Review of Raven's Cut Dark Turkish Ice

I was contacted by the team at The Vapor Establishment based out of Indiana, USA.  And asked if I would review there range of hand crafted Tobacco based E-liquids. These eliquids were sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.

About The Vapor Establishment
The Vapor Establishment began 2014.  Founded Christopher Hempfling and Co-founded by Eric Thorpe. Producing hand crafted, small batch tobacco based e-liquids, using N.E.T.'s ( Naturally Extracted Tobacco ) to produce naturally tasting full flavoured e-liquids.

Dark Turkish Ice is described on the Ravens Cut Website as follows: 

"A smooth Raven's Cut Menthol with a great Turkish Tobacco Taste. 

Izmir Turkish Oriental:This leaf has a mild, unique fragrance, while not as pretty as our Yenidje Oriental leaf, this leaf packs serious turkish flavor.   Light, Thin, Smooth, and Tiny, our Izmir Oriental is a great mild leaf for smooth vaping tobacco blends. 

Yenidje Oriental: This leaf has a very mild, natural smell, and is packed well, keeping most of the leaves in great condition.  Light, Thin, Smooth, and Tiny, our Yenidje Oriental is a great mild leaf for smooth vaping tobacco blends." 

Ejuice Specification
PG/VG Ratios : 50/50 or 30/70
Nicotine Strenghts :  3, 6, 13, 18mg
Bottle Size : 30ml
Place Of Manufacture : USA
Price from : $11.99

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : Twisted Messes - Comp Vape

Wick & Coil : single Coil 1.9ohm 
Device : IPV mini 35watts

This eliquid arrived well packaged in a 30ml glass black textured bottle, with a black child proof safety cap, with built in pipette.  It has a contrasting white gloss label,  with Raven's Cut N.E.T written across the top of the label in blood red print. This sits above the the Ravens Cut logo,  a pen and ink drawn raven resting on a branch. Below it is clearly labeled with the name of the juice.  To the right of the label are small tick boxes, indicating the nicotine strength 7mg and PG/VG blend 50/50 mix Nicely packaged and well labelled.

As you unscrew the cap, you release the very distinctive aroma of menthol tobacco, quite a lite aroma, the aroma seems to hold in the nose.

On Vaping Raven's Cut Dark Turkish Ice.
As you draw in the vapor, you instantly get a blast of smooth menthol, which at this point seems to be the dominant flavour note, it brings just the right amount of a cooling sensation, without being to intense.

As the wave of cooling menthol works its way up you tongue, it seem to start melting away, revealing the underliing Turkish tobacco infusion, the blend of natural tobacco extracts have created an ultra smooth distinct tobacco infused flavour,  it seems to have a natural mellow sweetness at the front end, and a slight bitter kick at the back end. 

As this infusion of flavours reaches the back of your throat, it delivers a smooth mid level throat hit, with a nice level of cooling from the menthol remaining in the throat.

As you exhale this lingering menthol seems to reawaken, and pick back up on the tobacco infusion that was left on the tongue, to create a well blended mentholated tobacco Vape, on exhale the tobacco seems to definitely come the forefront, as it rides the melting wave of menthol back out across your tongue. Leaving behind a fresh lightened sweet tobacco flavour on your tongue.

Even on a single coil this blend seems to produce clouds of thick vapor.

I'm not normally a fan of menthol tobacco vapes, as I've found in the past that the menthol seems to either take over, or turn the tobacco notes too bitter.  This Raven's Cut, take on the quest for a well balanced true menthol tobacco infusion of flavours, is one of the closest I have come across. Which I think is due the the choice of tobacco leaf, the Izmir Turkish Oriental and Yenidje Oriental leaf blend, seems to be complimented by the addition menthol. And they have created a true mentholated natural tobacco Vape, that I think will be loved by both tobacco and menthol lovers alike.

MVR Score
Flavour : 9/10
Throat Hit : 9/10
Vapor Production : 9/10
Aroma : 7/10
Overal : 9/10