Review of the JAC Vapour Series E Pro Tank Kit from the Electric Tobacconist

I was contacted by the team at the Electric Tobacconist and asked if I would review the Jac Vapour Series E Protank, The Electric Tobacconist website has a really nice look and feel to it, with a wide selection on products and juices from starter kits to more advanced Vape Gear.

The Jac Series E came really well packaged in its very own presentation box, with a cardboard JAC Vapour sleeve, which when removed can be opened to reveal the detailed instructions on the reverse.

The presentation box that the device comes in also comes in handy acting as a handy every day carry case.

The kit includes:
1 x Series-E 1000mah Battery
1 x Pro Tank III Clearomizer
1 x USB Charger
1 x Custom SERIES-E Hard Case
2 x Replacement Coils
1 x Beauty Ring
2 x Spare Small O-Rings.

The kit also includes a 10ml FREE Bottle of JAC Juice.

Feature & Specs
Name :  Series E Pro Tank
Manufacturer: Jac Vapour
Main Material : Metal (unspecified)
Atomiser Connection: Adjustable 510 Ego Cone Threading 
Output voltage : 3.7v - 4.8v
Battery :  1000mAh Variable Voltage
Locking Mechanism: None

The kit comes assembled, with a good amount of charge in the battery. The only thing you will need to do before you use it, is install one of the coils, and fill it with juice.

The kit includes a 1000mAh stainless steel 'chunky' style mod battery. which measures 19ml wide x 67 tall.

The top of the battery has a 510 connection, with an adjustable brass connection pin. The 510 connection is surrounded by solidly made stainless steel beauty ring.

This beauty ring has four air flow channels machined into the top section, to allow air-flow through to the atomizer.

This beauty ring can be easily unscrewed, with silky smooth threading the expose the ego-cone threading.

The ego-cone threading and top section of the battery seems to have a different finish to it, more of a gun metal, rather than the brushed stainless, as the rest of the battery is.

The battery only has one button located towards the top of the body of the battery.

They have incorporated the JAC logo into the button design, with the C from the JAC being located on the fire button its self.

The button is surrounded by a smoked plastic LED, which lights up when the fire button is pressed. The colour that it displays is dependent on the voltage setting that you have your device set to.

Red = 3.7v
Green = 4.2v

White = 4.8v

The button is completely flush mounted, to reduce the chance of the button being pressed accidentally, should it be in your pocket unlocked. but does make the button harder to find with your finger or thumb. 

This voltage can be simple adjusted by pressing the fire button 3 times, to scroll through the 3 settings.

The device can also be turned on & off by pressing the fire button 5 times.

The bottom of the battery has 6 small venting holes for safety, in case there was an issue with the battery needing to vent.

To charge the device, you have to remove the beauty ring from the top of the device, and screw it into the supplied USB charger. the charger LED then turns red to indicate that the charging has started. when fully charged the LED indicator will turn solid green.

Pro Tank III Clearomizer
The kit includes a Kanger Pro Tank Clearomizer, which is a nice addition to the kit, and well suited to the device. 

The kit that I was supplied with had a gun metal finish Pro Tank included, the Pro Tank can be broken down into its component parts for cleaning and replacing parts.

The base section on the atomizer has a gnarled edging to it, to assist with screwing and unscrewing the from the tank.

This is the section of the atomizer which the coil head screw into, and is the section that is removed when filling the tank with juice.

The Glass tank is secured in place, by the top and bottom sections, which are held together tightly through the threaded chimney section, which machined into the top section.

The tank section can be broken down into the three main sections for cleaning, and should you require to replace any other the parts, such as the tank should it crack.

The top cap has a tapered top that, that perfectly matches up with the supplied 510 drip tip, also finished in the gun metal.

Atheistics and Build Quality.
The JAC Vapour Series E is a solidly build little pocket friendly device. which has been well machined and well finished.

The Battery top cap threading is ultra smooth and well machined

I did find it a bit strange that the Atomizer finish (Gun Metal) didn't quite match the finish of the battery (brushed Stainless Steel).

The hard case that the kit came with, was well thought out and well designed with daily vaping in mind, and perfectly holds the device, a bottle of juice.

Performance & Real World Experiences
I found this device performed really well, and a great size for being out and about, the 1000mAh gave me a days worth of moderate vaping, but need putting on charge when I got home from work.

I did find the draw a little tight for my vaping preferences, and it would be nice to be able to open up the air flow a little more, or at least have the option to adjust the airflow.

Apart from the airflow I found the Pro Tank performed really well and produced plenty of warm, satisfying vapor.

For someone looking to move up from the ego style starter kits I think that the JAC Vapour Series E Protank, is a great step up, with lots of flexibility, allowing you to still use your existing ego-cone threading atomizers, whilst moving upwards with the Pro-Tank III.

Price : £44.99