Review of the Cloupor T8 150W Mod from Hog Vaping

This 150W Box mod was sent to me by Barb at Hog Vaping, from there range of Cloupor devices, for the purpose of this review.

It is described on the Hog Vaping website as follows:

The brand new Cloupor T8 150W mod has just arrived from Cloupor. The Cloupor T8 150W is the beast of all box mods. With it’s whopping 150 watts and dual 18650 battery, this device is an animal.
With a similar style to its smaller brother the Cloupor DNA 30, it sits in the hand comfortably.
It is available to purchase direct from the Hog Vaping website for £85 including Free Postage and packaging to mainland UK.

The Cloupor T8 came in a nice Samsung-esk presentation box, with the wood effect grain running through out it The top and bottom sections of the box sit proud of the internal box section, allowing you to easly open it. On the front of the box you have the name of the device Cloupor T8, with a large 8 in the back ground.

Cloupor T8 Presentation Box
On the reverse of the box, you have the headline icons of the device
OLED, 2 * 18650, 6061 Aluminium, Adjustable Pin, Reverse Protection.

As you remove the padded lid, it reveals the T8 kit, which is all securely held in place with stiff foam padding, with cut outs for all the items in the kick.

The kit includes:
1 x Cloupor T8 150W Mod
1 x Retractable USB charging Cable.
1 x Small Philips head screw driver.
1 x Small Black Plastic box containing spare screws, and magnets
1 x Instruction Booklet.
1 x Plastic Cloupor VIP Card,
1 x Warranty Booklet.

The only thing the kit does not include are the two 18650 battery,  which HOGVAPING Recommend  the following 18650 batteries: Sony VTC4Samsung 18650 2600mAh 

Cloupor T8 Full Kit
Features and Spec's
Name :  T8
Manufacturer: Cloupor
Main Material : 6061 ALUMINIUM
Atomiser Connection: Adjustable 510 pin
Output Wattage:  7 – 150 Watts, 
Output voltage : 1.5V—7.6V
Ohms Range: 0.15-4.0ohms
Battery Size: 2 x 18650 
Battery Contacts : Solid brass adjustable connections
Firing Mechanism : Microprocessor / electric Switch / CPU
Locking Mechanism: Electronic
Built in Safety :Sort Circuit Protection, Temp Control, Reverse Battery Protection. 
Mod Dimensions  102mm x  55mm x 25mm

The Cloupor T8 comes fully assembled, in it box, and the only parts that can be removed are the back plate, and the adjustable connection pin. 

The T8 is was sent came finished in the metallic red, but they are available in a choice of colours Black, Silver, Red and Blue.

The Mod Body
The Cloupor T8's body is machined out of 6061 ALUMINIUM, and is finished to a very high standard, the main body section is machined out of one block, with the recess cut out of the back for the workings and batteries, it then seems to be powder coated in with the coloured metallic, which seems very hard wearing against chips and scratches.

Cloupor T8 6061 ALUMINIUM Body

The front of the device is very clearly laid out, with just the simple Cloupor T8 logo printed onto the front section in silver. set towards the top of the front section is a recessed rectangular screen, with nice beveled edges.

The OLED Screen.
The T8 features an OLED screen which displays all the relevant information about your device. 

- Remaining Battery Percentage
- Remaining Battery wheel.
- Resistance of the Atomizer
- Voltage that is been drawn.
- Temperature of the CPU.
- Puff Counter. 
OLED Screen
The screen nicely goes to sleep, after a short time of inactivity, and instantly wakes back up once any of the functions buttons are pressed. 

The screen will also display any error Messages that my occur.
Check Atomizer, 
Low Power,
Too hot,
Too low

On the back edge of the of the mod, they have clearly incorporated the heat dispersion venting holes.

Cloupor T8 - Heat venting holes
These holes also double up as a bit of a thumb grip on the side of the device,  these holes are located at the both the top and bottom of the this back edge.

