Review of The El Cabron RDA from Comp Vapes

I was kindly sent this stunning RDA direct from Comp Vape in the USA.

"CompVape Design is based in the greater Chicago area & has had extensive experience not only in vaping since 2010, but a lifetime of experience in the design and production of many of the of the most innovative machine shop applications."

I must say after using this RDA constantly for the last fours weeks, it is one of the most complete RDA's that i have come across, with the widest range of use.

The El Cabron is described on the Comp Vape website as follows:

"Designed specifically for Competition Winning Clouds, Outstanding Flavor, & every day, all day vaping, the El Cabron Slick accomplishes everything we always wanted in an RDA. From it's 3 drip tip options, top and bottom heat sinks, large posts and post holes it just screams power."

The El Cabron arrived very quickly direct from the USA, and came in it own sturdy cardboard branded presentation box, with a lift off lid.

The front of the black box proudly displays the distinctive El Cabron Logo, which has been embossed with a metallic silver finish.

As you slide open the box, you get your first look at the El Cabron RDA kit, I will call it a kit, due to the amount of items that are included.

The El Cabron Kit includes:

1 x El Cabron RDA
1 x Solid Copper Interchangeable Center Post
1 x Silver Plated Lead Free Brass  Center Post. (pre-installed)
1 x Solid Copper Contact Pin
1 x  Silver Plated Lead free Brass Contact Pin (pre-installed)
3 x Extra Replaceable Centre Post Insulators (PEEK Material)
1 x Mega Comp Drip Top (Stainless Steel)
1 x Extra threaded top cap (Stainless Steel)
1 x Black  510 Drip Tip Adaptor.
1 x Wide bore Stainless Steel 510 Steel Drip
1 x Black Comp drip tip
3 x Spare grub screws
3 x Spare O-Rings
1 x Allen Wrench
1 x El Cabron RDA Gift Box

As you can see from the description above it is a very complete kit, and includes every thing you will need, from the every day dripper, to a Competition Device, but with the El Cabron, what you get in the kit is only half the story, its the clever design that makes this device so special.

Features and Spec
Model : El CabrĂ³n
Manufacturer: Authentic Designed By CompVape
Type : RDA
Body Material : 304 Stainless Steel
Terminals  : 1 Positive, 2 Negative
Terminal connection : Alan Screws
Coil Configuration : Single, Dual. or Quad Coil
Air Holes : 3 Unique Comp Vape Design 
Air Flow Control : Twist Airflow, with Locking top cap
Drip Well Depth : 7mm
Connection : 510 threaded, Brass or Copper Pin
Width : 22mm
Height :  47mm

Price : £49.99 UK / $59.99 US

The El Cabron comes fully assembed out of the box with the Mega Comp Drip tip and the Silver plated center post, with Brass contact pin, but can be easily broken down for cleaning and changing out of any of the interchangable component parts. 

The El Cabron consists of four main components.

  • Deck
  • Chamber
  • Air-flow Control Sleeve
  • Drip Tip

The 510 Connection & Deck
On the base of the 304 Grade stainless steel deck is the company name COMP VAPE and the unique serial number of your RDA, deeply engraved into the base plate.

Located in the center of the base is the 510 threaded connection, which comes pre-installed with the Silver Plated Lead free Brass Contact Pin. which is directly connected through to the center both.

The base then leads up to the deck, via two good sized heat sink fins. 

The deck sits in a 7mm deep drip well. with two fat o-rings running around the sides which securely hold the chamber in place.

The two 5mm outer stainless steel negative posts are machined into the drip well side wall.

The 5mm Silver Plated Lead Free Brass Center Post. can be interchanged with the copper one supplied in the kit, and sits on top of the PEEK insulator 

The three posts have large 3mm holes machined through them, each post has a 3mm wide Allen screw, which are 6mm longs, and securley hold in place any coil you may install.

RDA Chamber
The chamber is machined out of one piece of stainless steel, with a raised rim at the bottom which the Air-flow control sleeve sits on.

