Review of Salivape eLiquid Subscription Service


I was kindly ask to review a brand new ejuice subscription service, that has just launched in the UK.

Salivape states that they will bring you only the highest quality eLiquids from premium UK Vendors. They work closely with all of our suppliers to ensure they meet the high standards to deliver to there customers. 

Salivape allows you to purchase products through there online shop or try them through there subscription packs, 

Each of the juices have been hand picked and tried and tested by the team at Salivape. To ensure the are of the highest quality.

Once you sign up on line at and become a member, once a month they will send you a hand picked selection of premium quality UK manufactured eLiquids, 

Each box will contain a minimum of 50mls of eJuice and usually comes as 5 x 10ml bottles, giving you the chance to vape a wide variety of flavours!

Your first month is charged at the introductory rate of £19.99, Then there will be a monthly charge £24.99, which I think is great value at under £5 per 10ml for a premium UK juice.

You will be billed monthly on the date that you first subscribe, but the packs will be shipped out on the 10th and are usually with you in 2 working days in the UK or 3-5 for the rest of Europe!

The great thing about Salivapes Vape Club, is there is no minimum contract, so you are not tied into receiving the juices, If for whatever reason you wish to unsubscribe, simply go to the Salivape website and click the unsubscribe button, Allowing you to cancel at any time, as long as you give the team a minimum of 10 days notice before the next delivery date.

Subscription Summary
Subscription Timing: 10th each Month
Juice Allowance Per Month: Minimum 50ml
Juice Selection : UK Premium ELiquids 
1st Monthly Charge : £19.99
Standard Monthly Charge : £24.99
Equivalent cost per 10ml :  £4.99
Shipping : FREE
Minimum Contract : 1 month
Cancelation Charge : Nil
Cancelation Terms : 10 days Notice

Packaging & Presentation.

The Salivape selection, arrived swiftly through the post, even the postman looked intreginly at the package, as he deliver it.

It came perfectly wrapped in brown paper that looked like it had been ironed, before it was used,  

It was tied up with a piece of packing string, which was looped around the package and tied in a bow at the front.

The team at Salivape have taken vapemail to the next level, they have added the Salivape seal of approval to every package that the send out

And the outer packaging is finished off with the Salivape logo stamp, they really have put so time and effort into the presentation, and this is just the outer packaging.

Once you have carefully removed the wrapping (as it was just to nice to tear). You can slide out the sturdy brown juice box.

The inner box has the matching Salivape logo on the front lid, Nicely understated, on the pleasure inside that awaits The box lid is securely held closed by a simple tab, and once pulled out the box opens with ease, the reveal this month selection of 50 mls of Premium UK Ejuice.

The juices are neatly and securely laid out on a cosy bed of what I think is shredded dark brown paper. Along with a Salivape Contact card.

The Salivape Experience,

Getting Vape mail is one of the hidden pleasures of vaping, and is held close to all Vapors hearts, what Salivape have done with there ejuice subscription service, is encapsulate all that is good about getting vape mail, and then some, when the hand crafted Salivapemail arrives through your door, you can't help by been drawn into the excitement of it all. 

The carefully untying the string around the packet, carefully cutting the paper wrapping, and sliding the Salivape box out. And in your own time opening the lid to see what this months ejuices will be. And in turn checking out each juice, unscrewing the caps, and taking in the aroma. 

It is made even more special by not knowing what will be inside, and as you vape your way through the selection, wondering what will be coming next month, it's just a great way of feeding your Vaping hunger, keeping it fresh and interesting month after month.

The Premuim Ejuice Selection.

Mums Custard 10ml - Digbys

Mix : 50PG / 50VG
Everyone and their dog has a custard nowadays. Ours is a little bit special, Vanilla Custard with slowly simmered milk and brown sugar. This 50/50 juice will leave all you custard hunters wanting more.
This juice smells amazing, even before you start to vape on it you know your in for a treat.

Treat is a bit of an understatement, as you draw in the vapor, it instantly brings a smile to my face,  you get a sweet blanket of warm custard vapor moving across your tongue, I would use the word  flavour, but it don't think that would sum up what is happening on you tongue, it's more of a sensation than a flavour, first you get a really pleasing sweetness on the tip of your tongue, then as the vapor moves across your tongue, you get the velvety smooth creamy custard, which seem perfectly infused together.

As it reaches the back of your throat, it delivers a smooth but satisfying throat hit, and as you exhale the vaping pleasure starts all over again. But with more of an intense custard sensation, as you exhale through your nose.

I had forgotten how good this ejuice is, it is so moorish, and really is the perfect blend of sweet creamy custard. Amazing, and a real treat for all the you Salivape Customers. Enjoy.

