Review of the Big Dripper Style RDTA from VIP Vapes


I was kindly sent this RDA/RDTA Clone by Ian at VIP Vapes MANCHESTER for the purpose of this review.

It is described on the VIP Vapes website as follows:
The newest, and best atomizer technology to hit the market. The Big Dripper Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA) features a 5ml tank on top of a 3-pole RBA. Simply press down on the drip tip and automatically drip 3 drops of your stored liquid directly on to your wick! No more pulling top caps, just simply press and vape! Snag one of these revolutionary atomizers and be the first to vape an RDTA! With the included wide-bore drip tip you'll be sure to get maximum flavor and clouds! This is a 1:1 clone of the Sub Ohm Innovations The Big Dripper. 


The Big Dripper arrived in a black presentation box, fully assembled, along with a bag of spares and a small screw driver.

Big Dripper - Kit

The bag of tools and spares contained 

  • 6 grub screws
  • 2 Coils
  • Short Lenght of wick
  • 2 Spare Gasket Seals
  • Screw Driver
  • Alan Key


Model : Big Dripper
Type : Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser (RDTA)
Body Material : stainless Steel 
Tank Material : Stainless Steel
Terminals  : 1 Positive, 2 Negitive
Terminal connection : Alan Screws
Coil Configuration : Single | Dual |
Air Holes : 2 Cyclopes Style 
Air Flow Control : Twist Airflow Control
Tank Capacity :  5ml
Connection : 510 threaded
Width : 22mm
Height :  62.5mm
Price : £17.99

I find the best way to fully review a new RDA is, to break it down into it component parts

510 Connection
The Big Dripper has a solid stainless deck, with a non adjustable brass 510 pin. engraved above the 510 Connection is the Sub Ohm Innovations logo. Below is the owrding Made in the USA and the serial number, either side of the 510 connection are located two stainless steel screw which hold the negative post in firmly in place.

The Build Deck
On the side of the build deck are two good size 0-Rings which firmly hold the tank section in place. 

The deck unlike others that i have reviewed, has high side walls (approx. 13mm) which is non-removeable. this side wall has two main purposes, to hold in the juice once dispensed, and the control the airflow. The airflow is directed through two of the four slots, that allow for either setting of the coild to the left or right sides of the deck. due to the height of the walls, the air flow directly onto the side of the coils, whilst being located far enough off the base to reduce any leakage through the holes.

The deck its self is a three post design, these two negative posts are held in place by the the two cross head screw in the base. the centre post in held in place by a alan key grub screw located inside the post itself. The post them sleeves did not come with the grub screws that hold the wire in place installed. and need to be screwed in before you start you build, if not,(as i did) if you insert the alan key down into the post you end up loosening it from the deck, then have to tighten in back up, and re-align the holes.

The the post have wide bore holes, which do make what can be a fiddly build much easier. and ones the wire tails are in place are held firmly in place by the grub screws.

The reason this deck has recessed grub screws, is due to the fact that when the tank section is screwed into place there is only a few ml gap between the top of the posts and the base of the tank, creating a very small chamber indeed.

The Tank section of this cross over between an RDA and a RBA, is made up of three main sections,

Tank Base / Chimmey
This ection is well machined out of stainless Steel, and comprises of the bottom section which acts as a top cap over the build deck, which fits firmly in place. and chimmey section.

Chamber and Chimney Section

Located in the side walls of the walls of the base, are two large cyclopes slots which when rotated, adjust the air-flow. The top outer edge of the chamber is finely threaded, which screws into the main tank section and sealed off with the well fitted o-ring. The chimmey section is securely press fitted into the top of the chamber,  giving a true un-restricted draw.

Off set to the side, on the top of the Chamber is a 1mm (approx) hole which the juice is forced through, when activated. 

Inside view of the chamber, with juice hole.
inside the chamber, you can see the other end of the juice hole, and the wide bore chimney. as stated when fitted in place this top cap creates one of the smallest vapor chambers i have seen, which i am sure enhances the flavour production.

The Auto Dripper action, is assisted by the centre spring, which fits neatly over the top chimney section, and gives the feed back and restistance to the press action.

