Review of Jail Break ejuice by Herbal Tides

This ejuice was kindly sent out for review by Dan and the team at Herbal Tides, from the latest edition to the herbal tides range.

It is described on the Herbal Tides website as follows:

A strong but not over powering taste of bubblegum with a Herbal Tides twist as always with all of our juices it starts off blue and will change like a flashing Police light ?

Ejuice Specification

PG / VG Ratio : 60% PG 40%VG
Nicotine Strenghts :  0, 6, 8,12,18 and 24mg
Bottle Size : 10ml
Place Of Manufature : UK
Price : £4.49

My Vaping Set up

Atomiser : Brass Monkey RDA - RS Vapours
Wick & Coil : Single Coil - 7 wraps - 28awg - 1.8ohms
Device : Cloupor T5 @ 15w- HogVaping
Battery :Fully charged - Panasonic 18650

This juice arrived from Herbal Tides, in its soft squeeze clear plastic bottle with a black child proof screw on cap. With a very distinctive Herbal Tides label, with a cartoon picture of a very convict who has just escaped from prison.

The label comes to life on the Herbal Tides TV on the website. Worth a watch and a great touch.

As you open the juice, you are greeted with a mixed fruit aroma, quite a strong smell. But pleasing.

On vaping Jail Break

From reading the description on the website I was unsure what to expect when I started vaping it, and I don't think the aroma, gave to much away as to the overall vaping sensation that you get.
As you draw in the vapor, your taste buds are instantly overwhelmed by an explosion of fruit flavours, with black current leading the assault across your tongue. Closely followed by what I think is possibly a sweet mango.

As your taste buds start to acclimatise to the fruit basket of flavours you then start to be able to pick out very distinct fruit flavours, along side the black current and mongo, I am also picking up hints of lemon and lime, to to give a little citrus kick to the flavour. There is also a orange freshness to the flavour.

Not sure if I get a bubble gum sensation. I think the best way I would describe overall sensation you get would be, if you took a whole packet of fruit pastels, unwrapped them and the tipped the whole packet into your mouth, and gave them a really good chew, that not far of Jail Break.

Even down to the sugar coating on each of the pastels, creating the sweet sugary fizz that you get.

Defiantly one of those juices that get your taste buds watering.

Taste is not the only sense that is going to get jail break experience, after a mid level throat hit,  as you start to exhale,  through the nose, you then get the full mix fruit aroma filling your nose. Very refreshing.


If you like your fruit based ejuices, you will love Herbal Tides Jail Break. It has all the components that a great fruit vape has, full flavour, a citrus kick, and a mouth watering after taste.

Would love them to come up with an Artic Jail Break, with a hint of menthol, (hint,hint) here's wishing.

Don't keep this one behind bars, break it out and give it a try.

Strength : 18 mg
Flavour : 10 out of 10
Throat Hit : 7 out of 10
Vapor Production : 8 out of 10
Overall : 9 out of 10

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