Review of the Plume Veil Style RDA from RS Vapour

This RDA was sent to me for the purpose of this review, by the kind team at RS Vapour, from there great range of RDA's


Model : Plume Veil Style RDA
Type : Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser
Body Material : stainless Steel and Gold Plated Stainless Steel Deck
Tank Material : n/a
Terminals  : 1 positive dual hole centre post , 2 Negative Posts Milled into the deck
Terminal connection : Philips screws
Coil Configuration : Single | Dual | Quad
Air Holes : 2 Top Mounted, 2 Negitive Post Mounted, 2 x Chamber mounted.
Air Flow Control : Twist Airflow Control
Tank Capacity :  N/A
Connection : 510 threaded
Width : 22.8mm
Height :  42.6mm
 : 47g

As with each of my product reviews, i will start by breaking down the Plume Veil into its component parts, and look at each section in detail, 

Plume Veil RDA in Sections

510 Connection
The Plume Veil RDA has a non-adjustable 510 gold plated connection, set in the base of the deck, which connects straight through to the positive post on the deck.

Gold Plated 510 Connection

The510 connection sits in the middle of the 22mm base plate, which has two good sized 0 Rings set around, the outer edge, which assist in holding the top chamber in place, personnally I would have liked them to fit a little bit tighter, as i did find the fit a bit loose, once you had a bit of ejuice on it.

Double O-Ring with extra Air Flow

Just above the top O Ring on each side is located a small 1.5mm  Air-flow hole, which runs directly into the deck, and through both of the negative terminals.

The Plume Veil Deck,
The PV deck is finished in gold plated stainless steel, with the two negative posts milled out of the side wall of the deck,

Gold Plated Stainless Steel Build Deck
Side View of Build Deck

Out of the continuously milled deck is a good size juice well. The negative terminal have 1.7mm holes, allowing plenty of room for most gauges of wire. which is then held in place with good size philips head screws.

The centre of the deck has a rotating "T" Style centre block, with two 1.7mm connection holes, held in place with philips screws. This centre block can be unscrewed and rotated, to accommodate a multitude of different builds, once you have set the block to the desired angle you can simple screw back in the 510 centre pin to tighten it up. This allows for a near endless configuration of builds, skys the limit. 

Main Chamber
The main body chamber of the Plume Veil is made of brushed stainless steel,  It has  a cyclops style slot laser cut into the front and rear of the chamber, which allow airflow direct to the coils, when open.

Brsuhed Stainless Steel Body Section
The Front Cyclopes whole has been nicely integrated into the Plume Veil logo design which has been laser engraved into the body. There are three additional holes that are machined into the lower section of the body, which can be to adjust the air-flow entering the holes in which are set into the negative posts, which feed under the coils.

Side View 

These can be adjusted by, simply rotating the body, until the desired air-flow is reached, and can be done independently, to the main air flow control. to allow you to fine tune it.

Main Air-flow Top Cap & Drip tip.

Delrin Insulator, Top Cap and Drip Tip

The top cap of the RDA, has an inner sleeve that is used to control the main airflow through the body,  which slides snugly inside the main body.

Air-Flow Control Sleeve
This stainless steel sleeve has three cuts outs, located around the bottom edge which line up with the two cyclopes slots that are cut in the main body, There is two on opposite side, for when it is being run in dual coil mode, and one offset to the one side, to allow you to run it in single coil mode.

There is also a single O-Ring located at the top section of the sleeve, which ensures a tight fit when in place, to prevent unwanted air-flow or leakage.

The top cap of the this section also feature two more air-flow holes, which are located either  side of the extended hole.

Top Cap Air- Flow Control
These airflow holes, can be opened or closed by adjusting the Delrin insulator, once opened these can be used to create a vacuum effect to draw the vapor up into the drip tip.

Delrin Insulator.
The Plume Veil features a Delrin Insulator,  which acts as an air flow control for the top air holes, as well as keep the drip to cool, under extreme use.

Delrin Insulator

The Delrin Insulator simple fits inside the top cap and screws in from the inside, once in place it can be adjusted to suit.

Top Cap with Delrin in place.

Once the Delrin Insulator has been screwed into place, this allows you to fit the custom made Plum Veil Drip tip.

The Drip Tip features a wide to boor, with the Plume Veil Logo laser engraved into the side. the wide boor, does reduce down to the standard 510 connection as it enters the body, 

The top cap once assembled then fits inside the outer sleeve, and is all held in lace by the top O-ring, and allows you to set your desired air-flow, 

I really like the overall look of this RDA,  for a 22mm size it has a really stocky look to it, with its straight edges, and all topped off with the wide bore fat boy drip tip, I have seem smaller exhaust systems on a car.

The Plume Veil RDA is machined to a high quality, with no sharpe edges, and all fits together really well, although I would like the chamber to be a bit tighter on the deck.

The deck is also machine to a high standard, and I have had no issues with the post and screws, as it all tightens down really well every time.

The Plume Veil RDA Build.
I love the design of the Plume Veil with its four hole design, and fully adjustable centre block, with good sized wire holes makes it a real pleasure to build on.

I started with two lengths of my favourite 28awg wire, and used my coil jig from Hog Vaping to set up the coils, using the largest 3.17mm coiling peg, to get a nice fat coil.

I used the centre block set as it came, running straight across. And set both coils, using the furthest holes on the block to make them as centred as possible.

Once each coil was in place i heated them through, and set them in place,  before I moved onto the next one, which is a big plus of having the double holed centre block.

After the coils where set in place, I cut two equal lengths of organic cotton wool, and rolled into strands, then feed them carefully through each coil, and trimmed them level with the edge of the deck.

The wicks, once in place can the be loosened up, and fluffed up a bit, the simple pushed down into the drip well. Then you are ready to add your juice. And ready to vape, happy days.

The Plume Veil RDA really is a Stella little dripper, and performs really well, with both single and dual coil set ups,  and once you have adjusted the air-flow, to suit it produces real clouds of vapor with a great level of flavour to boot.

There is such a wide choice on air flow, depending on the type of vape you are after, you can use the main Cyclopes holes wide open for so e extreme cloud chasing, and wide open it is one of the most aired draws I have found on an RDA so far.

Or you can run it with the Cyclopes holes completely closed off, and just use the side post air holes, for more warmth and flavour.

Running it using the top vacuum holes, I found it to be a a little tight for my liking, but again loads of intensive flavour.

You can even have a combination of all, which I also liked. Just an amazing amount of combinations of air flow control, from just one RDA. 

Combine the air-flow combos , with the amount of set ups for the deck, and you end up with a very versatile little dripper, that is a real pleasure to use.

I would defiantly recommend the Plume Veil RDA from RS Vapour, for the vapor looking to get into rebuildables, and looking for a RDA that is easy to build on, and a wide choice of air-flow.  Or the more experienced user who wants more flavour, or a bit of cloud chasing, the Plume Veil fits the bill.  This sturdy little dripper would make a great addition to anyone's collection.

Features & Spec: 10 / 10
Aesthetics : 10 / 10
Build Quality : 8 / 10
Ease of Build: 10 / 10
Performance : 10 / 10
Overall : 9 /10

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