Review of the Sparks Lusona Super Slim Ecig Kit

This Electronic Cigarette Kit, was sent to me by the team at Sparks e-cigarettes, from there range of ecig starter kits, for the purpose of this review.

Sparks have a full range of ecig starter packs, which I will be reviewing over the coming weeks, these reviews will be directed towards the newer vapors, who are just starting out with ecigs and the vaping journey.

The Sparks Lusona kit comes in a clear perspect gift box, 

On the reverse of the box, are detailed instructions, on how to use the kit, and fill the Clearomizer. The box is sealed shut with two Sparks security seals, on both side, to ensure that you kit has not been tampered with.

The kit contains.
1 x Lusona 450mAh super slim rechargable battery.
1 x 1.6ml Clearomiser
1 x Dual Coil Wick ( pre-installed)
1 x Sparks USB Line Charger.

And is described on the Sparks website as follows: 

Sparks are proud to announce the launch of the brand new LUSONA Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.
A slim, but deceptively powerful electronic cigarette, this kit is sleek, powerful and sports a bottom filled clearomizer to prevent mouthpiece leakage - no more cartomizers!
With a powerful 450mAh rechargeable battery and Sparks USB Line Charger, this kit is a slim and stylish alternative to the larger Ego type kits. - Available in Black, Shiny Chrome,Purple or baby Pink.

Kit Priced at £14.99

Features and Specs
The Lusona Kit, comes complete with everything a new vapor will need to start vaping, all you need to do is add ejuice and your away.

The Battery.
The kit includes a 450mAh ultra slim rechargable battery.  That comes in choice of colours, black, purple Chrome or pink.

The battery has a stainless steel 510 connection, with what looks like a brass non-adjustable pin, which connects to the base of the Atomizer head.

The 510 connection has two groves machined across the top, to allow airflow to get to the coil, through the base of the Clearomiser, once screwed in place.

Just below the 510 connector, and towards the top of the battery. Is the silver coloured control button, which nicely has the sparks logo embossed through it. The switch, is curved and flush mounted, so it won't be likely to knocked or pressed, when in your pocket.

The battery is turned on and off by pressing the switch 5 times. When the battery turns on the blue switch back light blinks. It also lights up every time to press the fire.

The battery has the Sparks logo printed towards base, with the name Lusona nicely printed on the reverse. 

The battery is finished off with a chrome base plate.

The Lunosa kit comes with one 1.6ml bottom feed clear plastic Clearomiser, which unscrews from the bottom, to prevent any juice leakage from within the mouth piece.

This clearomizers comes pre-installed with a 2.2ohm Atomizer head. Which is screwed securely in place in the stainless steel base section of the clearomizers.

This atomiser head can simple be unscrewed and replaced once it is burnt out.

The dual coil atomiser head itself simply contains two cotton wicks, with Kanthal wire wrapped around. Which when current runs through then heat up, to generate the vapor from the eliquid soaked into the wicks. Which as you can see from the photo pokes through the sides of the atomiser to soak up the liquid surrounding it.

The three sections of the clearomizers can, easily be broken down, for washing under warm water between ejuice changes.

The USB Charger.
The kit contains a Inline USB sparks charger,  which can be used to charge your battery when required from any USB socket, or plug.

The charger features a 510 connection.

You simple unscrew your Clearomiser from the battery, and screw the battery directly onto the charger. (Please note you should never leave your battery charging unattended )

Aesthetics and Build Quality.
Considering that the LUSONA is one of Sparks entry model Ecigs, priced at only £14.99, I must say that it does have a quality feel to it,  compared to some of the other entry model ecig kits on the market. It is really nicely finished and branded. All of the components fit together well and feel very secure. Even at the weakest point between the battery clearomizers, the press fits seem very tight, and unlikely to come apart.

This is one of the slimmest ego style ECigs that I have come across, and in the hand, it compares to holding a pen, in size and weight.

Performance and Real World Experience.
The Lusona is simple to use, and whilst I used it performed well as an entry model ecig.

Once you get it out of the pack, you simple have to fill up the tank with your chosen ejuice, this is done by simple inverting the Clearomiser, and unscrewing the base section. Then you tip the juice down the out wall of the Clearomiser,

You can fill it up, until the juice reaches the top of the inner tube. Then you can screw back on atomiser base cap, and after allow the wicks a short time to soak up the juice, you are ready to screw the Clearomiser back onto the battery, and your ready to vape.

On Vaping the Lusona, it produced a good amount of vapor, off the 2.2ohm head, and off such a small battery.  With a good amount of flavour, from such a simple budget set up, 

I did find the airflow quite tight, but I have got used to my own vaping set up, and I would say it is inline with many of the entry model ecig, which seem to favour the tighter draw.

Conclusion and Recomendation.
All in all, I was quite impressed with the Lusona, for and entry model ecig costing only £14.99 for the complete kit, produced a relative good amount of vapor and flavour. The size of the battery will limit its battery life span, and I will imagine that you will need to carry a spare, as it will need charging or changing through the day, depending on your usage. and in the kit it would of been nice to have at least one spare wick.

For someone looking to make the move from analogue smoking to digital Vaping, I don't think you could go far wrong with the Sparks Lusona ecig, as a start. The most important thing is to make that switch. And keep your self and your carvings satisfied, and if that means starting on something like the Lusona, and working your way up, then thats fine, and how all of us started. It is a definite journey, but the main thing is to stay on that road, or should I say cloud.

Good luck, and happy clouds.

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