Review of JAC Vapour High Drain IMR Batteries

I was contacted by the team at JAC Vapour and asked if I would review a selection of their newly launched High Drain IMR batteries. This is the first time I have reviewed such an item as battery, so you will have to bare with me, and forgive the style.

JAC Vapour have recently decided to split their website into two distinct sections, to assist and guide their visitors, 

New Users
On this page you’ll find 3 of JAC’s best-selling electronic cigarettes, in simple, ready to use kits. WIth one click you'll be ready to start vaping.

Advanced Users
E-Cigarette devices, batteries and coil building supplies for advanced vapers and users wishing to experiment with the limits of e-cigarette technology.

I think this is definitely the responsible thing to do, to guide the visitor to the correct item that will suit there level of experience and needs, I think that, especially online, visitors can end up scrolling through pages of products, without any clear guidance as to what will suit them best. So in this aspect JAC vapour seem to be leading the way on improving the vapors online shopping experience.

Within the Advanced User section, they have split it into four main sections.

This review will purely focuses on the range of Premium IMR high drain batteries.

This extensive range of batteries includes

18350 Button Top
High Drain IMR18350 750mAh 8A Lithium Battery

18500 Button Top
High Drain IMR18500 1100mAh 10A Lithium Battery

18650 Button Top
High Drain IMR18650 3200mAh 10A Lithium Battery
High Drain IMR18650 2500mAh 20A Lithium Battery
High Drain IMR18650 2900mAh 10A Lithium Battery

26650 Button Top
High Drain IMR26650 4200mAh 30A Lithium Battery
High Drain IMR26650 5200mAh 20A Lithium Battery

I was sent two batteries from their extensive range of batteries free of charge for the purpose of this review.

IMR18650 3200mAh 10A |  from £15.99 
For those looking for longer battery life on regulated devices 

IMR18650 2500mAh 20A | from £14.99
Which offers plenty of headroom for sub-ohm vapers using unregulated devices.

Packaging & Presentation.
The batteries arrived safely packaged in a purpose made plastic 18650 battery holder, which prevents the batteries from moving around in transit or knocking together, and is great for storing them in.

Each battery comes very well labeled, with clear spec's marked on the front of each battery, which makes a refreshing change from some of the batteries you can buy, that seem to only have limited if any information printed on them regarding the limitations of the batteries.

The label has the following information:
- battery size, 
- voltage, 
- mAh, 
- Max Pulse Amp's
- Max Constant Amp's

Along with the other standard regulation information, that you are used to seeing on normal batteries.



As I stated at the beginning of this review this is the first time that I have reviewed batteries for the blog, so I am having to set the format of the review as I go along, I don't have any fancy equipment that I can use to test the batteries, in relation to how they perform vs the stated performance, so all I can give you is my personal opinion and experiences using these batteries in my every day vaping.

When you start to enter the world of 'Advanced Vaping' it is important that you take the time out to research and fully understand which batteries you should be using in each type of device.

When using unregulated devices such as mechanical mods, you need to be going for a battery that will offer you an amount of protection build into it, such as the IMR18650 2500mAh 20A , which which is fused to 20a.

Or when using a regulated device such as the Kanger Subox Mini you can select a longer lasting battery such as the IMR18650 3200mAh 10A , The higher the mAh the more power the battery holds, the longer it lasts between recharging.

I have using these batteries on and off for the last month in varies devices, I have been using the IMR18650 2500mAh 20A in a selection of my mech mods with great success, it delivered a great level of power with a expectable length of time between charges.

The IMR18650 3200mAh 10A was well suited to be used with my regulated devices, due to its long life, between charges. The only issue I found was the fact that, due to these batteries being 'button' topped, they did fit in all of my devices, such as the IPV Mini or S500, as the battery was just that little bit to long. And you could put the end cap on. Where as the New Kanger Subox Mini it fitted fine, with no issues. I think it just depends on how much play there is in the battery connectors. 

In the Subox the IMR18650 3200mAh 10A gave great performance and length of charge. Going up to the 3200mAh defiantly made a difference on vaping time, which was very impressive.

Conclusion and Recommendation
I have been very impressed with not only the batteries, but the route that JAC have taken in selling the more advanced products, and other venders could definitely do with taking a leaf out JAC's book, in the way they separate out and guide the customers.

My only complaint would be that they don't offer the option of flat top batteries, and vapors need to check first that button top batteries will definitely fit there device. Whereas flat tops tend to fit all devices. Possible this will be something that JAC will look at adding to the range.

So when your in the market for some new batteries definitely check out the JAC Vapour range of High Drain IMR batteries

Supplied by : JAC Vapour