Review of Herbal Tides Pink Milk Ejuice

Dan at Herbal Tides kindly sent me the Ejuice from his well established classic range of Ejuice's free of charge for the purpose of this review.

At Herbal Tides all of their flavours are mixed on the day of purchase and sent within a few hours if before 3pm. Each bottle is made individually after they receive the order, which ensures the freshest taste possible. 
Herbal Tides liquid is manufactured in a clean room laboratory at our HQ in Derbyshire. They use only high grade ingredients to ensure our products are always of the highest quality. They have been mixing since 2009 and treat mixology as a science.

Pink Milk is described on the Herbal Tides website as follows

"Take a seat in the diner and order a frothy American style milkshake. Custards and creams create a thick base for the hints of strawberry to swirl around."

Ejuice Specification.
PG/VG Ratios : 60/40
Nicotine Strenghts :  0,6,12 & 18mg
Bottle Size : 10 & 30 ml
Place Of Manufacture : UK
Price from : £4.49

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : eGo One Mega

Wick & Coil : Ti Coil head @ 0.4 ohms
Device : Joyetech eVic mini 60w VTC @ 600f

Pink Milk comes in a 10ml clear plastic bottle, with a a black child proof safety cap, covering a needle nip cap. The light brown liquid sit behind the label, featuring the newly designed Tom Cato Herbal Tides logo, sitting above the juice name 'Pink Milk'. Wrapped around the side of the label, is the information panel displaying the nicotine strength 6mg, and the expiry date. The opposite end of the label has all the required safety information.

On Vaping Pink Milk.
As you draw in the vapor, your mind is instantly taken to thoughts of strawberry milk shake,  creamy smooth, with a infusion of sweet strawberry. Quite lite in flavour, you can almost taste the creamy bubbles,  The light strawberry milkshake, starts to thicken as is move back up your tongue, and starts to transform into more of a pink custard,  just before it hits the back of your throat, and delivers quite a solid throat hit. With plenty of lingering strawberry aftertaste.

As you exhale you get the flavour line up, working in reverse, the heavier custard laying on the back of your tongue, which then begins to melt, giving way to the lite strawberry milkshake as it glides out over the tip of your tongue.

A great combination of flavour, well balanced, with just the right amount of sweetness, and creamy custard. The exhale is amazing.

MVR Score
Flavour : 8/10
Throat Hit : 8/10
Vapor Production : 8/10
Aroma : 8/10
Overal : 8/10

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