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I was contacted by the team at Vivid Vapours and asked if I would review one of their starter kits.

I think its worth reviewing a selct number of starter kits, not due to the fact that I use them, but for the fact nearly all of us started on a starter kit of some type, and new vapors are the best kind, and I think it is important to try and get as many smokers into vaping as possible.

It is described on the Vivid Vapours website as follows:

"Simply put, this is the best selling e-liquid starter kit in the UK so we must be doing something right! (Nielsen 2015) It is the culmination of science, technology and engineering: so light that you’ll take it everywhere yet its battery is precision designed by a UK team for long life capability between charges. Our easy-to-use e-liquid bottles are designed to allow easy refilling of the clearomiser so there’s no mess to worry about either. " :-

And is available to purchase online for £19.99

The starter kit came nicely package in a solid cardboard gift box, with the Vivid Vapours logo on the top of the box, and clearly labeled E-Liquid Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, and states the fact that the kit includes 10ml of Classic Tobacco E-Liquid.

On the rear of the box, it contains details of the the ecig, and the contents of the kit, with a long safety warnings and disclaimers. along with the 18 symbol and the toxic warning label.

The lid of the box is neatly held shut with a small magnet, on the right hand side. as you open the lid, you can see the neatly packaged contents of the kit.

The starter kits contains:
1 x 650mAh battery
1 x Clearomiser
1 x USB charging cable

1 x 10ml bottle of Classic Tobacco High Strength E-liquid

A very complete kit and every thing you would need to start vaping from scratch.

Features and Specs
The electronic cigarette is made up of two main components. The battery and the clearomiser.

The battery is a compact 650mAh battery, that to a light user should last them all day, possibly which would depend how much you use it.

It has a standard 510 ego cone threading at the top, which means you will be able to attach other ego threaded atomisers as and when you want to upgrade it. 

It has a single control button which is used to turn the device on and off, by pressing it five times, the indicator light will flash when turning and and off.

The button will light up green, when it is firing, also when the device fires the led around the base of the device will also light up green.

The battery also has the following features:

Low Voltage Indicator - when the voltage is lower than 3.3v the LED will flash 3 times to remind you to charge it.
Over use cut off - If you vape the ecig for 10 seconds continually the LED will flash 3 times and the battery will cut off for a short period.
Power Cut protection - The battery will stop working during charging to avoid losing charge in the event of a power cut.

The kit includes a standard disposable clearomizer, that comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Once the wicks are burnt and over used the clearomiser will then need replacing.

To fill the clearomiser, you simple unscrew the black mouth piece, taking care not to loss the small o-rings.

Once removed you simple tip the juice between the rubber center post and the outer wall of the tank section.

You can fill the tank to just below the top of the rubber center post cap.

Once you screw the mouth peice back in your ready to vape.

Aesthetics and Build Quality
I would defiantly class this kit as a standard ecig starter kit, and for what you get in the kit is good value for money. I feel that it is the type of kit that you would see for sale in your local petrol station.

Is it the best, most well made kit that I have come across - no I don't think so, but does it have to be, no I don't think so, it is, and does what it says on the box, its a starter kit, and is perfect for someone looking to try out an electronic ecigarette, to see if they get on with and like it.

And for the money it has everything you are going to need, including the ejuice, plus it has some neat features such as the glowing end when in use, which I though was quite cool.

Performance and Real World Experience
As you are more than likely aware I dont use the ego style batteries and clearomiser, every day. purely for the fact that I am at different point of my vaping journey. But I defiantly did start vaping and stopped smoking, using a starter kit virtually the same as this, and continued to use it for a good few months.

But whilst I have been writing this review, I have been sitting here vaping away on it quite happily, and it produces a good amount of vapor, off such a simple device. and defiantly brings back memories of when I started vaping, nearly two years ago. and the pleasure a simple clearomiser and ego style battery can bring.

 Conclusion and Recommendation.
Would I recommend this kit? Yes I think I would, for what you get in the kit, and for the price point I think it is good value. any starter kit that gets you off smoking is a great starter kit.

And as I finish this review I am handing it over to my work college, to hopefully allow him to start his vaping journey. Vaping does'nt suit every one, but it is definalty worth giving it ago, you got nothing to loose and everything to gain.

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