Review of the Vamo V5 Mod Kit from Greensupplies Online


The Vamo V5 Mod Kit was sent to me directly by Andrew at Green Supplies Online, from his extensive range of Vaping gear, for the purpose of this review.

Green Supplies Online mission is "To strive to provide the best vaping experience while offering competitive pricing. As the provider of premium e-cigs and vaporizers, we want to bring the experience and satisfaction to everyone seeking a positive alternative."

They sell a complete range of Starter Kits, Mods, Tanks and  accessories to suit every level of vapor, the only area they don't seem to cover is that of the rebuildables and RDAs etc, for the more advanced Vapors.

The Vamo V5 Mod Kit is described on the Green Supplies Website as follows:

"The new Vamo V5 Mod Kit variable voltage / watt mod now with upgraded charger and vivi nova atomizers – this model is updated from the vamo v3, it features the same sleek design as the v2 but with all the functions and pcb of the vamo v3. With the new oled screen of Vamo Kit v5, you can have a better view than the vamo v2"

And is available to purchase online for $39.90


The Vamo V5 kit arrived in a brown cardboard box, with the Vamo logo proudly displayed on the front of the box. With " Enjoy Smoking anywhere at any time!"  & "The choice of a new generation".

Vamo V5 Box

On the end of the box, it indicates which model Vamo you have, and what finish it is.

As you remove the lid of the box, you are greeted with a nice shiney Vamo V5 set in a foam cut out, on one side, and a cover section on the other, Atomiser & Battery.

Inside the Vamo V5 Box

The contents can then be easily un boxed, and the fun can begin.

The kit includes the following:
1 x Chrome Plated Vamo V5
1 x Battery Charger.
2 x 18350 Lithium 3.7v 900mAh
1 x Viva Nova Atomiser.
1 x Instruction Booklet.

Price $39.99

The kit includes everything you will need, you would just need to charge the batteries, and choose a ejuice. And your ready for the next step of you vaping journey.

Features and Specs.

Name :  V5
Manufacturer: Vamo
Main Material : Chrome Plated Stainless Steel
Atomiser Connection: 510 / Ego cone
Variable Watts : 3-15w 
Variable Voltage : 3-6v
Resistance range : 1.2 - 5 ohms
Battery Size: 18650 and 18350
Battery Contacts : Solid brass connections
Firing Mechanism : Microprocessor / electric Switch
Locking Mechanism: None
Screen : OLED 
Built in Safety : thermal monitoring, time limit protection, Reverse polarity protection
Mod Width  : 22mm
Mod Height : 141mm
Weight : 126g

When I am reviewing new vape gear, I always like to break it down into its component parts and have a look at each part in detail.

Bottom Cap.

The bottom cap, is chrome stainless steel, with 4 decorative groves running around the the outer edge. The cap is well machined and finished, with smooth threading. The bottom of the cap has a single vent hole machined into it, to allow for battery venting should it occur. On the inside there is a brass spring, which allows for the slight difference in height of some of the batteries you may use, such as flat top or button top. The spring securely holds the batteries in place and allows zero battery rattle.

Bottom Cap 

 This bottom cap can either be screwed directly onto the control head, when used in single 18350 mode, or onto the extension tube when running it in 18650 or twin 18350 mode.

Extension Tube.

The matching extension tube is chrome plated stainless steel, with threading on both ends, to allow it to connect to the control head and the bottom cap.

Extension Tube

The tube is well machine, with only a slight amount of thread squeek. This tube is used when running it in either 18650 or twin 18350 mode.

When fitted it does add a fair bit of size to the overall length of the device. 
18350 compared with 18650 mode

Top Cap / Beauty Ring.

The Vamo V5, comes with a removable top cap or beauty ring, which can be removed for easy cleaning of the connection.

The top cap is chrome plated stainless steel, which has small divettes running around the putter edge. Which at first glance I thought related to the airflow, but are just for looks.

Mod Body/Control Head 

The main section of the mod, the control head, houses the printed circuit board, OLED screen and the fire and control switches.

510/eGo Connection

The control head is topped off, with the 510 / eGo threading, 

The 510 connection has a none adjustable pin. Which appears to be stainless steel.

This 510 connection this then finished off with and protected by the beauty ring. Which when installed sits just below the top of the 510 connection, to allow for airflow, when the atomiser is fitted.

 I think I would have preferred to have it flush fitted, with airflow coming through the beauty ring, if a few holes had been machined in.

Battery connection.

Turning the control head over, you can see the brass battery connection, and parts of the PCB.

Buttons & Screen.

