your self, being drawn in for a closer look, by some of the amazing aromas that were coming from some of the Juice venders.


There were defiantly too many venders to list, and at some points it was quite head spinning, and you found yourself have to take five, in one of the many super comfy sofas that venders had kindly put out, to allow you to take a load off.

I love the fact that there was such a great atmosphere, with a real 'no pressure' chill out - relax and have a vape, all the venders were keen for you to try out there amazing range of flavours. - I love the story's behind the flavours, and the brands. Such passion, and dedication to providing Vapours with the best possible Vaping experience.

Being a real Cookie vape fan, I found my self being drawn to the Circuscookie stand, to try out there sweet cookie blend.


A sweet sugar coated cookie vape, that I could defiantly see myself Vaping all day.

It was great to catch up with the ZAP! Juice team, who I have worked with before, and have an amazing range of flavours.


As I was strolling through the stands I found my eye being caught by the flavour ranges over at the Vape Royale stand, with the Amazingly tasty "Mrs Baker Premium range" which included Strawberry, Apple,  Orange and Blueberry inspired bakery Vapes, which all tasted amazing, but I was completely taken by the Blueberry muffin, 


And their Strawberry Milk bottles and Dipping Custard, were both to die for, plus I love the fact that thy had actual Strawberry Milk bottle sweets and a custard fountain, to allow you to compare the flavours, against the real thing.

I tend to find myself being drawn to the smaller single line venders, and subsequently whatever to have a chat with the guys over at 'The Custard Company" where I started talking to Brett, who has spent the last 3 years developing and perfectly his Custard vape, which tasted absolutely amazing, Brett has worked hard to try a develop a custard vape, that can be vapes all day without , clogging and cooking your Coils.


Brett very kindly provided me with a sample of his outstanding Custard ejuice, which I will be reviewing next week, so will let you know how it stands up to all day Vaping..

As I suspected, I wouldn't be able to make it through the whole, and the over eager exploring was starting to take its toll, and I would have to start making a move homeward.

I find my health so frustrating at the moment, and am really looking forward to getting fixed in June. To return stronger next time, with more time and energy to explore.

I would defiantly recommend the Vaper Expo as a quality trip out for Vapours new and old, there really is something for every one,, having wondered around in a bit head spin,  I would defiantly recommend making a bit of plan,  who you want to see and who you want to visit, as it is so easy to get drawn to all the shiney's and amazing smelling juices, and you could end up missing out some of your fav's.

Really sorry to all those I wanted to come and see, but ran out of energy, hopefully next time. Hope all that attended had a great day, and don't forget its on all weekend so if you fancy it, head on over tomorrow, you defiantly won't be disappointed.

Vape On, Tickets from over £12.00