Review of King Richard Signature eLiquid by Vape Classique

I was contacted by Valerie at Vape Classique based in Quebec , asking if I would be interested in reviewing a selection of their hand crafted eliquids, she kindly sent them out free of charge for the purpose of reviewing them.

Vape Classique: Opened in December 2014,  run by four like minded associates... making hand-crafted premium e-liquid, Distributing in around 15 shops in Canada, looking to expand in England soon...

King Richard from the Signature vape range is described on the Vape Classique website as follows:

 "Refreshing lime flavoured with orange and a little Mango"

Ejuice Specification
PG/VG Ratios : 90%VG @ 0mg > 84%VG @ 6mg

Nicotine Strenghts (MG) : 0,3,6
Bottle Size : 30ml
Place Of Manufacture : Quebec, Canada
Price from : 18.95 $CA

My Vaping Set up
Atomiser : Twisted Messes - Comp Vape
Wick & Coil : Single Twisted 9 wraps 1.27ohm
Device : Snow Wolf @ 50 watts.

On Vaping King Richard
From the name, King Richard, I was just expecting, quite a strong bold flavour. But instead, as soon as I started to draw in the vapour, I was overwhelmed with how utterly smooth and fleshing  the flavour was. 

At first you get the tartness of the lime, working its way up your tongue , developing first at the tip, it seems to get about three quarters of the way back, and just before the lime infusion develops into too much of a tang, it's intensity is soothed and washed over by a thirst quenching orange squash flavour.

The smoothness and slight creamy edge of the vape, seems to be created by the addition on mango, which seems to hold the two other fruit flavours together.

As the vapor arrives at the back of the throat, is delivers a soothing and refreshingly lite throat hit, which although lite, is some how satisfying, in a kind of thirst quenching way.

On exhale, you get a smooth orange vape, with a nice citrus edge to it, which seems to keep the flavour inline, whilst still holding onto the creamy mango slide.

I have really enjoyed Vaping on King Richard (that sounds so wrong), and have kept it as my evening vape, to relax with after work, I found the addition of lime, (which I love) gives it a real palette cleansing quality, a great smoother to vapor tongue. A really pleasing vape.

MVR Score
Flavour : 9/10
Throat Hit : 7/10
Vapor Production : 8/10
Aroma : 8/10
Overal : 8/10