Review of the Coil Master DIY Kit

I was kindly sent the Coil Master DIY Kit by the team at Coil Master free of charge, for the purpose of this review.

Coil Master specialise in custom made vaping accessories, to assist you in you vaping journey, including Coiling kits, Ohm Meters and Organic Cotton. These items have combined together by the team at CM to make the ultimate Vapors DIY kit, putting all your Rebuildable requirements in one place.

The CM DIY Kit is described on the Coil Master website as follows:

"Introducing the Coil Master DIY Kit. Everything you need for all your rebuilding needs. 
With the Coil Master DIY Kit you will be making perfect coils in no time." -

Available to purchase online for $49.99 (£32 approx)

During this review we will be looking at the contents of the CM DIY Kit in detail, looking at each item and exploring their uses in building coils.

Storage Case
The complete kit comes very well packaged in it own soft touch storage case, that not only protects the kit, but keeps it all nicely laid out and ready to use.

The gray case has a nice soft touch outer casing, with Coil Master embossed across the front, with a sturdy double red zip that runs around three sides of the case.

When you unzip the case, you reveal the well packaged contents, all held firmly in place, in the dense foam. Each item of the kit has had it shape carefully cut into the foam, which perfectly hold each piece in place, plus it allows you to make any slight personal modifications, by simply cutting any extra pieces to shape.

Flush cutter pliers

These spring loaded cutter pliers, have soft grip coated handles. Are are perfect for cutting your coil wire to length, and small enough to be able to get into those tight spaces to trim off the coil tails as required.

Niddle-nose pliers

These Niddle nosed pliers, are sprung load, and have soft grip coated handles. I have been using the to help me set the coils, and pull through and hold the tails in place, the small nose points were small enough to get in and around the RDA deck.

Ceramic Tweezer

An essential part of any coil builders kit, the Coil Master branded ceramic tweezers, have insulated ceramic tips, to allow you to squeeze your coils whilst you are heating them, to get them nice and tight, avoiding those hot spots.

The ceramic tweezers have Niddle tip ends, with carved slots into the face of the tip, to allow extra grip on what your squeezing. And small enough to work on the tightest builds.

Elbow Tweezer

These are defiantly my favourite part of the kit, I love these little tweezers, they just feel great in the hand, are just perfect for using when perfecting your coils, and weaking your wicks, there are just so many thing that I use them for, poking cotton, adjusting coils, pulling cotton, flush cotton, the list goes on. The nips of the tweezers tapper off into a sharp point, and perfect for magnified detail work.

Pen Style Screwdriver kit

Today's RDA's and RTA's seem to be full of different sized and styled screws, the Coil Master Screwdriver pen seems to have it covered, simple unscrew the top cap of the pen, and you have access to eight different sized and styled screw driver tips, that you simple drop into the magnetised tip, and you ready to go. And it handy being able to store the tips inside the pen so you don't lose them.

Stainless steel scissors

These blunt nosed scissors are essential to have on hand when build your coils, and setting your wicks, to cut the cotton to shape, and to trim it to length, and just the right size to get into those hard to reach places.

Plastic Parts Box

The Coil Master Branded plastic parts box, has a snap close sealable lid, which is perfect for storing all your RDA spares, coils and cotton balls. As your collection of RDA's grow, so does the amount of spares, o-rings, Screws, bolts. And this little storage box is the perfect place to keep them all.

Ohm's Meter

This is an essential part of any coil builds tool kit, to ensure that your coils, that you are building are the correct resistance, and to check once set, the Atomizer has no shorts. Especially when building coils for un-protected devices such as mechanical Mods. This ohm's meter will check Resistance's between 0.01ohms to 19.99ohms

This Meter can also be used to check the remaining charge in any battery device with a 510 connection with a voltage between 0.01-11.99volts.

In addition to reading resistance and voltage, it acts a a perfect building deck.

The Ohm's Meter would retail on its own for $19.99 from Coil Master.

Coil Master Coiling Kit

The DIY Kit includes a full set of the Coil Master Coilers, which on the own retail for $25.99, and allow you to effortlessly make perfect coils every time, the kit includes

1 x Base Pole
5 x Coiling Poles ( 1.0,1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm)
5 x Coiling Caps
1 x screw driver.
1 x Coil Master Storage bag.

This clever design allows you to use, one base pole, and interchange each coiling pole and top cap as desired.

By simply choosing your desired coil width, and setting the coiling peg to the wire gauge you are using, then feeding the desired length through the angled hole in the side of the base pole, you then slide the top cap on and twist for the amount of coils you want to achieve. Simple as that.

I will be doing a full detailed review of the Coil Master Coilers at an other time, and will add a link here.

Conclusion & Recommendations
Every vapor that starts rebuilding,  ends up putting together then own little rebuilding tool kit, normally by borrowing items from around the home, nail clippers and tweezers from the pot in the bathroom, small scissors out of the sowing tin, and a selection of drill bits for coiling. I know I did, and it was great to find a kit that includes all the items your going to need to start building perfect coils, and you have them all in one place. 

Having used this kit non-stop for all my rebuilds, over the last 2 month, I would not hesitate in recommending it. And when you break the kit down into its component parts, you start to realise what great value it is, you can tell that the team at Coil Master have gone to a lot of effort to hand selected each quality item to add to the kit, each item has been manufactured to a high standard, and made to last. 

How would I change the kit? - is a question I have been asking my self since I have been using it. I don't necessarily think I would change it, rather add to it.

 I would like to see the addition on set of micro hex keys (Allan Keys), as many of today's Rebuildable's seem to have Hex/Allan screws in them.  Plus I would like to have a powered 4 USB hub built into the side of the case, with the pull out flex tucked away in the case, to allow you to charge multiple devices.

So if your ready to start rebuilding, and move onto the next part of your vaping journey, then the Coil Master DIY Kit is definitely a great place to start.

When you are ordering you DIY kit you may also want to add some Coil Master Organic Cotton  which includes 5 sheets of chemical free 100% Organic Cotton for $4.99.