Review of the Coil Master 521 TAB

The clever team at Coil Master are always thinking of ways to help us make better coil, and with this in mind they kindly sent me out the Coil Master 521 Tab to share with you all, this product was sent to me free charge by Coil Master for the purpose of this review.

The Coil Master 521 Tab arrived in a black and red presentation box. With Coil Master proudly stamped onto the top. And 521 Tab in small lettering on the side.

As you slide off the well fitting lids, you get you first glimpse of the 521 Tab,

The 521 Tab lifts out, along with the small black box next to it, which contains the rest of the kit.

The Coil Master 521 Tab kit contains the following items.

1 x Coil Master 521 Tab
1 X Mod Adaptor head
1 X Negative Connector cable
1 X Positive Connector Cable
1 X Mirco USB charging Cable.
1 X Instruction Sheet. 

- Ohm meter
- Voltage meter 
- Coil rebuilding deck
- Coil burning
- Table MOD

Safety :  Reverse battery protection
Screen : OLED
Resistance Measuring Range: 0.01 – 9.99 ohm
Voltage Measuring Range: 0.3 – 9.99 Volt
Resistance rate: Down to 0.2 ohm
Connection : 510 threaded with spring loaded brass pin
Charging: 4.5V/ 750mah Micro-USB Charging input
Battery: Lithium 18650, 3.7V (Battery are not included)
Size : 84.5mm long X 69.5mm wide x 49.5mm in depth. 
Weight : 171g

Coil Master have taken the humble Ohms Checker and taken it to the next level, by adding all the features that you wish your Ohm meter had, when in the midst of building your coils.

Coil Master 521 Tab 
The 521 Tab body is manufactured out of black ABS plastic. 
Effectively in the shape of a box. Mounted on the top of the device, you have a the build deck with integrated 510 connection .

The sprung loaded brass 510 connection, is recessed into what looks like an aluminium top cap. Set in a an outer ABS plastic ring, which then floats above the red led back light, separating the 510 connection plate from the outer build deck.

The outer build deck is held in place with two good sized hex bolts at the rear. At the front of the outer ring, are two terminal holes, which are used to attach the positive and negative leads, which can be used to read the resistance of wire and coils, outside of the build deck before you install them into your chosen build.

In front of the build deck you have your OLED screen, fire indicator and fire button.

The bright Blue OLED displays, your resistance of the attached device, when the side mounted toggle switch it in position (I), and a pipe icon when switched to position (II), which will allow you to fire the Coils installed.

To the left of the OLED is a small blue LED, which aluminates, to warn you that the device is in fire mode.

Located to the right of the  OLED is the domed plastic fire button, set in a raised plastic surround. The fire button has a great positive click to it, with a fair amount of resistance, and quite a long travel. To ensure that it can't be accidentally pressed when building. Great design.

The build deck is surrounded by a red ring, which fully illuminates when in resistance check mode. Then when in fire mode, illuminates when the fire button is pressed.
The 521 Tab features a micro USB socket located on the front side of the device, near the top, perfectly located for charging, using the supplied micro USB lead

On the right hand side of the device, you have the 3 way rocker switch, which allows you to alternate between, ohms meter (I) ! Off (O) and Fire mode (II). The reminder markings are located underneath behind the base plate.

The underside on the 521 Tab, they have neatly located the information and specification sheet of the device, surrounded by four little plastic feet. Would of been nice to have rubber feet, to stop it sliding around.

The base plate is securely held in place is held in place by four small magnets, which allow for easy removal, to access the the battery compartment. Which houses the standard 18650 single battery, which is used to power the ohms meter as well as to fire the device. A single charge of the battery seems to last for ever, under normal building use.

Atheistic's and Build Quality
I love the look and feel of the and feel of the 521 Tab, it has a really solid feel to it, and has been well manufactured, and build to last. With a very solid 510 connection, which is often the weakness in most ohms meters. I can't really fault the build quality on the 521 Tab, apart from the lack of grip underneath.

Performance & Real World Experiences. 
The 521 Tab is not only a quality and seemingly accurate ohms meter, and essential part of any vapors kit, put it makes the perfect building station. 

Allowing you to set, test, burn, tweak, test and wick, without having to remove the atomiser deck from beginning to end. Saving time in having to keep removing from the ohms meter and attaching to a mod, or trying to build on and unstable mod.

You can also, if you wanted to, use it as a device to vape on, not that I do.

Conclusion & Recommendation.
The Coil Master 521 Tab, is a must have for all vapors, wanting to build their own coils.  And for $39.99 is an absolute bargain.

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