Review of The Journey eJuice by Herbal Tides

This ejuice was kindly sent to me by Dan at Herbal tides, from their new range of flavours for the purpose of this review.

It is described on the Herbal Tides Website as follows:

A strong mix of four flavoured coffee's with amaretto and Irish cream this is my super ADV

Ejuice Specification

PG / VG Ratio : 60% PG 40%VG
Nicotine Strenghts :  0, 6, 8,12,18 and 24mg
Bottle Size : 10ml
Place Of Manufature : UK
Price : £4.49

My Vaping Set up

Atomiser : Brass Monkey RDA Clone - RS Vapours
Wick & Coil : Dual Coil, 6wraps, 0.28 gauge, Cotton 0.4ohms
Device : Cloupor T5 @ 15w- HogVaping
Battery :Fully charged - Panasonic 18650

This juice arrived from Herbal Tides, in its soft squeeze clear plastic bottle with a black child proof screw on cap. With a very distinctive Herbal Tides label, showing a person walking away from you In the dessert. I love the fact that if you go onto the new Herbal Tides website, each juice has its own short animation showing on the HT TV at the top of the screen, so Cool the way each label comes to life,

As you unscrew the black plastic cap, and start the journey, by taking a long hard sniff.  As you take in the aroma, you can defiantly pick up on the sweet Ameretto, smells just like one of the Ameretto style biscuits, with the almond on the top.

On vaping The Journey by Herbal Tides

As you start to draw in the vapor from the Sizzling RDA, you taste buds are instantly awakened by some fairly strong flavours.

You defiantly pick up the different parts of the flavour on different parts of your tongue.

I get a rich and Smooth coffee flavour down the side of the tongue. Not at all bitter, juice a really nice blend, as you continue to draw the vapour across you tongue, the sweet taste of amaretto plays on the tip of your tongue, which intensifies and strengthens as you continue the draw.

As so as you finish drawing in the vapor the Amoretto flavour on the tip of your tongue seems to melt away in the coffee, as quickly as it developed.

It's one of those juices, that I would turn down the nicotine level on, from what I normally vape on, as there is plenty of full flavoured throat hit from the coffee and almonds, and on a long full drag can cause a little tickle at the the back of the throat. Which did catch me out a couple of time,

On exhale you are left with a creamy taste on your tongue, as you exhale the coffee flavour through your nose, amazing how the flavour splits,


The flavour I got out of this juice seemed to distinctly change as I vaped it through out the day, first thing in the morning I seemed to get more of a creamy coffee flavour, where as, as the day went on, I seemed to get more of the Almond Amoretto flavour,  and they even seemed to switch between flavours on each vape, or combine forces for a full on flavour vape.

I have enjoyed vaping the juice through the day, with its full bodied flavour, even if a little intense on some vapes, which I feel was due to the 18mg Nicotine. But just found it a really satisfying vape. Defiantly recommended to any one who craves those intense flavours.

Strength : 18 mg
Flavour : 10 out of 10
Throat Hit : 8 out of 10
Vapor Production : 7 out of 10
Overall : 8 out of 10

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