Review of the Pioneer4You iPV D2 Mod from kindly sent out the IPV D2 Mod free of charge for the purpose of this review. from their wide range of Vape related gear.

The Pioneer4You IPV D2 is described on the website as follows:

"The IPV D2 Mod is the newest addition to Pioneer4You's impressive lineup of legendary IPV mods. The IPV D2 Mod by Pioneer4You is the latest upgrade version of IPV Mini V2 mod, with temperature control, higher wattage and lower atomizer resistance. The IPV D2 is a single 18650 battery mod that features a quick access to removing battery cover. This little beast has an output of 75W in standard mode and 50J in temperature control mod. It can fire standard kanthal atomizers down to 0.2ohm and can fire temperature control atomizers all the way down to 0.05ohm with a temperature range of 200-580degree Fahrenheit."

And is available to purchase direct form Gearbest for a limited time with an amazing 50% Off taking the price point down to only £30.25.

The IPV D2 arrived in a small cardboard presentation box, with a metallic finish design on the front, displaying an artistic image of the IPV D2, the side of the box indicated which colour device was in the box (Black).

The rear of the box displayed basic product details, and the required saftey warning,  and caution labeling stateing 'This is not a toy'

Once the top part of the box is removed, the product is revealed, tightly packaged in a foam surround, with the relating paperwork and warranty card resting on the top.

The full kit can then be removed carefully from the box.

Ipv D2 Kit
The kit includes the following items:
1 x IPV D2 Body, 
1 x IPV D2 Case, 
1 x English Manual, 
1 x USB to 5v DC Cable 

the only thing the kit does not include is an 18650 battery, so you would need to ensure that you have a suitable 18650 battery.

Pioneer4You IPV D2 Specification
Model Name : IPV D2
Manufacturer: Pioneer4You
Main Material :  Black billet aluminum body
Type : Variable Wattage / Temperature Control Mod 
Chip: YiHi SX130H 
Atomiser Connection: Brass Sprung loaded
Display : OLED
Charging : Via USB 5v DC
Battery Cover : Sliding ball bearing battery back cover
Output Wattage:  7W-75W
Temperature Range: 200-580°F
Output Joules: 5J-50J
Standard atomizer resistance: 0.2ohm-3.0ohm

Joule atomizer resistance: 0.05ohm-0.3ohm
Battery Size:  Single 18650

Size : (L x W x H) : 4.2 x 2.6 x 7.8 cm
Product weight : 0.138 kg

The IPV D2 comes in a choice of two colours, either black or silver.

They kindly sent me out a black one, which to be honest seems to suit this little mod well.

Built in safety
The IPV D2 has a number of built in safety features, to ensure that you get the best possible vaping experience

  • Low Voltage Protection, 
  • Low resistance Protection
  • High input voltage warning
  • Reverse Battery protection
  • Temperature Overheat protection.

The IPV D2 Body
The body of the IPV D2 is machined out of billet aluminium, so in other words it has been formed out of one block of aluminium, which creates a very strong accurate device body casing.

IPV D2 Body
For such a small device, only measuring 7.8cm high, it has a real weight to it, and feels very solid in the hand.

The back of the device, the battery cover, has a nice smooth rounded edge, which fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, for either left or Right handed vapors.

 The curved back edge, has a slight flat face to it, which then tapers off at each end.

The base of the device, has a slight recess machined into it, which follows on from the from of the device, and has 5 small battery venting holes, along with the charging socket, and the charging information DC5V

Battery Tray
The curved back edge of the device, also doubles up as the battery cover, which simply slides downwards, when you need to remove it.

This battery cover is held in place by two groves that run virtually the full length of the device.

And is securely held in place by two sprung loaded ball bearing, located towards the bottom of the device.

These groves and ball bearing match up perfectly with the notches and recesses which have been carefully machined into the battery cover itself.

You do find over time, after continual removal and replacement the battery cover can become a little loose, this is easily rectified by giving the two sides of the cover a little squeeze to tighten them back up.

The battery compartment is clean and well laid out.

with stainless steel contacts and spring, they have also clearly the (+) and (-) orientation of the battery on the base plastic of the tray, with (+) pointing down. They have also installed a sturdy fabric battery pull, to assist in removal of the battery once installed.

