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I was sent the Innokin SVD 2.0 free of charge by the kind team at for the purpose of this review.

eCig Delivered have a huge range of over 40 premium eLiquids for you to choose from as well as a great range of eCig starter kits to help you on your way to quitting smoking. They also have an online savings calculator to allow you to see how much money you could save by switching to eCigarettes.

The Innokin SVD 2.0 is described on the ecigdelivered website as follows:  

"It's time to take your vaping experience to the lext level as eCig Delivered introduces Innokin's SVD 2.0. The Innokin SVD 2.0 uses the new Evolv DNA Experience™ Microchip for a 20W output. This is one of the most reliable and powerful battery mods on the market." :-

And is available to buy online for £69.99

The SVD arrived in a well presented cardboard box, with the Innokin and Evolve logo on, along with the device name and brief technical information.
On opening the box, you find the SVD 2.0 included storage and travel case. Which has the SVD 2.0 kit safely stored inside.

The kit includes
1 x Innokin SVD 2.0
1 x 18350 Tube 
1 x Ego Cone Thread Adaptor
1 x wrist Strap
1 x Built in Battery Charge indicator
1 x Manual & Safety Sheet
1 x travel case.

The kit does not include any batteries, so you will need to ensure you have a suitable 18650 or 18350 hi-drain battery, and a suitable charger.

Features & Spec
Model Name : SVD 2.0
Manufacturer: Innokin
Main Material : Stainless Steel
Type : VW / VV Tube Style
Atomiser Connection: pin 510
Output voltage : 2 - 6.3 volts
Output Wattage:  5w to 20w
Ohms Range: 0.5 ohm-3.00 ohm
Battery Size:  18359 or 18650
Battery Contacts : 
Screen  :  OLED
Chip set : Evolv DNA

Built in safety 
The SVD 2.0 has the following built in safety features
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection (0.5 Ohm), Battery Checker,  Overheat Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection.

The SVD 2.0 comes fully assembled inside the travel case, but as with all of my reviews, I like to start by breaking down the device, and taking a look at the build quality and features. Before putting it back together and seeing how it vapes.
It comes assembled in the longer 18650 mode when you get it out of the case. But breaks down easily into its component parts with ease.

Base Cap
From what I can see the Base cap is machined out of one piece of Stainless Steel, with a great level of detail on the bottom section, incorporating 8 vent holes underneath. Rather than a flat bottom, it has a lip running around it, which has two slots cut into them, which allow you to attach the wrist strap, if required.

On the inside of the base cap, is a brass sprung loaded battery contact, that has a flat head slot cut into it, to allow you to dismantle if required. 

Battery Tube.
The SVD 2.0 comes with two battery tubesin the kit, the standard 18650 tube, which comes pre-installed. And a smaller 18350 tube.

Both are machined out stainless steel, and seem to tapered towards the end, giving the device a slightly curved feel in the hand.  Toward the top of each tube, the have machined teardrop  type shapes into the body of the tube, which adds an amount of grip, for when using the device and removing the tubes.

Inside each tube, they seem to have machined a number rings running up the tube, to allow the exterior of the tube to taper, whilst prevent any battle rattle.

The 18650 tube does increase the overall length of the device, when installed, whilst the 18350 tube makes the device a bit more pocket friendly, and less top heavy.

Body and Control Head.
The brains of the device are housed in the main body of the SVD.  Which is machined out stainless steel. It houses the OLED screen, the fire button, and control switches.

The bottom of the body has a threaded section, which allows you to connect your chosen battery tube.  Recessed inside the threaded section is a fixed brass battery contact.

Unlike other devices I have reviewed the SVD 2.0 has the recessed curved OLED screen fitted on the opposite side to the controls.

OLED Screen

The OLED screen clearly displays all the information you require to view whilst vaping.

It displays the following information after activating the screen by pressing any of the function buttons.
- remaining Battery charge 
- resistance of connected atomiser
- required voltage to achieve set wattage.
- set power output in wattage.

The display will enter into sleep mode after 30 seconds and the display will go blank.

It will also display the following messages:
- Check Atomizer : Will display when the Atomizer is not connected properly.
- Shorted : will display if there is a short circuit.
- Check Battery : when the battery voltage drops below 3.1 volts and requires charging.
- Weak Battery : if the quality of the battery of poor.
- Too Hot : displays when the PCB gets too hot, to prevent it overheating.
- Power Locked Hold Up Down : Appears when the wattage setting has been locked.