The Vamo V5 has three buttons, that are situated below the curved OLED screen.

The buttons and screen sit proud from the body, and can easily located when vaping.

All the buttons have a nice feel to them, with a positive 'click' when pressed.

Functions & Menu.

The device is turned on by pressing the fire button in quick secession.

The OLED screen then displays the system on message.

It will then display the selected power or voltage device, that it is currently set to.

From this screen you can then instantly check the remaining battery voltage, by pressing the left button. 

Or you can press the right hand button to display the resistance of your connected atomiser. When no device is connected it will display 9.9ohms.

Pressing both the right & left button at the same time opens up the Vamo's menu system.

1. Power Voltage.
The first section allows you to switch your devices out put between Watts or Voltage.

The Power output mode, will then deliver the required volts to the coils to run them at your chosen wattage. This power out put can then be changed between 3 to 15 watts. In 0.5 increments. Or if you set it to Votage Output, it will deliver a constant voltage to the connected device, in this setting the Voltage can be adjusted between 3 to 6 volts in 0.1 increments.

2. LED Display.
In this section you can choose what your device displays on the OLED screen every time you press the fire button.

You can choose between resistance, current power setting or remaining battery charge.

3. LCD on/off
This setting simply allows you to run your device in stealth mode, so the display is turned off, and nothing will display when the fire button is pressed.

Pressing and holding the left button will allow you to switch between a Mean or RMS output.

Mean - a snapshot of the atomizer ohms is taken and the output voltage is adjusted to get your desired power (wattage).

RMS - monitors the resistance constantly and adjusts the voltage continuously to make sure you get the wattage you had originally set as long as you have the vape button pressed.  A smooth consistent vape is thus obtained.

Press the fire button five times in quick succession will then turn the device off.

When you power off the device, or change out the battery, it will remember your chosen settings.


The Vamo V5 kit comes complete with two standard ICR18350 Special Lithium Battlers, which are both 3.7v 900mAh.

Battery Charger.

The kit I was sent came with a dual vertical battery charger with a fold out (USA compatible) plug pin.

The charger is of a quality build, and seems to be a good addition to the kit.

Viva Nova Atomiser

The kit I was sent which has been updated came with a Viva Nova Atomiser, instead of the two Ce4 atomiser, which seems to be well suited to the kit.

I have already done a full review of the viva nova, which can be viewed here >>>Viva Nova Atomiser<<<.


The kit is finished off with a complete and well laid out instruction leaflet, which seem to cover all the things you would need to know about your need Vamo V5.

Atheistics and Build Quality

The Vamo V5 has a real classic look to it, and seems really solidly put together. And feels nice and solid in the hand, and in single 18350 mode, is a great size.

The buttons have a real positive feel to them, with a really nice tactile click to them every time they are pressed.

Although the buttons do have an amount of sideways movement, which does create an amount of button rattle.

The device is machined to a high standard, and well finished,  with nice threading.

Performance & Real World Experiences.

I was looking forward to reviewing this device, as it was on my mod short list when I first moved off the ego style devices at the beginning of my vaping journey. And it was a toss up between the SVD and the Vamo, and at the time I choose the SVD, as I liked the fact that it telescoped.

So I was keen to get this one unpacked to see what I had missed out on, and I must say I have been really impressed with its faultless performance. After about 10 mins use I found the menu system really easy to use.  And when vaping it performed really well, no miss fires or dry hit. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

The OLED display is clear and easy to read in all light conditions inside and out. Although I did find that the screen turned off to quickly as soon as you released the fire button.

The Vamo feels great in you hand, and the buttons are really easy to find, due to there raised position.

The Vamo is really well paired up with the Viva Nova. And made a really nice kit.

I did find the resistance that the Vamo would power slightly limiting, with some of the new sub tanks that are coming out.


I found the Vamo V5 kit from Green Supplies Online to be a great complete kit, and the perfect choice for someone looking to step up from the eGo style devices, looking for more power.  With the added benefit of getting every thing you will need in the kit to get started.  As long as you are not looking at Sub Ohming, and just looking for next vaping step up, you won't go far wrong with the Vamo V5 kit from Green Supplies a Online.

👍 Well made solid device
👍 Very complete kit.
👍 Good Valuve for Money.
👍 Great Clear Display

👎 Won't run be below 1.2ohms
👎 Size when in 18650 Mode.
👎 Screen turns off a little to quick.


Build: 9/10
Features : 7/10
Finish: 9/10
Threading: 9/10
Switch: 9/10
Aesthetics: 10/10
Performance : 8/10
Overall: 8/10

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