Review of the Joyetec eVic VT 60W Kit from sent out the Joyetech eVic VT 60w kit free of for the purpose of this review, which I have been using for the last three weeks as my every day mod sells a wide selection of Vape gear, from mods, tanks, to cotton and kanthal.

The Joyetech eVic VT is described on the Gearbest website as follows:

Joyetech eVic-VT 60W kit, its new cutting edge technology of temperature control, embodies the concept of a healthy alternative lifestyle. Joyetech eVic-VT features a super large OLED screen, supporting VT-Ti (Titanium)/ VT-Ni (Nickel)/ VW mode, and battery capacity of 5000mah. The Variable Temperature (VT) brings out a different flavor experience with the change of temperature settings, not only improving the taste, but also saving battery and liquid consumption. Joyetech eVic-VT is not your typical vape, but it's an evolutionary start” –

The eVic VT artived in a well designed presentation box featuring images of the device on the front of the box, with a brief description of the device on the rear of the box, and the contents listing

When you remove the slide off lid from the box you reveal the shiny new mod, Gearbest supplied me with the Black version with red race car strips. Once you remove the mod, and the the top layer of the packaging you gain access to the rest of the kit

The kit includes the following items:

1 x eVic VT 60W
1 x eGo ONE Mega VT tank (with fitted CL-Ni coil)
1 x CL-Ti coil
1 x USB Cable,
1 x Skin,
1 x USB Wall Adapter (1A),
1 x English Manual

Joyetech eVic VT 60W Features & Specs

Model Name : eVic VT
Manufacturer: Joyetech
Main Material : Metal
Type : Variable Wattage / Temperature Control Mod
Atomiser Connection: sprung loaded brass 510
Display : OLED
Charging : Via USB
Battery Cover :N/A
Output voltage :  0.5~8.0V
Output Wattage:  1~60W
Temperature Range: 100 - 315°C / 200 - 600°F
Ohms Range:  0.2ohm Ni and 0.4ohm Ti
Battery Size:  5000mAh
Weight : 0.232 kg
Size : (L x W x H) : 8.2 x 4.7 x 2.6 cm

eGo ONE Mega Specification
Diameter : 25mm
Material: Stainless steel construction
Dimensions: 2-3/4" x 7/8"D (Including Drip Tip)
Connector : 510
Tank : Glass
AFC : Adjustable airflow control valve
Capacity : 4ml
Compatible Coils: CLR-Black, CL-Black,CL-Ni-Blue,CL-Ti-Red.

This kit includes everything you need to get started, apart from adding you favourite juice.

The kit comes in a choice of three colours.
Cool Black, Dazzling White, Racing Yellow.

Built in safety
Over 10s Protection – when the power button is pressed for more than 10s the output will shut off.
Atomiser short Circuit Protection – when the Atomiser short circuits, the output will cut off and the screen will display ‘Atomiser Short’
Low Power Alert – when the voltage reaches below 3.3v  you will get a msaage appear on the screen ‘Battery Low’  if you continue to vape, the device will shut off.
Temperature Protection – in VT mode the temperature of the coil is restricted to the selected temp, and as it reaches the set temp it will display ‘Protection’
Temperature Alert – If the temperature of the device reaches above 70c the device will shut off and display ‘Device to hot’

The eVic metal body is formed to resemble a sports car bonnet , with the raised centre form. The mod is painted with a high gloss car like finish, with its trade mark racing strips running from top to bottom.

The uncluttered body styling, has few well placed features. The charging port for the eVic has been neatly placed on on the side of the device, centred at the top side,  placed with the boarders of the racing strips.

The body of the device feels solid and very well constructed, with one continuos piece of metal running around the device, with no visible seems of joins, for grit or juice to make its way into, over time.

The base of the device, finished in the matching body colour, has three rows of ten, small venting holes, to allow any venting should there be an issue with the internal 5000mAh battery.

The front of the device, has an uncluttered and simple layout, featuring a large round chrome curved fire button, that has a really nice positive click to it.

Just below the fire button, you have the large OLED screen, measuring 4cm deep by 1.5cm wide.

This larger format screen, allows for all the device information to be displayed on one display, with out the need to go through any type of menu system, to find out the relevant vape related information.

The screen displays:
- Output Coil Selection.
- Wattage / Temperature 
- Voltage (replaced by Vape time when fired)
- Atomiser Resistance
- Battery Charge, Puff Counter or Puff Time.

The top of the device is the only none colour coded part of the mod, and has been finished in chrome, and seems to be secured in place by four recessed small hex screws.

The USP of the eVic, apart from the massive 5000mAh internal battery, is the top mounted selector switch, which is effectively a round chrome flat toggle wheel, with a raised finger grip set to one side, which allows you to easily navigate the simple function selection and power controls.

On the opposite side to the selector wheel is the flush fitted 510 connection, with floating sprung loaded brass centre pin.

The 510 connection is set in a cross hatched section, to allow for slight airflow, adjoining a very small air channel to the side. Every atomiser I have tried has fitted and functioned perfectly, with no issues.

Functions & Controls
The eVic VT is simple to use, and it's functions are altered using a combination of the selector wheel and the fire button.
Pressing the fire button 5 times turns the device on and off.