You can also check the serial number of your SVD to ensure it is authentic by setting the wattage to 5watts, and then press the (-) button ten times.

Control buttons
On the opposite side to screen, are located the control buttons. Which are well engineered and slightly curved, to follow the curve of the device.

You have a fire button, which is used to turn on and off the device, (pressing 5 times) as well as firing the Atomizer. The fire button is laser etched with the Innokin 'I' logo.

The SVD 2.0 does feature a 25 second cut off, meaning that if you press the fire button for more than 25 seconds, for safety reasons it will reset and cut off.

Set below the fire buttons are (+) and (-) buttons, which again are laser etched with the relevant symbol, and allow you to adjust the wattage, and lock in your chosen setting by pressing and holding both buttons.

The top of the SVD body feature a threaded top, with a recessed   Sprung loaded brass connector pin, set inside a peak insulator, which allows you to interchange the the threaded top cap.

Threaded Top Caps.
The SVD 2.0 comes with a choice of two stainless steel top caps. 

Flush Top Cap.
To allow you to use standard 510 tanks and RDA's you can fit the Flush mount top cap, which has well machined threading running around the bottom, with a recessed sprung loaded brass pin. Set in place with a peak insulator, 

The top cap has groves machined around the edge, to assist with removal. And six air flow slots machined into the top. 

Ego Cone Threaded Top Cap.
To allow you to fit any of your ego cone thread tanks and Carlos, the SVD 2.0 kit includes a includes a separate top cap, rather than the standard ego adaptor, which is a great addition to the kit, as the cone thread adaptor, that you get in some kits always seems to be a bit of an after thought, were as Innokin have produced a separate top cap, offering the same styling, build quality and conductivity.

The Innokin SVD 2.0 is a very solidly build mod, and has a very premium feel to it, the machining across the whole mod is done to a very high standard, I really like the amount of detailing that has gone into each part of the mod, especially the top and bottom cap. 

The buttons has a nice solid click to them, although there is a slight amount of button from them.

I did find the SVD 2.0, although very well machined and solidly build, was very heavy for a tube mod, which I think is always the compromise between solid build quality and weight.  I found the top caps surprisingly weighty, which in turn did effect the stability of the mod, whilst standing up. 


I was looking forward to reviewing the SVD 2.0, so I could compare it with the first mod that I ever purchased and reviewed the old faithful original Innokin SVD, and I must say compared with the original, it's like chalk and cheese, they really have stepped up a gear with the SVD 2.0, and comparing the two the original SVD seems now quite retro, compared with the clean lines of the SVD 2.0.

Have been using box mods and mini box mods for the last few month, I found it quite nice getting back into a tube mod, and the SVD 2.0 despite its weight feels great in the hand.

With both Tanks and RDA's I found the SVD 2.0 performed really well, if not a little under powered at 20watts for my preferred Vape. 
Whilst vaping I did seem to get a bit of screen flicker, whist the power was getting drawn, the screen seemed to have a very slight flicker to it, not sure if that was my battery.

Whilst talking about batteries, the single 18650 gave a good level of life even vaping at 20watts, although I did find it a bit strange that for a tube mod, with a sprung loaded bottom cap, it only seems to comfortably takes flat top batteries, and when I installed an 18650 button top, and screwed on the cap, it left a slight gap on the threading.

Compared with using the a box mod, I did find that in 18650 mode it was a little unstable. When standing it up, but I think that was just down to the weight of the device.

Through the testing of the SVD 2.0 I could really fault it's performance, the Evolve chip performed faultlessly, and never missed a beat.

The Innokin SVD 2.0 is an iconic mod, and is perfect for some wanting to stick with the tubular design, and move up to the next level of the vaping journey. The kit is nicely put together very complete.

The only thing that concerns me is, that I do ask myself some times were these types of devices sit in the vaping range, as consumers look for more power, more features, updatable software, in a pocket friendly size.

But then as I pick up the SVD 2.0 and sit back and enjoy a good long Vape, I seem to enjoy it for what it is, a quality, very well made mod, that is a pleasure to own, and a great addition to any vapours collection, both new and old. 


Build: 10 /10
Features : 7 /10
Finish: 10/10
Threading: 7/10
Switch: 9/10
Aesthetics: 10/10
Performance : 9/10
Overall: 8/10

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