Review of Lieutenant Limey by Generals Juices

This ejuice was sent to be by the kind team at The General Juices for the purpose of this review.

It is described on the Generals Juices website as follows

We sent Lieutenant Lemon on a top secret assignment to Florida. We were unaware that our plans had been leaked and Lt Lemon was walking into a trap!

When he came back he wasn't the same. It was the colour we noticed at first - Lime Green! Then the scent of Key Lime Pie wafted through the air and we knew we'd totally lost Lemon forever!

We don't dare to think what they did to him......but we're secretly glad they did ;)

Get yourself a slice of Florida with this sweet yet tangy e-liquid that you'll love.

Ejuice Specification

PG / VG Ratio : 30 / 70
Nicotine Strenghts :  0,6,12,18 & 24mg
Bottle Size : 10, 30 and 60 ml
Place Of Manufature : UK.
Price : from £4.00

My Vaping Set up

Atomiser : Brass Monkey RDA - RS Vapours
Wick & Coil : Single Coil - 7 wraps - 28awg - 1.8ohms
Device : Cloupor T5 @ 15w- HogVaping
Battery :Fully charged - Panasonic 18650

This ejuice comes in a soft squeeze 10ml plastic bottle, with a bright green childproof safety cap fitted, the clear plastic bottle wrapped around it. On the label you have the General Juices logo on the front, a very stern looking General. Under the logo you have On the side of the label, can be found the strength (18mg) and the name of the juice Lt. Limey All in a military style font. The safety information is located around the back, in very small print.

As you open the bottle and start to drip the juice, there is defiantly a citrus tang to the aroma.

On vaping Lieutenant Limey.

The first thing you notice is the strength of flavour, a real POW moment when you first draw in the vapor.  To the point your taste buds don't really know what hit them. It's only when the intense flavour tang starts to subside that your seem to be left with what I can only describe as a lemon and lime sizzle on your tongue. A similar expensive to sucking a lime, but with out the bitterness.   And even after you have exhaled the vapor, you taste buds seem to continue to water, with a lime sizzle. Very strange sensation, which I think I like, but am unsure, so continue to vape this ejuice, and as you do the sizzling sensation down the sides of your tongue seems to intensify. And you seem to start getting more of the fresh lime flavour coming through, as what started off as quote an overpowering flavour seems to level out the more you vape on it.

There is defiantly an underling flavour that sits behind the lemon and lime, which also seems to develop as you ve, which I feel may be a pie crust type flavour,

On some toots I'm sure a even taste a lemon meringue, type flavour on the tongue.

There is a good level of flavoured throat hit.  Which seem in balance with the overal level of flavour.

On exhale you get more of the lemon and lime tang, which seems to be reinvigorated as the vapor escapes through you nose.


The jury and my taste buds seem to be out on this flavour, all the flavours seem to be there, and well balanced, I just can't decide if I like the strong lime flavour, that seems to develop on your tongue. As I did find it a little overpowering and on the strong side.

I would compare it to the sensation you get when you each those sour sweets, your not sure if you like the tang each sweet delivers, but you weirdly find yourself eating whole packet.

Strength : 18 mg
Flavour : 6 out of 10
Throat Hit : 6 out of 10
Vapor Production : 8 out of 10
Overall : 7 out of 10

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