These Are the 4 Reasons Why Your Vape Coils Burn Out So Quickly


These Are the 4 Reasons Why Your Vape Coils Burn Out So Quickly

Guest Post by Jason Artman

How many times have you looked at your credit card statement at the end of each month and felt a little bit shocked about the amount of money you’re spending on vaping? One of the great selling points of vaping has always been the fact that it can cost significantly less than smoking. Even in places where the price of a pack of cigarettes is relatively affordable, the cost of smoking adds up quickly when you’re buying a pack every day. Vaping can cost just a fraction of that – but with today’s vaping equipment, it doesn’t always work out that way.

If you’re not comfortable with the amount of money that you spend on vaping, the source of the problem probably isn’t e-liquid. No matter how often you vape, after all, there’s only so much vape juice that you can use in a day. Nope – if your vaping expenses are out of control, it definitely comes down to how often you buy replacement coils. Today’s vape coils are unbelievably powerful and crafted with a high degree of precision, and they’re priced to match. If you’re burning out your vape coil and installing a new one almost every day, then there’s no getting around the fact that you’re spending way more to vape than you should.

So, why are your vape coils burning out so quickly? This is a problem that always comes down to one of four different causes.

You’re Not Cleaning Your Coils

Vape coils may burn out more quickly than ever these days, but you don’t need to throw a coil away at the first sign of that tell-tale overcooked sugar flavour. In most cases, a vape coil that’s “burned out” isn’t burned at all. It’s actually just covered with residue – something we’ll explain in greater detail momentarily. If you could just remove that residue, you’d still have a perfectly good coil underneath – and that’s exactly what’s happening when you learn how to clean a vape coil. If you do it right, you’ll restore the coil to like-new condition and can continue using it indefinitely. 

Did you know that it’s not even necessary to clean your vape coils manually like vapers used to do in the early days? Click the link above to view the new ROBO2020 automatic vape coil cleaner. Just fill the device with water and turn it on, and it uses heat and agitation to do the work for you. When the cleaning cycle is complete, you’ll dump the water out and start the drying cycle to dry your coils and prepare them for use. From start to finish, ROBO2020 cleans and dries vape coils in just 30 minutes.

You’re Using Sweetened Vape Juice

Does your usual e-liquid flavour taste sweet? It’s highly likely that it does, because it seems like almost everyone buys sweet e-liquids these days. If your e-liquid tastes really sweet, though, it’s drastically shortening the life of your vape coils because it’s probably sweetened with sucralose. Sucralose is an extremely potent sugar-free sweetener. You’ll know an e-liquid contains sucralose because it’ll taste almost as sweet as candy and may even leave a sweet-tasting film on your lips when you vape. 

So, what’s the problem with sweet vape juice? The problem is that sucralose causes your coils to burn out quickly because it leaves a sticky film behind when it’s heated at a high temperature. As you continue vaping, the film thickens and thickens until it actually starts to burn when you vape. Sucralose residue – otherwise known as coil gunk – is what causes the “overcooked sugar” flavour that you taste after you’ve been using a coil for a day or two. The good news is that coil gunk isn’t an indication of damage to the coil and is easily removed by cleaning. If you don’t want to bother with cleaning your coils, though, you can always use unsweetened e-liquid instead. Your coils will last much longer.

You’re Not Priming New Coils When You Install Them

Coil gunk is the most common reason why vape coils burn out, and that’s a good thing because it’s completely fixable through cleaning – there’s no real damage to the coil. The next two reasons why vape coils burn out, however, aren’t fixable because they do involve damage. Specifically, the thing that’s damaged is the wick. Vape coils almost always use cotton wicks, and a cotton wick will burn if it isn’t kept wet. 

If you want to ensure that your vape coils will last as long as possible, the first thing you need to do is install them correctly – and proper installation of a new coil always begins with priming the wick. To prime a new coil, just place a bit of e-liquid on each of the openings on the side and top of the coil before installing it. Give the wick a moment to absorb the e-liquid. If it looks dry, add a little more vape juice before assembling your tank. Fill the tank as normal and wait just a few minutes before you start vaping. At that point, the wick should be completely wet.

You’re Vaping at Too High a Wattage

Preventing your coil’s wick from burning isn’t just a matter of installing the coil correctly; it’s also a matter of treating the coil well after it’s installed. If you examine the side of any vape coil, you’ll see a suggested wattage range etched into the metal. That’s the power range in which the manufacturer has determined that the coil will work reliably, and you should always keep your device’s wattage somewhere within that range when using the coil.

When selecting your vaping wattage, one thing you should consider is your average puff length. The manufacturer of a vape coil recommends a particular wattage range based on an average puff length of about two seconds. If you prefer longer puffs, you should consider setting your vaping device to the low end of your coil’s suggested wattage range to avoid burning the wick.

About the Author

Jason Artman | Founder, I am the founder and owner of the website I specialize in writing objective e-cigarette reviews, explaining how to get the most out of the vaping experience and providing advice to new vape shop owners

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