Review of The Smokeyjoe by SmokeyJoe

This is Joe's first own blend of ejuice, and was supplied to me for the purpose of this review.

It is described on the SmokeyJoe's website as follows:

The Smokeyjoe Flavour!!! A juicey fruit frenzy accompanied with blueberry side and an anise kicker to seal the deal.

And is available to purchase online and in store only at Smokey Joe's.

Ejuice Specification

Ratio : 60% pg 40% vg
Nicotine Strenghts :  6, 11 or 18mg
Bottle Size : 10 & 30ml
Place Of Manufacture : UK
Price from : £3.50

My Vaping Set up

Atomiser : Sub Tank - Sparks Ecigs
Wick & Coil : 0.5ohm Coil
Device : IPV Mini @ 15Watts

This ejuice came in a 30ml plastic bottle, with a white child proof safety cap fitted, the label, has a man in a hat with vapor coming out of his month, across the top of the label in a green strip is the juice name, with the bottle size just below. Running across the bottom of the label in a matching green strip is Joe's website. To the right of the label is located all the required safety & legal information along with the raised warning triangle.

As you take the cap off and give the bottle a slight squeeze, you get a real mixed fruit aroma, not a fresh fruit smell, defiantly and fruit sweet aroma.

When I first got the juice I loaded it into my dripper, and it tasted great, but just didn't seem to vape right, definitely a juice designed to be at its best in a tank, due to its lower VG blend and thinner consistency. The dripper just sizzled through the juice to quickly.

So after loaded up the Sub tank I was ready to give the juice a popper vape.

On Vaping SmokeyJoes 

As you start to draw in the vapor your taste buds are instantly power punched by the fruit infusion,  no one flavour instantly jumps out at me, I would compare it to chewing multiple juicy fruits at the same time.

As your taste buds start to adjust to fruit frenzy, the flavour intensity seems to start to mellow, and you definitely start to pick out different levels of fruits, with the blueberry infusion starting to come to the forefront.

As the vapor hits the back of the throat, it delivers a mid level sugar coated throat hit.

As the vapor turns, as you begin to exhale,  you get a surprising kick from the Anise infusion, and it seems to grab hold of the blueberry and start heading back out across your tongue, the anise seems to bring out the flavours in the blueberry, and some how balance out the sweetness of the inhale.

For a high PG blend it produced a good level of vapor with a really pleasing blueberry aftertaste.


This juice is defiantly a tale of to halves, the sugar sweet fruit frenzy on the inhale, and the well balances blueberry Anise exhale.

Defiantly one for all you sugar crazed fruit lovers, with a nice twist from the anise.
With a very distinctive solid flavour, if not a little to sweet for my tooth, defiantly unlike anything I have tried before, great signature juice to start of Joe's Range of juices.

MVR Score

Flavour : 7 out of 10
Throat Hit : 7 out of 10
Vapor Production : 7 out of 10
Aroma : 7 out of 10
Overall : 7 out of 10

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