Review of Halo HX3 Eliquid

I was sent this ejuice directly from Halo Cigs for the purpose of this review.

The New ejuice from Halo is described on the Halo website as follows:

HX3 E-liquid is an intense new e-liquid blend with a flavor unlike anything you've tasted before. With a balance of sweet dry tobacco and the slightest hint of menthol, this full-flavored e-liquid offers a great throat hit and excellent vapor performance. HX3 E-liquid takes vaping to the next level.

Ejuice Specification

Ratio : PG/VG Halo Blend
Nicotine Strenghts :  0,6,12,18 & 24mg
Bottle Size : 7ml & 30ml
Place Of Manufacture : USA
Price from : £4.99

My Vaping Set up

Atomiser : El Cabron - Comp Vape
Wick & Coil : Dual Coil 6w 28awg - 0.77ohm
Device : IPV Mini @ 25 Watts

As you unscrew the cap of the 30ml Glass bottle you get a nice tobacco aroma, with a real sweetness to the smell, defiantly one of those aromas that holds in the air.

On Vaping HX3

I have review quite a few Halo ejuices, This juice has a distinctive Halo Tobacco taste to the vapor, well balanced and well polished, which is apparent as soon as you start to draw it in, it really reminds me of the Tribecca tobacco juice that Halo produce, but this one has a slightly dryer draw over the tongue than the Trobecca.

As you continue to draw the vapor in, as it gets about half way down your tongue, your start to get the sweetness and mild cooling quality of the undertone of menthol, that has been layered in with the tobacco.

The Dry leaf tobacco flavour is defiantly the dominating flavour, with a really nice depth of flavour to it. the addition of menthol seems to enhance the sweet notes in the tobacco, and bring them to the forefront.

As the thick vapor hits the back of your throat it delivers solid tobacco infused throat hit, which I did find a little dry, I think I was expecting more of a menthol kicker at the back end of the flavour.

HX-3 seems to have a long lasting sweetness to the Vape, which I think is derived from the sweet notes in the tobacco leaf, and then enhanced by the menthol infusion.

Halo have perfected over the years a very distinctive tobacco base which I find unique to the Halo Brand, and is defiantly one of there signatures, which has been lifted and some how polished by the addition of the hint of sweet sided menthol.

On exhale, you seem to get more of the sweetness from the menthol infusion, coming to the forefront, whilst still delivering a satisfying tobacco Vape, the Secret Halo blend of PG/VG produces a good level of thick vapor.


I am still undecided on this one, which surprised me when I vaped it, as I am a massive Halo fan, both of the Menthol range, and of their tobaccos, I not sure if I found the throat hit just a little to dry, as they are both flavours that I like. And they are very well combined in just the right amounts,

MVR Score

Flavour : 5  out of 10
Throat Hit : 5 out of 10
Vapor Production : 8 out of 10
Aroma : 7 out of 10
Overall : 6 out of 10

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