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This iPV Mini was sent to me by the kind team at, for the prupose of this review, from there massive range of ecig & Vaping gear, this list of what they sell seems endless.

The iPv Mini 30w is available to purchase online at at the discounted price of $43.99.

The iPv Mini 30w arrived from in a brown cardboard gift box, with an artistic pen and ink drawing of the iPv Mini on the front of the box, along with the Pioneer 4 You logo in the top left of the box. 

On the left of the box is a tick indicator, to show what extras your kit includes and what colour your iPV Mini is, the one i was sent out had marks as including a 'Phone Charging Connector" in the colour of 'black.'

The back of the box has a link to the pioneer4you website and the contents of the kit.

As you carefully slip the the top of the box off, you reveal the the well packaged iPV Mini, tightly set in its black foam surround.

Wedging your finger down the side of the device you can pull it out, and this is when you get you first feel, of how solidly make it is. once removed out of the box, you can lift out the top foam section to reveal the rest of the kit.

The basic kit includes.

1 x iPV Mini Device
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x USB charging Cable.

The kit does not include a battery, so you will need to purchase one separately,

Features and Specs
Name :  iPv Mini
Manufacturer: Pioneer4You
Main Material : Metal (unspecified)
Atomiser Connection: Adjustable 510 pin
Output Wattage:  5 - 30w, 
Output voltage : 3-8v
Ohms Range: 0.5 - 3.0 ohms
Battery Size:  18650 
Battery Contacts : Not Stated
Chip Set: SX130 Chip
Screen  : 0.96" OLED
Firing Mechanism : Single Button - Electronic
Locking Mechanism: None
Built in Safety :Sort Circuit Protection, Reverse Battery Protection. 

The iPV Mini comes fully assembled straight out of the box, and once you have added a suitable 18650 battery is ready to use.

When you order your iPV mini you have a choice of either silver, or black.

The iPV Body.
The body section of the device is solidly constructed, and has a really nice weight and feel in the hand. it just feels really well constructed and well put together, defiantly feels like it was built to last.

The main body section of the device seems to be made out of two halves, which have then been press fitted, together and held in place with two grub screw, on one side.

There is also a slight seem that runs down the spine of the device, where the two halves meet, but this is barley noticeable, and very well fininshed, and cant be felt when in the hand.

 The leading edge of the body section, then has a nice strudy edge on it, which raps around the screen, this edge sits proud of the screen, and helps protect against the buttons from being pressed accidentally.

510 Connection
The top of the iPV has a fully adjustable 510 connection, which sits really nicely in the raised top section of the body. which has four air channels which run across the top section, should your atomizer require airflow as the base.

The 510 connection can be adjusted by just loosing or tightening down the brass screw, since i have had the device, i have had to adjust it once yet, and found the connection and threading to be very well machined, and buttery smooth. I really like the layout of the top section / 510 Connection, the way that it is set into the curve of the device, giving you the perfect deck to place you 22ml atomizer. which fit perfectly, with no overhang.

Control Panel.
The iPV has a mirror effect strip that runs down the from of the device which house, the fire & control buttons, and the 0.96" OLED screen.

The fire button, which is square in design sits at the top of the control panel, and has a really nice tactile feel to it, with only a light touch required to fire it. 

The fire button allows you to press, over the whole surface of the button to fire it, and has very soft click when pressed.

Pressing the fire button five times turn the device on, and you get the Pioneer4you logo come up on the screen.

Once turned on your screen will only stay lit for a couple of seconds after the fire button is pressed, and will display the following information

1. Output Wattage.
2. Output Voltage.
3. Battery Level.
4. Atomizer Resistance.

Unlike other devices I have used, the iPV Mini has a 5 slot memory function, to allow you to store your preselected most commonly used wattage setting.

These are are adjusted using the two menu buttons located towards the bottom of the control panel.

Simple using the top button (+) you can scroll through you memory slots, when you reach the slot you want to set, you simply press the bottom button (-), which then allows you to scroll up (+) and down (-) until you reach your choose wattage, then pressing the fire button, locks in the wattage. and you can the move onto the next.

Once they are set you can the simply press the (+) to scroll through them, on a round robin basis, avoid pressing the (-) to go back one, as it will then enter the adjuct mode again. I found i set mine at 10,15,20,25,30w.

Battery Compartment
At the base of the iPV is a round chrome finished cap that covers the end of the battery tube, which has a cross-hatch knurling  around the outer edge to allow you to get a good grip when screwing it in place. it also adds to the overal grip of the device.

Located in the battery cap are 6 good sized vent holes, just incase you have any issues with the battery venting.

Once unscrewed, you can simply slide the 18650 battery into the device body. 

I did find the threading on the battery cap to be quite tricky to line up, and found myself backing it off and re-threading it a couple of times, before it screwed in properly, but once in place you dont really need to unscrew it very often due to the USB charging.

USB Charging,
Located next to the battery cap at the base is located the micro USB socket, to allow you to charge you battery whilst it is installed in the device, using the USB cable that was supplied in the kit. It would have been nice to have the USB socket located on the side of the device rather than the bottom, to allow you to charge it, with out having to remove your dripper etc, and charge it standing up.


The feel that the iPV mini is really well made, and has a really solid feel to it when it is in the hand, it feels that is will cope really well with being used as an every day device. 

I find the top section of the device is very well laid out and just fits perfectly with all my devices that i have fitted on it.

Size wise, as it is stated to be a Mini mod, i think that have got it just about spot on. with out being to small, when you can start getting issues with atomizers sitting wider than the body of the device. its small enough to slip into you pocket, but large enough to feel good, and fit well in your hand.

On design and build quality, I think the only thing that lets the iPV down slightly, and it is being picking, is the poor quality and feel to the battery Cap, it just feels a bit cheap when you remove it, and screw it back in.

The fact that they have put the USB charging point on the bottom, rather than the side.

And lastly the fact that the screen display goes off so quick, blink and you miss it.


Since the iPV arrives a couple of weeks ago, I have been using it constantly as my everyday device, I just get on so well with it. Power wise and the fact that it only vapes upto 30watts, to me is'nt really an issue. Even with my drippers I only find that i tend to vape between 20w to 30w, on a single 18650, and that produces a nice warm vape that lasts all day. I havent had a time that the battery has run out on me yet, I charge when in the evening, for about 3 hours and then it lasts all of the next day.

Plus I like the fact that you do have the option to change out the battery, when it drops below a usable voltage. So get for longer trips out.

I find the the iPV hits really well, and very very impressed with its performance, just couldnt really fault the vape.


If you are in the market for a new Variable Wattage device, I don't think you can go far wrong with the iPV Mini, and at around $43 your going to get a really well made, solid device, that will serve you well. with some great features.  As long as you not looking for higher wattage vaping, I definitely recommend to iPv mini 30w.

Build: 9 /10
Features : 9/10
Finish: 9/10
Threading: 7 /10
Switch: 9/10
Aesthetics: 10/10
Performance : 10/10
Overall: 9 /10

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