The control features and display are all located on the front of the device, in a slightly recessed channel, that runs up the front, and terminates in a curve around the fire button at the top. where the front then taper off to the curved top end, and 510 connection.

The fire button located at the top of the device, and is the larger of the 3 buttons, and i believe is also made out of Aluminium, and has the same powder coated finish as the device.

Just below the Fire button are the two smaller function buttons. All three buttons have a really nice 'Click' to them, and a really positive feel.

Located neatly below the control buttons is the small OLED screen.

 This displays the current wattage, required voltage and the resistance of your atomiser along with the battery life bar.

Pressing the Fire bottom five times, enters the menu mode on the device. and you can then turn the device off, by press the (+) to confirm.

Press the fire button again will take you into the setting section of the menu from here you can then choose between power mode and Joules (Temp) mode. 

It will display the mode you are currently in, either Joules or Power.  Pressing the (+) button will allow you to alter between the two.

If you confirm Joules mode, by pressing the Fire button again, it will then ask you what unit you would like to display C or F, again you can alter between the two using the (+) button. and confirm your selection using the Fire.

It then asks you to set your temp that you wish to vape at.between 100c and 300c.

Once confirmed, it will then ask you to select you coil type, Ni or Ti.

Once confirmed you can then exit the menu, and you are ready to vape.

unlike other temp mods where you adjust the temperature, whilst vaping, on the IPv D2 you adjust the Joules. So you may well ask what is a Joule?

"the SI unit of work or energy, equal to the work done by a force of one newton when its point of application moves one metre in the direction of action of the force, equivalent to one 3600th of a watt-hour"

See makes perfect sense, but basically from what i under stand it is the amount of power you are pushing through the coil to reach the desired temp.

510 Connection
The top of the IPV D2, features a flush mounted stainless steel 510 threaded connection, with a floating sprung loaded brass centre pin.

There is no venting or channeling around the 510 connection, it is just flush fitted to the top plate of the device.

Although the centre pin, does have a slot running through it, it should not be adjusted or turned, as it can snap off the connecting wires within the device. So not recommended.

Unlike other Mini Mods, the IPV D2 does not feature a micro USB for charging, instead in has a small hole, which you plug the supplied USB to 5V lead.

There does not seem to be any indicator of charging on the screen, No flashing battery or charging sign. the only way you can tell if it is charging is from a small red charging light next to the power socket hole.

Or you can simply remove swap out the 18650 battery and charge it, whilst using another. which is what i have been doing.

Atheistic's and Build Quality
I really like the compact design of the IPV D2, it has a really solid premium feel to it, and feels like it was built to last. The black powder coating that they have finished it in, though i dont think will be so hard wearing, as i have found on previous IPV products, it is pron to scratching and chipping from every day use. I think this is why Pioneer4you have provided you with the tight fitting gel skin, to keep your device safe.

The IPV D2 has a great pocket sized form factor, and i like the way they have sculpted the front of the device, to seamlessly meet up with the 510 connection.

 Performance & Real World Experiences. 
The IPV D2 is a real pocket rocket, with plenty of power, for all you vaping needs. and works as well with a tank or a hand coiled RDA, with some fat build in.

I did find that the menu system seemed to take a little while to to get used to , but when mastered it seemed simple enough, and you find your self clicking therough the menus with ease.

When in Joules mode I did find the No Juice warning, a little frustrating, and it seemed to flash up, when there was plenty of juice left in the tank, which did drive me slighty mad. as you cant vape when it is reading No Juice.

Due to this is tended to use it in just power mode, as I think i prefer the temp control functions and usability of some of the other mini TC mods, that i have recently reviewed.

But in power mode i couldn't fault it, and it was a pleasure to use.

Charging not via a mirco USB, i found a little starnge, as it just another lead that you need to keep on stand bye, and is very specific to this device, the great thing with the Mirco USB, is they are so common.

Although there were a couple of things that did bug me, over all this is a great little mod, and real pocket rocket. and amazing value for money at the current price point from would i buy it if i hadn't been sent it free of charge for the review. Yes for £30 defiantly 

Supplied by :
Purchase Direct from Gearbest for current special offer price £30.25