Spring fitted in place
Tank Section 
The stainless steel tank section when fitted together hold around 5ml of ejuice, it is very very machined with fine threading inside the lip at the base, and it tappers towards the top

The top opening which the chimney drip tip snugly fits though has a well placed o-ring on the inside edge, which securely holds the drip in place, with no leakage, and creates a realy smooth pressing/pumping action, against the spring.

Chimney and Drip Tip
The chimney section is what is used to force the drips of ejuice out of the tank when the drip tip is pressed down. 

Chumney with 510 drip tip attached
The 510 drip tip fits shugly on the the chimney section. creating a nice wide bore all the way down through to the coils. The narrow end of the chimney neatly fits over the spring when in place.

The Chimney and drip tip slide inside the tank section, creating a seal around the chimney, .

Tank section with the Chimney and drip tip fitted

Once the inner chimney is in place, the tank section can then be inverted, and filled with around 5ml of your choosen ejuice.

Once filled to just below the chimney, the bottom section can be screwed in place, ensuring that the spring stays in place.

The Big Dripper, is well machined and fits together with ease. once all secured in place there are no leaks from the tank section, either end.

Once the tank section is assembled, it can then be pushed down over the deck section. aligning the air holes and juice hole over the wicks

The Bid Dripper Build

The Big Dripper can be set with either, single or dual coils, and i suppose if you were skilled enough ( which i am not) you could even fit it with a quad coil buld.

For the purpose of this review, i installed a sngle coil build in it.

I used the coiling jig to set my coil, using 28AWG kanthal wrapped 7 times around the larger post (for ease of wicking)

i did find  the installing of the coil, harder than normal due to the high deck walls, but found leaving long tails on the coil made it easier. and once the wite was threaded through the wide holes, i could just pull the coils tightly in place.

Once the coil is nice and tight, you can remove the post, that you used to set it with, and push it down into the deck well, so it sat nicely infront of the air holes. then carefully feed the cotton wick through the coils, this again was slightly tricky, due to the wick being sucken into the well, and found myself using the small alan key to poke it through then used pulled it back through with my tweezers. let the wicks quite long, and poked them down into and around the well to ensure that they soaked up any juice as it is dripped down from the tank.
Then just soaked the wicks in juice, ready for vaping. 


I did get of the a bit of a shakey and frustating start with the Big Dripper, when i went to set my coils and painstakingly losened of the terminal posts, when i thought i was loosing off the grub screws that you you to hold the coils in place, (less speed, more haste). So when you get yours out of the box make sure you install the grub screws before your build. After a couple of coils i did find the BD quite easy to set, once i left longer tails on the coils. i have been using the BB as my every day work vape. and found it a joy to use, no more dripping at dripping and traffic lights, just press and vape.  

The pressing to drip did take a little getting used to, as far as knowing when to drip, and needs to be done out of need rather than habit. I find myself showing people, " look this is how you drip" and then having a bit of a gurgling vape, as i had over juiced it. 

You really use need to learn to trust the tank, as one press of the drip tip seems to perfectly prime the coils, no need to keep pressing it, or you will start to get juice leaking out of the air flow holes. As far as refilling the tank, which is really easy, and no mess, you just sort of need to judge it, so sort of tune into the noise it makes when you press the drip tip, and how it vapes after priming.

Trust me once you get used to using it, it is a real dream and a pleasure to use. and not forgetting, the vapor production, even off a single coil is amazing, really throws out clouds. I found, due to the reduced chamber, i vaped it with the air holes wide open, which created the prefect vape for me, just right.  The amount of juice it drips down when pressed it also just right, and seems to keep the coils running just at there sweet spot, to throw out the clouds, with bags of flavour.


I will definitely be recommending the Big Dripper from VIP Vapes, it is well made, and feels realy solid when put together, and when used correctly has no to little leaks.  It seems to deliver the perfect amount of juice for the perfect vape. 

If , like me love using a dripper, for the flavour and vapor production, but dont always find it convenient to be dripping all the time, you will love the Big Dripper. it really is a pleasure to use and Vape.


Features & Spec: 10 / 10
Aesthetics : 10 / 10
Build Quality : 10 / 10
Ease of Build: 7 / 10
Performance : 9 / 10

Overall : 9 /10

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