Review of the Innokin Cool Fire IV from E-Liquid UK Store

I was kindly sent the Cool Fire IV by the team at E-Liquid UK Store free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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The Cool Fire IV is described on the e-liquid UK Store  ebsite as follows:- "The Cool Fire 4 by Innokin is the latest in their popular Cool Fire Mod range and this small yet powerful 40W box mod is their most impressive piece of kit yet. Get your hands on it now!" And is available to purchase online for £39.99

The Cool Fire IV arrived in its own Innokin Style clear plastic display box, with the press fit top held in place with round clear plastic stickers on each end.

On the rear of the case, it displays brief technical data on the Cool Fire.

Once you peel off the security sticker at one end, you can remove the lid, and empty out the contents of this compact mod kit.

The Cool Fire IV kit includes:
1 x Cool Fire IV
1 x ego cone thread adaptor
1 x White Mirco USB charging cable
1 x instruction booklet
1 x warranty card
1 x set of Innokin Stickers

Features & Specs

Model Name : Cool Fire IV
Manufacturer: Innokin 
Main Material : Lightweight Aluminum
Type : VW/VV Mini Box Mod
Atomiser Connection: Brass Spring Loaded 510
Display : OLED
Charging : Mirco USB (DC 5v at 1A
Battery : 2000 mAh internal High Drain
Output voltage :  3 to 7.5v
Output Wattage:  6 to 40w
Ohms Range:  0.3ohms to 2.6ohms
Screen  :  OLED
Weight : 280g
Size (mm) : 86.2 x 44 x 25mm

The Cool Fire IV comes a choice of four colours, Blue, Red, Silver and Black.

Built in Safety
As with many modern day compact box mods the Cool Fire IV comes with a comprehensive amount built in safety, to ensure that your device gives you many years of safe service.

15 Second Cut off : Pressing the fire button for longer 15 seconds will cause the device to shut off.

Low Voltage Protection : When the Cool Fire IV internal battery drops below 3.7v the fire button will flash red, and the battery indicator will blink, and the device will shut off.

Short Circuit & Atomiser Protection : Will protect the Cool Fire IV from shorted Atomisers, and will stop the device from functioning in unsafe conditions, the device will display Shorted & Check Atomiser

Over heat protection : If the Cool Fires PCB gets to hot, it will display "Too Hot" and prevent to device from firing. To prevent further damage.

Cool Fire Body.
The uniquely styled mod body, seems to be constructed out of an Aluminum C-Spine,  which creates the leading edge of the device, which houses the charging port, control panel and 510 connection. Wrapped around this tear drop shaped spine is a thin lightweight texture grained Aluminum body skin.

The C - spine of the the device seems to seamlessly wrap around the device.

The the Cool Fire IV name plate, is located on one side of the device, which seems to be set into the Aluminum body.

The tear drop shaped base of the device, displays the Innokin logo machined on to, what I presume is the internal batter cap. Unlike any other mini mod I have reviewed before the Cool Fire IV features a physical on/off switch, located on the base, to allow you to manually turn on and off the device, by simply flicking the recessed switch between the to positions.

USB Socket
As you follow the curved spine up the face of the device, you locate the Mirco USB charging port, located at the lower edge of the side of the device, which, due to its locate, will allow you to charge the device whilst standing it up right.

The USB charging socket can also be used, when Vaping, acting as a pass through device.

Function switches.
Located just above the USB socket, are the two polished (+) and (-) function buttons. Which are clearly labeled on the spine.

These raised small square buttons have a really nice positive click to them.

OLED Screen & Functions.
Centred in the middle of the side spine of the device is the OLED flush mounted screen.

The Bright OLED screen clearly display all the relevant device information that you will need.

-Atomiser Resistance.
-voltage required.
-chosen Wattage.
-remaining battery level.

You can also display the number of puffs taken by pressing the (+) and (-) buttons, when you release them, it will return to the standard screen.

The display can also be rotated between left and right hand mode by simply pressing and holding both the (+) and (-) buttons for 3 seconds.

The Cool Fire IV can also be switched between wattage and voltage mode,  this is done by simply pressing both the Fire button combined with either the (+) or (-). 

Fire & (-) : Voltage Mode
Fire & (+) : Wattage Mode

Once selected the voltage or wattage will flash for a couple of seconds before engaging, and ready to use.

The (+) & (-) buttons main function is to adjust the voltage of wattage.  The default setting for the buttons is locked,  to adjust the power up of down, you need to first press and hold either the (+) or (-) to unlock the function, until the power setting starts to blink,  you can the adjust the power up or down, and press the fire button to lock in you chosen setting, nice safety feature, to stop accidental adjustment. 

Fire Button.
Located above the screen the diamond shaped button sits in a darkened led surround, and is faced with a small Innokin logo.

The button is press able from an angle, centre or edge, and although quite small, has a really nice positive click.

When pressed, the LED that sits behind the switch, lights up and indicates the remaining battery charge. 

Green - Fully charged.
Yellow - Half Charge remaining.
Red - Low Power Requires charging.

510 Connection
As the side of the device starts to widen put at the top, it rolls into the 510 connection located on the top of the device,

The top of the device has been machined to create an indent which the stainless steel 510 connection threading is situated, creating an air flow channel, that runs around the connection, leading out to three air flow slots at the front, which are straggled by two screws which hold the body sections firmly together.

The sprung loaded brass pin, adjusts well, giving great connection for your atomiser, although I did find some of my RDA's would not screw all the way down. And just left the dropper sitting slightly proud.

Atheistic's and Build Quality 
Innokin have really set the bar night with their latest mini mod, breaking away from standard box mod design. Putting a lot of thought and effort into the design and form factor of the device. Working towards the overall end feel in the hand, 

The perfectly round back edge, fits neatly into the crease of your hand, leaving your thumb, laying down the sloping curve of the body.

Although the bottons are small, they seem perfectly placed to be automatically located when Vaping, without having to search with your finger.

Overall I found the Cool Fire IV a very solid and well put together  device.

 Performance & Real World Experiences
I have loved using the Cool Fire IV, it is the perfect little device to take out and about, a great compact size with plenty of punch.

Size wise, it fit between the IPV mini and the Eleaf iStick.

Although due to its tear drop design, is slightly wider than both.

Due to the Cool Fire IV range of resistance firing, it works as well with a well loaded RDA, as it does with a sub tank, and at 40 watts produces a great Vape.

Vaping at 40w the internal 2000 mAh seemed to last most of the day, but did seem to need a bit of a recharge as I went into the even.

Although the tear drop design, felt great in the hand, it did seem to make it less stable, when standing up, than a normal mini box mod, and I did find my self picking it up quite a bit after I knocked it over.

Conclusion and recommendation.
This well thought out and designed mod, is perfect partner for new and old Vapors alike, from the new Vapor looking for the first mini mod, to the more experienced Vapor looking for a well powered mod to take out and about, that will fire all the way down to 0.3ohms. And for the price point of £39.99, is great value for money

Defiantly recommend heading over to and checking it out.