Control Buttons
On the leading edge of the T8 body are located three stainless steel control buttons, these all sit proud of the body, and have a textured feel to them. they are all very well fitted, with little to no rattle. they all have a really nice positive 'click' feel to them when de-pressed.
The top control button - has a number of functions. 

Press and hold to fire the device. 
Press it 5 times to turn the device on or off.
Press and hold with the bottom button to put the device into Stealth mode, which turns off the OLED screen.

Located at the bottom of the leading edge side of the body are the two other control buttons.

T8 Control Buttons
These two buttons are used to control the wattage up and wattage down of the device, press both buttons at the same time will allow you to lock in your chosen wattage.

510 Connection
On the top of the body, and set to the right hand side is a machined recess, set into the recess is the brass 510 connection. which has a brass adjustable centre pin, which can adjusted using the supplied philips screw driver

Recessed Brass 510 Connection
Located on the base of the body are some additional battery venting holes, plus there is a USB socket, which can only be used for updating the firmware on the device, rather than charging the batteries, as you could in the T5.

USB Socket and Vent Holes
Also located on the bottom lip of the back plate is a cut out which allows you to get you finger nail in, to assist in removing the bacl plate.

Removable Back Plate
The T8 Comes with a removable 6061 ALUMINIUM back plate, that is held firmly in place with two sets of small strong magnets which are set into recessed sections of the back plate.

Once the back is removed, the rear battery compartment is revealed, the rear compartment is well finished, neatly with black plastic. 

The 18650 batteries fit in with ease, and are held firmly in place by the brass contact springs. I have had no issue with any kind of battery rattle, once the rear plate is in place.

The back plate its self is nicely textured with tiny recessed indents. all across the back plate. give it a good level of grip when held in the hand. 


This is the first box style mod, that I have owned and reviewed, and to start with I was unsure if I would like vaping on a big square box. But as soon as I un-boxed and screwed one of my RDA's on, I was one over, it just feels so solid in the hand,  resting the body of the mod against your thumb, and using your trigger finger to fire it.

The build quality on this device very good, and up to the normal Cloupor high standard. The only small issue I had was with the magnets, that hold the back plate on, and the fact that I did find some times the power of the magnet pulled the apposing magnet out of its recessed slot. You do get spare magnets in the pack, I fixed it with a tiny spot of super glue. I feel it would have been resolved by Cloupor securing each magnet with a small screw.

The external finish on the T8, is to a high standard, and the powder coating finish seems very resistant scratches and chips, and having used it constantly for the last 3weeks, and it seems as good as when it came in the box


Over the last 3 weeks I have been using the Cloupor T8 every day, as my every day vape. And haven't really been able to fault it's performance, I tend to vape it every day  at around 20watts, with an single coiled RDA with a resistance of 0.9 ohms, and it blasts out the vapor clouds, the coils instantly heat to a bright red glow, as soon as you press the fire button, with zero lag. 

Running at at 20watts, the twin 18650 batteries lasted all day, with no drop off on performance all the way down to 1% power remaining! just before it shuts off.

The only negative I found over the last Cloupor Mod I reviewed the T5, is the lack of USB charging, which it really liked on the T5, just for the ease of charging when out and about or way with work. Rather than having to take spare charged batteries.

This Mod, defiantly has two sides to it, the every day vaping mod. Then the beast is unleashed and the power is turned up, at 150 watts, this mod eats up the juice and throughout out the clouds, and I mean throughs out. I was amazed that with the right low nicotine level, how good a vape it produces at 150 watts, warm, with a real kick. But it certainly eats through the juice, sizzling away in your dripper.

The power also allows you to put some really big builds through there paces, all good fun


If you are looking to get your self a solidly built new box mod, with plenty of power, and great battery life, then I really don't think you can go wrong with the Cloupor T8 from Hog Vaping. And for £85 with free shipping is worth every penny. 

Build: 9 /10
Features : 9/10
Finish: 10/10
Threading: 10 /10
Switch: 10/10
Aesthetics: 10/10
Performance : 10/10
Overall: 9 /10

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