The rim has a the El Cabron name proudly engraved on one side, and Slick on the other side. 

The chamber has two large slot with enlarged rounded ends cut into each side, which makes up one part of the air-flow control.

On the top edge of the chamber has threading on the inside, to which the top cap/drip tip tightens down onto.

Air-Flow Control Sleeve (AFCS)
This sleeve has the El Cabron Ram logo deeply engraved onto the front. and inlaid with black to make it stand out against the stainless steel.

The sleeve has three matching air-flow slots, again with enlarged rounded ends.

Two slots are used for Dual or quad coil builds, and the single slot allows you to run the RDA in single coil mode.

The outter sleeve simply drops over the chamber, you can then line up the chosen air slots, depending on you build.

You can then slide the outer sleeve around to open or close off the slot, from wide open (left Image) or just create a 3mm hole (right image) by lining up the expanded ends of the slots. very cleever air-flow design, which allows a great range of draws from one device.

Top Cap
The top cap, has a well machined threaded base, and is used to secure the AFCS tightly in place, it has four heat sink fins running around the top, to assist in keeping the top cap/drip tip cool.

Drip Tips
The El Cabron comes with three types or sizes of drip tips. to allow for a wide range of vaping set ups, on one device. 

Mega Comp Drip Tip - which comes machined into the threaded top cap, and gives a lung breaking 15mm boar, for blowing clouds

The Black Wide boar delrin drip tip - (12mm) this Drip tip, securely fits directly into the threaded top top, 

510 Drip Tip (10mm) - This wide standard 510 drip tip fits snugly into the delrin adaptor, which then fits int the threaded top cap.

The choice drip tips gives a great range of performance and style.


You can defiantly tell that this device has been well thought out and designed by a vapor, with a flair for design. I love the overall look of the the El Cabron, and the fact that you can change the look and performance of the device by changing out the top cap or drip tip.

The El Cabron is one of the finest machined RDA's that I have had the pleasure to review, all the components are machined to very exact tolerances, all of the components fit together so well, the air-flow control allows you to set the amount of air-flow exactly as you want it, and then lock it in, by tightening down the top cap. It's defiantly a plus that the RDA has been designed to run in either dual or single coil mode, to allow you to choose between clouds or flavour.

The Engraving has been produced to a very high standard.

The El Cabron is a true Vapors delight, and is an absolute pleasure to build on, due to its wide 3mm post holes. And a pleasure to Vape on, the 7mm deep drip well, means you can spend more time Vaping and less time dripping, as you can really fill up the cotton filled drip wells with juice.

I have been really impressed with both the flavour and vapor product on this RDA, and have been running it in both single and dual coil mode.  In single coil mode with the cotton fed all the way through opposite side and stuffed down into the well, it holds a tonne of juice.

Due to the design and layout of the air holes, and the height of the juice walls, I have very little to no leakage, even when carried around in my pocket.

The Air-flow range on the dripper is outstanding, you can run it small single whole, small drip tip. All the way up to air-flow wide open with the mega comp drip tip. Outstanding.

It has performed faultlessly on every device I have attached it to.

I really can't recommend this RDA enough, for vapors looking to move into dripping or experienced vapors looking for a cloud chasing Competition RDA, the El Cabron has it covered. And comes with everything you will need to upgrade it, as your experience grows. And for the price point I don't think you can go far wrong, for an authentic RDA.

So if you are looking for your first dripper, or looking for a comp style dripper, the El Cabron, I feel, is the one to go for. And I know it may sound a bit strange recommending one RDA for both types of people. But the El Cabron has been the perfect All-Day-Vaping device, and in the note, can quite happily step up to blowing room filling clouds at the higher wattages.

Features & Spec: 10 / 10
Aesthetics : 10 / 10
Build Quality : 10 / 10
Ease of Build: 10 / 10
Performance : 10 / 10

Overall : 10/10

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