Pressing the fire button 3 times enters the menu mode, and the power/temp will start to flash. Pushing the selector wheel to the right, will allow you to switch between Power (kanthal), Temp Ni (Nickel) or Temp Ti ( Titanium). Pressing the fire button, will then select your chosen setting.

Pressing the fire button 3 time, then moving the selector wheel to the left, will start the battery bar flashing.  Pressing the selector wheel to the right, you can then choose to display Battery charge, Puff counter or puff timer

Pressing Fire & Selector wheel Right - key lock, and locks in your chosen settings.

Pressing Fire & Selector wheel left - turns the into stealth mode, and turns off the screen whilst Vaping.

The screen display will timeout and turn off if the buttons are not press, after 30 seconds.

The eVic is charged using the supplied USB cable, and takes approx. 6 hours to fully charge. (For safety, please don't leave your device unattended whilst charging.

The eGo one mega tank is the larger version of the originally launched eGo one tank, and comes in at a full 22mm wide.

The tank can be broken down into three main components.
The base/510 connection, the tank section and the drip tip.

The base section of the tank incorporates the 510 threaded connector with brass non adjustable centre pin, that connects directly through to the coil hole. 

The tank base has a colour coded powder coated finish, which also houses the adjustable air-flow vents, which can be adjusted through rotating the outer ring, to either open of close off the air draw.  The twist has just the right amount of resistance when turning.

The kit comes with a choice of two coils. Either titanium or nickel, which will both run through the temperature control.

CL-Ni atomizer head has a smaller diameter airhole, ideal for vapers who want to experience a mouth inhale rather than a direct inhale. With natural cotton for a clean taste from your e-liquid and gold plated connectors for accurate resistance/ohm rating, 

Resistance: 0.25Ω
Temperature recommended: 450-500˚F(230-260℃)
Maximum wattage: 60W

CL-Ti atomizer head is designed for the eVic VT, however this coil is a perfect match for many variable voltage devices. This easy to maintain accessory has an improved resistance/ohm accuracy of 0.4+-0.0ohm  down to the gold plated connector at the base of this atomizer head. 

Resistance 0.4Ω
Temperature recommended: 450-500˚F(230-260℃) 
Maximum Wattage: 60W

The eGo One Mega tank has a pre installed glass tank, which is non-removable. And sits in side it's stainless steel powder coated housing,

The tank outer casing has three sets of three vertical slots, that allow viewing Windows to see you juice levels, although I still find it tricky to see how much juice is left in the tank, due to the lack of light, and the fact that the slots are all off set. Although the metal casing does give great protection to the glass tank.

The tank section is topped off with a non-removable chrome top cap, which has a standard 510 drip tip hole.

The included 510 drip tip, has a has a stainless steel chromed outer casing with a delrin internal coating, to help reduce heat transfer.

The 4ml tank can be easily filled by tipping juice in between the side wall and the centre chimney.

Atheistic's and Build Quality
 The eVic VT is extremely well build, and has a real quality feel and finish to it. The gloss paint job gives the device a real premium look, although it does become a bit of a finger print magnet, and I did find, like many painted mods, does chip quite easily when in you pocket with keys etc, it's nice that Joyetech provide your with a snug fitting skin, to help protect your shines new mod.

The selector wheel has the just amount of resistance behind it, and sprung loaded return, which adds to the premium solid free of the mod.

The contouring of the body, feels great in the hand, with a nice weight behind it.

Unsure if I like the racing strips, but I suppose it gives the device its distinctive look. - racing cars and Vaping , can't really see the design connection.

Performance & Real World Experiences.
I was really looking forward to putting this mod through its paces, as I had heard mixed reviews about the layout of the controls, and I must say I loved it, I loved its clutter free approach to the design. The control wheel took a little while to get used to, as I'm a so used to having function button. But to be honest once you have set your wattage or temp, it was quite nice to have it up and out of the way, so it didn't interfere with your grip. 

I have reviewed a few temp mods, and the eVic is the first one that you have to manually select the coil type that you have fitted, which isn't so much an issue, as at least you know it is done. As I am always a bit unsure on the auto sensing devices how quickly they detect the coil type, and what harm it does to the Nikel coils blasting the watts through it. So I think I prefer the manual selection. 

Temp Mode - each time you fire the mod after the coil has cooled, you seem to get a short blast of power, until it reaches the set temp, then seems to fade and level off, and you can draw away all day, with no burnt hits, no matter how long you draw on it. When Vaping in temp mode, compared with a conventional kanthal set up tank, I found the ejuice lasts about four times as long, due to the lower wattage required to maintain the set temp. But I just don't seem to get the same level of satisfaction from the Ni or Ti coils, as I do from the standard Kanthal builds.

The temp coils definitely give you a more consistent vape, but just not the same level of satisfaction.

In power mode, I really couldnt fault the eVic VT, 60w is ample power for everyday Vaping. And found myself switching out the eGo Mega tank for one of my trusted RDA's with a twisted Kanthal build in. On that set up, the 5000mAh battery was perfect, and I would get about a day and a halves worth of steady Vaping.

I have really grown to, and enjoyed using this mod, and it has become one of my daily use, out and about mods. Would I have brought this kit, if it had not been sent to me for review, No, would I buy the eVic VT mod on its own. Definitely Yes. Brilliant design, great form factor and bags and bags of power and battery life 10/10. Love it.

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