Review of Vapornator Tequila ejuice from Harmonic Labs

The team at Harmonic lads contacted me asking me to review a selection of their eLiquids, which they sent me free of charge, for the purpose of these reviews.

Harmonic Labs proudly offers you superbly crafted eLiquid products with flavors and strengths accomodating a wide-scope of individual preferences.

Vapornator's palette-faithful range of flavors explore the tastes and aromas of social gathering at its best.
With more on the way...

Vapornator Tequila ejuice is described on the Harmonic labs website as follows:-
"Time to skip the mix and go for the gusto. Right to the point cactus heaven."

Ejuice Specification
PG/VG Ratios : 80/20
Nicotine Strenghts (%) : 0,3,6
Bottle Size : 30ml Glass bottle
Place Of Manufacture : USA 
Price from : £15.40

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : El Cabron - Comp Vape
Wick & Coil : single Twisted Coil 1.15ohms
Device : Joyetech evic VT - @ 35w

This juice is contained in a 30ml glass vial with a chrome finish, with matching chrome finished dropper top.  The juice is well labelled with all the required warnings and ingredients. The only thing i found with the packaging, was the child proof safety cap, was so safe, I struggled to open it, and the chrome finish didn't allow you to see how much juice you had left, and ended up decanting it into a small clear plastic squeeze bottle, so I didn't get caught short when out and about. Plus the smaller bottle was more pocket friendly. 

This ejuice has quite a strange aroma when you open the bottle, I wouldn't say that it particularly smells of its name sake, it seems to have instead, quite an aromatic aroma, also like chai tea.

Vapornator Tequila ejuice.
I really didn't know what to expect from this juice. As Tequila is quite an unusual flavour, and I was unsure how it's flavour would transfer to an ejuice.  

As you draw in the vapor, you are greeted with a really warming aromatic flavour, with a rich deep flavour, which as with the aroma has a slight chai tea flavour note.

As this warming aromatic infusion of flavour travels up your tongue, towards the back of your tongue, you start to get a zesty lemon lift coming through, with a really nice level of zing, in just the right place to lift the flavour. Just before it delivers an aromatic infused throat hit, which at first, I thought would produce a dry cough, but found the notes of lemon, instantly calmed and freshed,  to deliver a smooth warming mid level throat hit.

As you exhale, the aromatic warming infusion continues, but with a definite lift from the lemon, that seems to continue through the exhale, and adds a nice level of balancing sweetness.

This blend of juice seemed to produce clouds of thick dense vapor on my set up, with very little effort, which seemed to add to the Vaping satisfaction.

This was a tricky juice to review, as I am still unsure if it actually tastes of Tequila, and in a blind taste test, I'm unsure if you would pick out Tequila as main flavour.
All that aside, this is one great juice, so much so that I dripped my way through 20ml of it yesterday, I just found the warm aromatic flavouring just so moorish, and loved the lightness that the lemon brought to the exhale, a really satisfying flavour-full vape. 

A little disappointed there was no worm at the bottom of the bottle.......

MVR Score
Flavour : 10/10 Throat Hit : 10/10 Vapor Production : 10/10 Aroma : 7/10 Overal : 9/10