Review of the Sparks Vortex Starter Pack From Sparks Ecigs


This Electronic Cigarette Kit, was sent to me by the team at Sparks e-cigarettes, from there range of ecig starter kits, for the purpose of this review.

Sparks have a full range of ecig starter packs, which I will be reviewing over the coming weeks, these reviews will be directed towards the newer vapors, who are just starting out with ecigs and the vaping journey.


The Sparks Vortex comes in a clear perspect gift box,

On the reverse of the box, are detailed instructions, on how to use the kit, and fill the Clearomizer. The box is sealed shut with two Sparks security seals, on both side, to ensure that you kit has not been tampered with.

The kit contains.
1 x Carbon Finish Vortex Variable voltage 1300amh
1 x 2.4ml clear GS-H2 Atomiser
1 x Coil / Wick ( pre-installed)
1 x Sparks USB Line Charger.

And is described on the Sparks website as follows:

Product Details
Exclusive to Sparks e-cigarettes ..The new Vortex variable voltage kit
Twist adjustable voltage from 3.2v - 4.8v
Carbon Fibre affect battery tube
One piece G2-H2 bottom coil atomizer
USB charger

Features and Specs

The Vortex starter kit comes complete, with every you will need to start vaping, or the perfect step up kit, for some one looking for an upgrade in power, and more control.

The Battery.
The kit includes a carbon effect 1300amh battery, with variable voltage from 3.2v to 4.8v. The battery is larger than your standard ego style ecig, and measures in at 15mm wide, and 110mm long. It has a nice weight to it, in your hand.

The top of the battery has a standard ego cone threaded 510 connector on the top, which I believe is stainless steel.

This 510 Ego threading is surrounded by a removable beauty ring, which tops off the top of the battery nicely, and also allows you to fit upgraded 510 connection style tanks if you wish.

The body of the battery tube, is matt black in colour, with a glossy carbon effect fading down the body, back to the matt black finish.

The battery has a knurled rotating bottom cap, which allows you to adjust the desired voltage from 3.2v - 4.8v,  by rotating the bottom, lining up the red dot on the cap, with the voltage settings printed on the side of the battery tube.

There is just the right amount of resistance when adjusting the voltage, which allows for easy adjustment, whilst holding your chosen voltage in place.

The battery is activated by pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession, the button backlight and Spark 'S' logo lights up white and blinks rapidly when turning on and off.

The Switch will also light up every time you fire on it, to take a vape.

From a safety point of view the fire switch will shut off, after about 10s of holding it down, acting a as a safety shut off. The battery also has an over charge shut off, to stop damaging the battery.

The Vortex Kit comes with a clear GS-H2

The Clearomizer tank section is made up of one complete section, with an integrated moulded mouth piece. The body of the clearomizer come screwed securely into the base section, which hold the coil section in place.

It comes pre-installed with a coil / Atomizer head, this coil read at 1.92 ohms, when I put it on the ohms meter.

The base section can be easily unscrewed from the tank, to expose the Atomizer head.

The Atomizer head can the be unscrewed and removed for cleaning, or swapping out for a fresh head, when that one becomes burnt out.

The tank section of the clearomizer will hold approximately 2.4ml of ejuice, when filled correctly.

The USB Charger.
The kit contains a Inline USB sparks charger,  which can be used to charge your battery when required from any USB socket, or plug.

The charger features a 510 connection.

You simple unscrew your Clearomiser from the battery, and screw the battery directly onto the charger. (Please note you should never leave your battery charging unattended )

Aesthetics and Build Quality.

I have been quite impressed with the build quality of the Sparks Starter packs, and the Vortex didn't disappoint, for a budget starter pack priced at only £24.99 for the complete kit, I found it to have a quality feel and finish to it. Especially the battery, which feels well constructed and solid in your hand.

Sparks have stepped up the sizing on this ecig, and it definitely feels like a step up from the standard ego kit kits, and when placed next to the SPARKS LUSONA SUPER SLIM, which I reviewed last time, you can see the level of up scaling.

I found to Atomizer/Clearomizer to be well suited to the battery, and added to the over look and feel. With the benefit of being able to upgrade the tank as and when required.

Performance and Real World Experience.

The Vortex is really simple to use, fill and adjust the power setting, to create your desired vape.

The first thing you will need to do when you unbox your Vortex, is fill it up with ejuice. This couldn't be simpler,
Firstly unscrew the base section from the clearomizer, and hold the tank section up side down and with a slight angle.

Then carefully drip the ejuice down the side wall of the tank, avoiding getting any down the centre chimney. You can fill it to just below the top of the plastic chimney.

Once full you then simple screw the Atomizer head / base section back in place, securing it hand tight, without over tightening it. Then attach the clearomizer onto the battery, allow the juice a couple of minutes to soak into the wicks, and your ready to vape.

I always find that you are better off starting at the lowest voltage setting (3.2v), having a vape on it, and then turning it up gradually until you reach your desired setting, you will find that the flavour, temperature and amount of vapor will change as you increase the voltage.  You will also find that the higher the voltage, the quicker the battery will drain, and the quicker it will burn through your juice.

Just as a note, don't let you tank run to low, you are better to keep it topped up.

I was quite impressed with the vapor production of this kit, at 4.8v it produced a nice warm vape, with a good level of flavour.

As with many of the ecig kits, I did find the airflow quite tight, but that is purely down to the clearomizer, and it depends what you are used to vaping every day, a lot of people find when switching from cigarettes, they prefer the tighter draw, as it is more in line with analog smoking. And after a few months you start search out tanks to deliver more air flow, the good thing is, any 510 connection tank will fit on the vortex battery.

Conclusion and Recomendation.

I have been using this starter kit all day, and I must say I have been quite impressed. And would make the perfect next step for a new vapor, looking for and increase in power.
The great thing with vaping is that, there is always a next step, to keep you satisfied, you won't necessarily buy this type kit and vape on it for the rest of your life, some people do. But it's all about finding the level of vapor, flavour and warmth that you are satisfied with.

I don't think that you can go far wrong with one of the Sparks Starter kits, like the Vortex, every day vaping, is another day not smoking.

Happy Clouds & Good Luck.

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