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  • The team at Cigabuy kindly sent out this device fire of charge for the purpose of this review.

  • The Elephone 70W TC Mod is Manufactured by a company called Elephone, Elephone is a well-known mobile corp, and has just started branching out into the world of Vaping and Ecig's. And has produced its first TC Mod.

The Ele Cigar 70w arrived in a plush display box, with the Elephone logo embossed on the from of the black box.

The lid of the box simple slides off the reveal the mod, set in a firm rubberised foam surround.

The only other thing that comes in the box, is a simple instruction manual, no battery and no USB charging lead.

The device comes in a choice of Black or Brown trims.

Model Name : Ele Cigar 70W
Manufacturer: Elephone 
Main material : Brushed Zinc Alloy.
Type : Variable Wattage / Temperature Control Mod
Chip: not Stated
Atomiser Connection: 510/ Brass Sprung Loaded Pin
Display : OLED
Charging : standard and via micro USB
Battery Cover :  Metal & Leather Magnetic
Output Wattage: 70w
Temperature Range: 212°F ~ 662°F(100 ~ 350°C)
Ohms Range : 
Battery Size:  Single 18650
Size : : 88 x 40 x 25 mm
Product weight :  140g

Product Saftey.
Short Circuit Protection - the device will not fire and display short circuit.
Reverse Battery Protection - the device will not fire should the battery be installed incorrectly.
Over Charge Protection - the charging will stop once the device is fully charged.

Ele Cigar 70w Body.
The device body has been machined out of a solid block of zinc Alloy  which gives the mod a really solid premium feel.

The visible sections of the body have the been brush fished, which reduces the fingerprint attraction of the metal finish. The plain uncluttered body, has three distinctive parrell groves, which have been machined into the top and bottom of the device body.

510 Connection
The device feature a well machined standard 510 threaded connection, which feature a softly sprung, brass centre pin. Which fitted all my atomisers to, with no issues.

The machined groves running across the top, as well as design note, also acts as airflow channels, to feed any bottom air flow devices.

Front plate & Display.
Working down from the top section, it seamlessly flows down into the front plate.

The brushed zinc alloy body casing runs down through the front plate, and has the display and control buttons set into it. I have noticed that the plastic section of the screen, is not quite set back flush, and you can feel a slight edge of the screen sticking up, which does have a bit of a sharpe edge to it.  Would have been nice if they had made it completely flush fitting.

The device features a relatively large OLED screen that takes up a good section of the smoked black plastic.

The screen displays all the relevant information required.
Battery bar.
Temp / Wattage
Function mode.

The device has a very simple menu function, which is entered by pressing and holding both the (+) & (-) for a couple of seconds.

The display then changes over to the coil function menu.

This allows you to switch between (Ni) Nickel [temp mode], Power Mode for Kanthal and (Ti) Titanium [temp mode], by simple pressing either the (+) & (-). Your chosen mode then displays with a white back ground.  Pressing the fire button then selects the mode required.

Control switches
Above the display screen, is located the fire button, which is machined out of a matching zinc alloy, and has been fitted really well, with a really positive mechanical type click to it, with zero button rattle.

On the opposite  end of the screen, they have located the two control switches , plus and minus, marked up with engraved (-) & (+), again, a nice positive click with no rattle.

Base plate & USB Socket.
The front plate seamlessly curves away to the base plate, which has the featured parrel groves, to match the top plate. They have machined a slot into the base, which features the micro USB socket. 

The USB socket I can be used for charging the 18650 battery.

Battery Cover
The Unique design feature of the Ele Cigar 70w, is the elegant and stylish wrap around leather battery cover.

The natural grain leather has been securely bonded onto a black metal battery cover. And features contrasting white stitching, and embossed Elephone Logo.

The battery cover is held firmly in place by two magnets located at the top and bottom of the cover.

And can be easily removed by giving it a small pull, and exposes the plastic battery compartment.

The battery compartment features brass sprung loaded battery connectors.

The battery simple push fits into the battery slot, held tightly in place,mind has zero battery rattle.

There is no battery pull in the compartment, just cut outs on each side, which allow for easy battery change out.

Atheistic's and Build Quality
The heritage and background of Elephone in style, defiantly comes through in the design features of the Ele Cigar, the one piece zinc alloy body, has a really solid premium feel to it, and the wrap around leather gives a real warmth to the device, when held in your hand. There aren't many mods on the market that combine as many materials into one stylish mod. I really like the use of leather on the back of the mod.

The zinc Alloy body is well finished, with no sharpe edges, very well finished. Has a real premium feel in your hand.

Performance & Real World Experiences. 
I have been really impressed with this little mod, it not only looks great, but it performs really well. When I first put a build on it, I was impressed with how instant the power delivery was, you press the fire button, and the coils instantly glow red hot, no lag or delay. Very impressive.

In power mode, the mod performs really well, with both fat dual coil, and lighter single coils, delivering instant power.

When you change it over to temp mode, the performance seems equally leveled, unlike other TC nods, there doesn't seem to be any visual temp cut off, it seems to regulate the set temperature in the background.

I found the size and feel of the mod, great to vape on, and just fitted so well in the hand, the leather adds a great level of grip.

The display is bright, and easy to read, in most light levels, and does dim after about 5 seconds, then will enter sleep mode, after a period of no use.

When not using the device,mothers is no LOCK function, so when not in use 5 clicks turns it off.

Considering this is one of the first mods that Elephone have produced, I was really impressed, solidly made, with elegant stylish looks, a great addition to anyone's mod collection.

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