Review of Ninja eJuice by Lonjas UK

Lonjas UK are eJuice Manufactures based in Romsey, Hampshire, who blend, brand and Distribute quality UK Manufactured eLiquids to there growing client base.

Dave kindly sent out this newly developed eliquid from there series of Nunchuck Juice, which has been developed for a company called VaporSonic

Dave at Lonjas described this ejuice as an After Eight, with a very mild tobacco undertone, created by layering the flavours during the steeping process.

Ejuice Specification

PG / VG Ratio : 40PG / 60VG
Nicotine Strenghts :  6,12 and 18mg
Plastic Bottle Size : 18 Ml
Place Of Manufacture : Hampshire, UK
Price : £ TBA

My Vaping Set up

Atomiser : Brass Monkey - RS Vapour
Wick & Coil : Single Coil, 7 wraps, 0.9 ohms
Device : Cloupor T8 @ 20watts - HogVaping
Battery :2x Fully charged - Panasonic 18650

This ejuice arrived in a pre-production 20ml bottle, with a full length label with a dream like Ninja figure on the from. With the name NINJA written down the side, just above the series name Nunchuck.

As you open the bottle, unscrewing the childproof cap, you are greated by quite a sweet tobacco aroma. With only an undertone os mint.

On Vaping Ninja

On reading the description that Dave sent over I was expecting, a normal sweet mint tobacco. I was really surprised when I took my first vape, when I was greated with a really well polished mint flavour, with just a hint of invigorating menthol, just at the tip of the flavour note.

As you reach the end of the inhale, and the lite mint starts to subside, does the true balancing flavour start to come to the forefront, a really well balanced light tobacco.

As you continue to draw in the vapor these two flavours seem to be quite separate on the taste buds, and only seem to infuse together as you exhale them. Creating a really well thought out mint,Methol and tobacco vaping sensation. Very clever.

As the vapor hits the back of your thoart, it delivers a really smooth cooling mentholated hit, with just a little bit a punch from the tobacco.very satisfying vape.

This ejuice has a real sizzle to it, in the RDA. Not sure why it has, it must have something to do with its blend.


This ejuices would seem to be quite a simple uncomplicated flavour mix from reading the description. But I think what makes it so very moorish, is just how well balanced and clean the flavours are. They really have taken two quite normal flavours and made them into something really quite special, from a lot of thought and careful steeping and blending.

If your looking for a really moorish mint tobacco ejuice, then you won't go far wrong with this little cracker. Just make sure you order enough. Moorish, you have been warned.

MVR Score

Flavour : 10 out of 10
Throat Hit : 7 out of 10
Vapor Production : 8 out of 10
Aroma : 7 out of 10

Overall : 8 out of 10 

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