Vamp Vape 10ml - T-Juice

Mix : 80PG/20VG
"Looks like blood, tastes like heaven. This is an exquisite blend of creamy caramel extract with hints of coconut, making this juice a devilishly good vape."
Vaping Vamp Vape.
As you start to draw in the warm vapor,  you are greeted with quite an unusual blend of flavours, first you seem to get the sweetness from the caramel, which on its own would make a satisfying vape, the sweetness seems to hold on the tip of you tongue, and the rest of the vapor travels across you tongue. It has a sort of Caramel popcorn quality to it, not over sweet, but more of a sweet coating to the vapor.

As the vapor travels further towards the back of your throat, you start to get the coconut undertone coming through, not over powering, defiantly just a hint, down the sides of your tongue, which adds a level of dryness to the vape.

Once it arrives at the back of the throat, it delivers a mid level throat hit, with a nice coconut twist of dryness.

As you exhale, it seems to be the coconut, that comes to the forefront of the blast, sort of cleansing the palette as you exhale, which then allows the full flavour of the caramel to return as you take your next vape.

These are two flavours that I would have put together, but when blended well at just the rights levels they seem to really work well together, with each flavour complementing the other, in the same same that salt and caramel work in harmony, bringing out the high notes in each flavour. A solid all day vape

Fusilier Fruitbowl 10ml - Generals Juices

Mix : 30PG/70VG
A blend of apples, grapes, bananas and lots of other tropical fruits turn this into this zingy, fruit packed e-juice.
As you draw in this fruity cocktail of flavours, your taste buds are instantly awakened by this rich infusion of fruit flavours.

This fruit basket of flavours seems to be held together, by an ultra smooth and creamy banana base flavour,  which is enhanced by the sweetness of the pineapple that comes through as you draw the vapor further back across your tongue.

They seem to of crammed an load of juicey ness  into this vape, and each time you draw in the vapor, you seem to get a different fruit coming to the forefront, all of which seem to be so well balanced.

Along with a great level of flavour it also delivers, a really satisfying throat it. As you exhale you seem to get a real fresh fruit blast, with clouds of thick vapor.

When I opened this juice, I thought it would have a candy Caine, sweetness to it, and was really surprised with how natural the flavours were, and how creamy the bananas made the vaping experience. You fruit lovers out there will love this one

Chiricahua Sun 10ml - Manabush

Mix 50PG / 50VG
"Chiricahua Sun, a mild tobacco base with an indefinable sweet nutty topping."
Vaping Charicahua Sun.
If this one tastes as good as it smells, then we are in for a real treat.  The first thing you notice as you draw in the vapor is how creamy smooth it is, with a real depth of flavour.

The first thing you notice, as you inhale is It seems to be a rich multi layered infusion of flavours, that are wrapped around its mild to tobacco base flavour. As you draw in the vapor, the sweet nutty layer of flavour seems tightly twisted around the tobacco base. It's only when the vapor reaches the back of your throat, on the turn,  and you start to exhale, does its true flavour start to unwind.

As you exhale you get a rich sweet some what nutty flavour coming across your tongue, and out through your nose, with what I think a sort of sweet roasted chestnut quality,  a really pleasing sweet flavour. With even a slight hint of caramel in the back ground.

I could defiantly vape this juice all day, with its stable tobacco base, and it's multi layers of sweet natural flavouring, it will defiantly keep you coming back for more.

American Grape Soda 10ml- BubbleBee ejuices

Mix : 50PG / 50VG
"The classic taste of America in a vape. Full flavoured and fruity black grape soda ."
This is one of those juices that's aroma defiantly suits it's name,  a very sweet smelling juice.

As you start to vape, expecting an extra sweet experience, you find taste bud are instead bathed in a silky smooth vape,  with just the right level of sweetness to get your taste buds watering, but a flavour with a real creamy edge to it.  Along the lines I think of a cream soda.

But a cream soda with a fruity twist, with a well balanced infusion of red grape. The combination of the Red grape and it's creamy texture, creates quite a light, and somewhat floral vape sensation, which flavour seems to develop on the tongue the more you vape it.

This flavour seems to be concentrated on the exhale, with more of the Red Grape infusion coming to the forefront, without becoming to over powering, and taking away from its overall lightness.

The throat hit it delivers is defiantly on the lighter side and very much in keeping with the over vaping experience this ejuice creates.

This is defiantly one of the lighter vapes in the box, and I found its subtle flavours to produce a really pleasing vape, light, and very refreshing, would be a great all-day summer vape.

Conclusion & Recomendation.

It has been a real pleasure to review the Salivape Subscription services, and really reminded me of how much I enjoy vaping, and the amount of pleasure that it brings. from the anticipation of the package arriving, the excitement of unwrapping the well crafted and lovingly put together package. Opening the juices, smelling and vaping. all in all a real pleasure sort of brings out the inner child in you, if that makes any sense. and makes Salivape-day a real day to look forward to.

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