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The SIGELEI 100w plus was sent to me by the team at, from their massive range of quality Vape gear, for the purpose of this review.

It is described on the website as follows: 
Super power mod, the wattage can be adjusted from 10 - 100W, Larger screen size, more comfortable to read the on-screen data
Popular design with venting holes for air flow  
It can show the atomizer’s resistance, voltage / wattage and battery power at the same time.

The device comes in a relatively small box, not much bigger than the device its self, the the name Sigelei 100w embossed onto the black background,  with the slogan "Vape it Love it" written underneath, on the bottom of the front of the box you have the word Plus in red, just above the Sigelei website address.

The kit includes:
1 x SIGELEI 100w plus Mod.
1 x Protective rubber case.
1 x User manual.

The kit does not include any batteries, so you will need to pick two suitable 18650 batteries.

Features and Specs
Model Name : 100w Plus
Manufacturer: Sigelei
Main Material : Aluminum Alloy
Type : VW Box Mod
Atomiser Connection: Spring loaded pin 510
Output Wattage:  10 - 100w 
Ohms Range: 0.15 ohm-3.00 ohm
Battery Size:  2 x 18650 
Battery Contacts : Brass
Screen  :  OLED

Built in Safety : Reverse battery protection,Low resistance protection,short circuit protection,Vented battery casing.

The Sigelei 100w Plus, comes fully assembled in its protective gell casing straight out of the box, so the only thing you will need to add is the correct 18650 batteries, and Atomiser and you ready to vape.

The Sigelei 100w Plus comes in a choice of two colours, either black or gold.

The body of the Sigelei 100w Plus, is solidly constructed out of one piece of aluminum, which has then been powder coated. 

Sigelei 100w Plus Body

The detailing on the on the device seems to have been added after painting stage, with the edges of the device have then been machined off, to reveal the shiny aluminum base metal, with matching wave lines running up the front of the device.

Aluminum Detailing
510 Connection
The Sigelei 100w Plus features a 510 connection, which has been upgraded from the original Sigelei 100w with a spring loaded brass center pin, to reduce the need to adjust the center pin to work with your chosen atty.

Sprung Loaded center pin.

The 510 stainless steel surround does seem to be slightly recessed, which may be a slight issue if you tighten the atty down too tight, scratching the top of the casing. The threading on the the 510 connection is ultra smooth, and I have had no issues with any of the tanks or drips attaching.

Control Panel.
The control side of the device feature only 3 buttons, a Fire button, and a plus and minus button.

The fire button sits out proud from the device, mounted in a chrome surround, with a large brushed stainless center button.

Fire Button
The center part of the button does seem to rotate, with a bit of a grating noise, but that is only being picky. The button has a really solid press to it, with a satisfying tactical click, and operates when pressed in all areas. 

Pressing the Fire button 5 times turns on the device, displaying the Sigelei logo on the screen, and 5 times again, turns the device off, displaying 'System Off'.

Located just below the fire button are the + and - buttons, which are finished in a matching brushed stainless steel.

Control Buttons

These also have a really solid feel to them, with a nice positive click when pressed.  These are used to raise and lower the wattage of the device, and are also used to lock in your chosen setting, by pressing and holding both at the same time.

The Sigelei 100w Plus features a OLED screen, which neatly displays all the relevant information for the device on one very simple screen, without the need to having to go into menus and sub menus to find out all of the relevant information.

It displays your selected wattage (top left), remaining battery life (bottom left), Voltage required when firing to reach your chosen wattage on the coil (top right) and lastly the resistance of your coil (bottom Right).

The screen remains off until one of the buttons is pressed, where is then displayed for 10 seconds, once the button has been pressed. Whilst you press the button the display turns up a level on brightness, until you release it, when it then goes back to dim, for 10s.

Indoors I found the screen easy to read, but a bit tricky outdoors, or in bright light. 

Battery Compartment.
Turn the device over, you have the back plate of the device which has a small cut out section on the bottom of the device, which is located next to the three rows of battery venting holes.

Placing your thumb nail into the slot and applying a small amount of outward pressure, easily pulls the aluminium back plate, from the back of the device.

Back Plate
The back plate has four small magnets which hold it in place, with just the right amount of staying power to securely hold the back plate in place, but without making it to hard to remove. Very well designed, the magnets also seem very firmly set, so the won't become loose and pull away, as they did with the Cloupor box mod that I reviewed.

Once removed it reveals the battery compartment.

At either end of the compartment you have the recessed battery ports, the compartment is neatly trimmed in plastic, with vent holes running down the side. 

The batteries have brass contacts, which are sprung loaded at the top.

The batteries are firmly held in place, with zero battery rattle.

The Sigelei 100w Plus is a very solidly produced device and has a real premium feel to it, The finish of the device is second to none, and the detailing on the edges and the wave effect down the front, really adds to the over all look of the device.

Sigelei 100w Plus in Gel Case
It feels solid in the hand, and the positive button action, only adds to the feeling of this premium brand.

Some people may be put off by the size of the mod, but I must admit i quite like the full size box mods, they just seem to fit well in the hand. although not that pocket friendly.

I love the fact that they have included the gel case in the kit, which fits like a glove, and adds an extra layer of protection to your device and a great level of grip.

I have found the the Sigelei 100w Plus performs faultlessly, and when combined with the right atomiser, really delivers outstanding performance and is a real vaping pleasure.

The device is ultra simple to use, with no complicated menus to navigate through, you just choose your wattage, and vape away. On the subject of choosing your wattage, I did find the power scrolling took a little time to get used to, it seemed a bit all or nothing, you can either click through in point one increments, or if you continue to hold it seems to race up through the wattage, and i did find myself scrolling backwards and forwards to get the exact wattage that I wanted.

The only thing that I think is missing from this device is a USB charging socket, rather than having to remove the gel case, and pop the batteries out, it would be great if they had add a simple USB charging socket, as you find on many devices today, for ease of charging whilst traveling etc.

I would definitely recommend the Sigelei 100w Plus box mod, this is case of you pay for what you get, and with this one, you are paying for the outstanding build quality, and premium high end feel to this device, and it really would be a great addition to any vapors, new or old, collection.

If i hadn't been sent this device, would it have been on my shopping list? Yes definitely - a must have mod. 


Build: 10 /10

Features : 7 /10
Finish: 10/10
Threading: 10 /10
Switch: 9/10
Aesthetics: 10/10
Performance : 10/10
Overall: 9 /10

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available online from $78.09 (special offer price)